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  1. @TwistedWays thanks for the info, might give it a go again. 🙂
  2. @TwistedWays I don't play much anymore, because of the bugs, but have tested the focus stat since update 1.10?
  3. Unfortunately, this was not fixed in 1.07 patch. Tested a simulated season.
  4. by the time the issues are all ironed out it'll be like last year and this games cycle would have died by then 🤣
  5. Yeah happens on PC too. Another issues to be ironed out but not picked up yet by the devs.
  6. This honestly makes qualifying partially redundant with all the penalties. It’s very unrealistic for how frequent they are.
  7. Yeah it's not working as intended. I keep trying to draw attention to the topic or keep these treads going so it's put forward to devs.
  8. Thanks for testing. I've been trying to get this picked up for a while for the moderators to pick it up and escalate it.
  9. i think it's like a modifier to see how well they perform to the best of their ability. Example: If a driver has 89 Pace and 17 focus, his pace in the actual race wouldn't be as expected at 89 but may be lower as he is less 'focused' etc. Same for the other stats: awareness and racecraft.
  10. @BarryBL Now this has moved from discussion to a reported issue, hoping to get some feedback or escalate the issue.
  11. Definitely an issue that I only raised in a discussion before to seek further clarification on whether others had experience it and a lot of people replied with the same thing.
  12. Yeah it’s completely broken. I also tried a new save and they’re all just miserable and unfocused after a few races. Went back to my main save in season 2 teammate, Mick Schumacher, gets 3rd, 8th, 3rd in the first races and has 17 focus. The rest are all below 50. It’s such a poor system and not enough things seem to satisfying the drivers. Given up with it tbf. Focused on other bugs atm, which is fair but they should definitely be aware of this common issue. @BarryBL
  13. this often happens after multiple usage of a flashback repeated from the same spot over and over
  14. @mariohoThanks for the input. I will double check S1 results and might add the screenshots etc. I do think it's settings related though for AI acclaim, resources etc.
  15. @GizT7 I also have everything on reduced and thought about this last night. I am going to continue the season with AI Acclaim, resources etc on default and see how it changes.
  16. When I check the driver market I see 90% of the drivers have red focus being in the 40s or lower. My teammate has 20 focus despite having scored points on 3 occasions and only 1 DNF in 9 races. We don't have a great car so it's pretty decent. Lewis Hamilton has 65 focus despite winning 7 of the 9 races. I don't understand how this works and what improves is for the AI, but they are all pretty much poor. And in terms of your teammates the events and/or activities do the bare minimum to raise focus, if you're lucky to even get an activities or event that allows this. It needs a rev
  17. Bottas, of Mercedes, in MyTeam season 1 was released at the halfway stage during contract period despite being 2nd in the driver's championship. Mercedes then decided to hire Dan Ticktum, a driver I just released because he hadn't scored any points nor could I afford his renewal. Surely they wouldn't hire a rookie over an experienced racer in 2nd place. Just makes no sense.
  18. A detailed description of the issue.: I didn't get any corruption message but had to verify my files again due to it being stuck on 'please wait' when okaying the menu screen. Then my save file didn't save and I had to do Bahrain again. And now I have the below issue with sponsors and the advisor for myteam says I don't have a 2nd driver when I do, I have Deletraz. Corrupted much. Driver perks also broken. Report Code: none given Platform: PC What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you t
  19. A detailed description of the issue. Mid session save has disappeared in Spain FP1 after I completed the Bahrain GP in MyTeam mode. I even have the reply in the Theatre of Bahrain, but when I load up I have to do the whole race again! Report Code n/a Platform? PC, steam Game-mode MyTeam What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. verifying and validating steam files Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. See below. Loading
  20. I’m baffled by this Barry who continuously asks everyone for a video of this happening and when it’s poor used asks again to other users who have experienced this over and over. It’s like he thinks every player of this game has come together to create a false glitch just for the hell of it. It’s clearly an issue. It was last year and it again this year.
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