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  1. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Yep, were definitely on the same page about why we can't trust our own track performance/opinions. Unfortunately a perfectly consistent across all tracks person doesn't exist 😞 I was hoping with enough feedback on my survey I could essentially average things out, so essentially average out everyone's track inconsistencies, but I haven't got enough responses to get a clear picture. Seems like people are just using the calculator straight up and taking it as gospel that it will make every single track a competitive race for them. I took down the youtuber Tom97's hotlap times in the hope he would give a consistent baseline, but his performance (even as someone who does a 'hotlap' series) varies track by track too. So even the pros have too much variance to provide a good baseline. Then there's also that using different assist settings, damage settings, and rules, all makes certain tracks harder/easier. I use no assists, but people using full ABS and traction assist might find certain tracks much harder/easier than I do, which makes giving a consistent +/- by track recommendation difficult.
  2. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    @Gonira Oh boy that would have taken a long time, I salute the boring and hard work. I plugged those times into my calculator to see how they affected the numbers. Dealing with the numbers is a mess, so you'll have to bear with my observations on the results so far: - Using averages instead of world records made some of the recommendations closer to yours (n=8), some further away from yours (n=7), and some had negligible change (n=5). Austria came equal to yours, but from first hand experience, my calculator feedback, and general complaints I've seen on these forums, a +1 for Austria just isn't enough to speed the AI up to a competitive level. - The extreme recommendations for my Singapore and Hungary suggestions were 'fixed', with Hungary now a +5 and Singapore now a +8. These still don't match your results exactly, but the difference is less extreme then they were. - My Australia, Vietnam, Monacco, Canada, and Abu Dhabi recommendations all still very different to your suggestions. Here's some of my thoughts on why these tracks particularly might be causing issues with algorithmically calculating results. Australia is usually the first track people time trial on, and has (or at least it did when I last checked) many many more times than on other tracks. This could throw off the 10% method, but my WR method suggests a +4, and boy do I hate Australia and think that it would be a track where you need to lower difficulty, not raise it. Vietnam, as a new track, lots of people might be wanting to try it out, increasing the number of time trial players and therefore potentially throwing off the 10% method. Monaco, lots of people want to set a great time and show everyone how awesome they are. Abu Dhabi possibly has fewer time trialers because it's last on the list (? just a hunch, I haven't checked this). Anyway that's ALL speculation, just trying to find a story to the results so to speak. I think using a combination of our methods may give the best result, using WRs for some tracks, top 10% for other tracks, and just brute forcing it/finding a different method for other tracks that are causing issues. Where the nature of the baseline we are trying to use is changing (Australia, Monaco, and Abu Dhabi Time Trial leaderbaords, all for their different reasons), it might be better to just completely change our method and manually run through some different scenarios or something. Monaco particularly, because people seem to either love it (and complain it's far too easy) or hate it (and complain it's downright impossible). Anyway, that's my ramble so far. I'll look to update the calculator and defintiely use averages for Hungary and Singapore, since those seem most obviously improved by top 10% times.
  3. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    From what I could tell, the difficulty jump starts after 105. 95 - 105 difficulty was around -1 second per lap, but 105 - 110 was also -1 second per lap. My Team mode definitely has a lot of problems for CM to fix before players can get a consistent and challenging season without making changes and self-imposing rules.
  4. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    @MilligramSmile For now, I suggest only changing the difficulty of the following tracks: Bahrain -5, China +2, Austria +3, Britain -7, Belgium -4, Russia -3, Singapore +5 Japan -3. That's based on areas that my and Gonira's findings agree. Other tracks leave at your base difficulty. For the strict corner cutting conversation - basically some tracks can be much easier if the player cuts corners, because the AI never cuts corners. The last chicane on Canada is a great example, where a player can blast through on lenient corner cutting settings and reduce their lap times by 0.5s, whereas someone on strict corner cutting can't do that. But if you're using strict corner cutting, you don't need to worry about it, because you are playing by the same 'rules' as the AI. As a side note, from my experience, some tracks have more difficult practice programs, particularly the qualifying program. I plan to work out definitively which tracks this happens on in the future, but if you are finding the qualifying program crazy hard to beat, it won't necessarily mean you will do poorly in the actual qualifying session.
  5. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Also Canada in your results could possibly cause issues, but it could be down to that last chicane. In my calculator it's a +0 track, but all the feedback I have recieved on my calculator has been that that's too slow (2x much too slow, 2x too slow, 1x accurate). (As a side note: Austria on my calculator is a +4, but the feedback I have recieved is that it's still too slow (4x much too slow, 1x too slow). Let me know how Canada goes on strict settings with your recommendations though, people might just be flying over that last chicane and then complaining that the AI is too slow. For comparison, here are our results side by side. I've bolded and underlined the tracks with biggest differences. I'd be interested on anyone's subjective thoughts on these, specifically Australia, Vietnam, and Abu Dhabi. Track Elmo Gonira Australia +4 -6 Bahrain -7 -4 Vietnam +1 -7 China +2 +2 Netherlands +2 0 Spain 0 -5 Monaco +17 -6 Azerbaijan +1 -2 Canada 0 -7 France +1 -1 Austria +4 +1 Britain -7 -7 Hungary +11 0 Belgium -5 -5 Italy -1 -4 Singapore +17 +4 Russia -3 -3 Japan -2 -5 USA -2 +2 Mexico +5 0 Brazil 0 0 Abu Dhabi +4 -8 So there are some tracks that come out the same, some that have big differences. I think Monacco, Hungary, and Singapore are genuinely a pain to recommend a difficulty on, because I have seen so much conflict between people saying the tracks are too easy or too hard. As in plenty of 'Singapore sux the AI there are so slow!!!' and plenty of 'Singapore is STUPID the AI there are WAY too fast!!1!'. But I think the extreme recommendations from my calculator are a result of CM intentionally slowing the AI down on these much more difficult tracks. Anyway, I'm open to critisicm and changes to my calculator, it seems like lots of people are using it off Steam so I want it to be accurate. I should be able to make some changes to it in a few weeks to make it more accurate.
  6. NinjaElmo

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    @Gonira Interesting stuff, it looks like we had similar methods. My calculator is pretty much doing a similar thing, just mathematically instead. How did you get the top 10% times? It looks like it will take a LONG time to scroll down that far in the time trial leaderboards...I am interested in trying the average times for my calculator and seeing what results it spits out. If you've got the times on a sheet, can you send them my way? Off the bat it looks like your Austria suggestion could cause issues, the AI seems particularly slow around here, even with strict corner cutting. I agree with you on Canada being an issue for that though. I honestly think the reason Monacco, Hungary, and Singapore have such extreme recommendations in my calculator is because they are essentially the 'hardest' tracks, so CM has slowed the AI down here to try to give people a better race. The base difficulty I have been using in my team is 85, for Singapore I put it on 95, and genuinely had the most evenly matched race yet, where I had to race right near my limit, and could only make an overtake when the AI made a mistake. So far in my my team save I've been going roughly off the suggestions from my calculator, but unfortunately things seem a bit too easy. I'm placing 7th most of the time in my first season (ie. first behind the Mercs, Redbulls, and Ferraris).
  7. NinjaElmo

    my team

    I got confused by this too when I started, it's not very well designed. It should really just be a coloured box below the name, not a coloured underline.
  8. I had this on a Dry - Wet - Dry - Wet 100% race at Singapore. On the second wet session, they pitted for dry tyres, then for inters the next lap. Granted I pitted for what I thought was my final set a few minutes before the second rain session hit, I had Jeff on silent so didn't realise I there would be more rain coming.
  9. NinjaElmo

    Team mate and AI setups

    Possibly this question is the one you were thinking of? I do remember a discussion about this too, but don't recall their being a definitive answer. That whole thread is helpful for working out some of the finer details in how the game works. As a side note, check out the RealSport F1 2020 Setups, specifically the ones by Jacob Hancox. I race on 100% distance, ~85 difficulty, and I've been finding the setups from that site super helpful in terms of making a good race setup and explaining the steps behind each change. The game could do a lot more in terms of explaining and showing setup effects, but I think with enough tweaking you can start to get a proper 'feel' for things.
  10. NinjaElmo

    Team mate and AI setups

    Yeah, I agree with you @marioho, it's probably somewhere inbetween to make things less resource intensive, and for the most part, it does a good job. Changing conditions and certain tracks do seem to cause issues, but then of course that is always going to be the case, since some people are gods at wet weather conditions or Monacco. In terms of the telemetry output, basically I think it's done to make the lives easier for telemetry program developers. The game outputs setup data for all drivers, regardless of how many and whether they are AI or not. Telemetry developers just need to read how many drivers there are, then save the setup data for each driver that many times. If the game only sent that data for player drivers, it would make things unecessarily complicated for other developers designing telemetry programs. Essentially it's easier for everyone if CM just output a piece of data that is sometimes pointless (AI setups), than to sometimes not output that data because it's pointless. Of course just how pointless that data is I'm still not certain, but I understand them sending the data even though it might not mean much.
  11. NinjaElmo

    Team mate and AI setups

    Haha all good, I didn't take any offence, just thought I needed to point out my perspective and why I don't think changing telemetry program will have different results. It is definitely a weird, and as you pointed out, deliberate, choice for CM to make. My guess is that the AI 'setup' has zero impact on how they actually drive, but because of the way CM has designed their telemetry output, each participant needs to have a 'setup', so those are just the values CM has given to any driver that is AI. If there wasn't the big AI performance issues on some tracks that you pointed out, it wouldn't be too much of an issue. But it seems like the tracks that are massively affected by driver setup (Monacco, Singapore, Hungary) always seem to be the ones that people find issues with the AI, which is explainably the case if the AI are on rails.
  12. NinjaElmo

    Team mate and AI setups

    I was messing around with reading F1 2020 telemetry in Python, it's all entirely my own code. I can assure you that I'm not defaulting anything in my program (I would get an error if there was no value), and that according to the F1 2020 UDP specification post, the packets are sending that setup info for each participant (so each AI and the player). There is the potential that the game is defaulting that information when it sends it, which would cause all telemetry programs to show the same result. Given this post seems to say that the AI doesn't change setup, I would think it's just the case of the AI all using the same setup though, unfortunately... I agree that it's a weird thing to overlook, because it's just going to cause issues all over the place. I understand that their implementation is a fairly decent work-around to try to simplify things, but it makes designing a setup feel pretty pointless if the AI are essentially on rails.
  13. NinjaElmo

    Team mate and AI setups

    I can confirm that all the AI seem to use the exact same setup every single time. Looking at things with my own telemetry program, they always had 5-6 wings and 5-7 ride height, whether it was a dry Monza or a very wet Singapore. Which makes things a bit weird that they even have setups, when they don't change them at all... This would surely cause an issue with mixed conditions races, where the player speed change because of conditions is largely setup based, whereas the AI just get slowed down a certain percent. I had a mixed conditions race at Singapore, where I designed my setup ready for rain (higher ride height, lower pressures), but the AI were still cruising past me with full traction out of slow corners, despite their 'worse' setup. Then when the track was dry, I couldn't pass them on the straights even with overtake on, high fuel mix, and DRS, because I was running 8-11 wings to their 5-6.
  14. NinjaElmo

    Practice session qualifying lap challenge issue.

    Yep, I've experienced this too. Some tracks, the quali program is near impossible, then in the actual qualifying session, you will be FAR above what they estimated your position to be. At Singapore, I couldn't get within 5 tenths off the pace in the quali program, and had an estimated position of 21st. In actual qualifying, I ended up tenth. In the race I finished 9th. There is definitely something wrong with it on some tracks.
  15. NinjaElmo

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    I think it depends a little on your difficulty, because of practice programs. In most races I feel like I'm at the correct difficulty, but in practice programs I tend to keep going until I get all purple (Quali sim and fuel management seem hardest to purple). Since I get the majority of my resource points from these programs (making the driver perk which increases these super valuable), I haven't seen the weekly resource point R&D upgrade worthwhile over the fail chance reduction upgrade. If I weren't getting as many resource points from practice sessions, then I do see it being more worthwhile of an upgrade. One tip I can give is to use your least worn control electronics whenever possible, if the wear multiplier works roughly how I'm guessing it would. Basically, by doing this, you won't reduce your TOTAL wear by the end of the season, but it will take longer for parts to start getting into the critical levels. It could save you having durability/wear problems until a bit later on.