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  1. I have the exactly same problem, and I've always played really well on both wheel and controller on titles like rFactor, Live for Speed, F1 challenge, Automobilista and even on last gen's F1 games... Just got back playing the game, now with a controller, and it's so frustating how it handles. The moment I get any oversteer I'm done, the game don't allow me to proper counter steer, I have to be 100% precise entering high speed corners because it's impossible to correct. When I'm into the corner it's even more frustating because the game simply changes the amount of steer mid corner, even when my input is the same. For me it's so counter intuitive, it is frustating because I have to always watch myself not to bottle in every single corner. I got that it's a learning curve to get used to it, but it just no seems right the way it is.