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  1. Loggy said: Terdhat said: I submit that the above idea of a small window on screen that shows a top down view would become the norm in racing games going forward. That would trump mirrors any day for positional awareness on a single screen. One can hope. It could be simple vector lines for all I care to keep the graphics load down.  With equal size blocks representing the vehicles changing colour from green slower through to red being faster, orange being neutral. We can hope. Or maybe the blocks could have the colour of the driver's impact rating so you'd know who to a
  2. don't want this to get silly, each to his own.  Having said that I would have thought that chase cam would give you more awareness of cars to the sides and behind than cockpit, so driving against people in chase cam is presumably better, but I don't want to drive like that. 
  3. can't very well give up a position if you don't know they're there, which is really the crux of the issue for me.  And in the instances where I do know they're there, why should I give way and let them through just in case they're driving like a moron?! And by the way I'm not trying to suggest that I'm super-skilled and never hit anyone, I'm sure I'm as bad as the next man but it's never deliberate
  4. trouble is, in my experience of this game not many people behave like that.  Mostly the attitude is "the line is mine, out of my way..."  Combine that with the restricted view you get from dashboard cam and the result is frequent carnage.  Maybe a sim like assetto corsa has a more sensible userbase who drive better?!
  5. yes I appreciate that, that's why I'm asking the question.  I don't want to take anyone out and I hope most people feel similarly, but I don't want to drive in chase cam cos to me that's not driving
  6. Hi all enjoying the game, career's fun, racenet challenges are great and online racing should be too... but it's being ruined (for me at least) by constant crashing/ramming/being taken out.  I assume most people aren't deliberately driving me into the wall (though there's presumably some that are) so it must be mainly accidental.  Not talking about getting hit from behind, which is common - I can see that could be down to not knowing the track, missing a braking point etc, irritating but pretty understandable. What really grinds my gears is being wiped out at
  7. at least the ai don't swear at you if you run into them cos you didn't realise they're right beside or behind you...
  8. Hi all I thought I'd read that the virtual mirror was going to be in the patch?  Is it still coming for pc? thanks Ric
  9. From Loore: Email the save to gridgame@codemasters.comMake sure you indicate on there that this is on PC and it occurred after the patch.
  10. I thought corruptions on pc had been fixed by the patch but sounds like they're still happening?  What's the advice if you get a corruption post-patch?
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