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  1. The problem is the inconsistency, not the actual launching itself. You can take that exact same line and get no issues 9 times out of 10, but then have it launch you into hyperspace randomly on one lap. If it consistently launches, people won't drive there, but if it's only happening 10% of the time, people may not even know until a crucial lap, like a last quali lap chance.
  2. I tested this some more in Grand Prix mode, and it's definitely a problem caused by the Williams garage being so close to the pit exit - the issue doesn't occur with other teams. In 100% of my pit stops in a race as Williams, I got launched completely over the pit exit kerb. In grand prix practice, the issue only sometimes occured. All the tests shown in the video were done on keyboard, because 1) I couldn't be bothered plugged my wheel in and 2) I knew that I was full lock as soon as the game gave control and it wasn't a hardware issue.
  3. Hey, this is a really cool sheet. I really like the table with the different goals and cars, makes setting up a session miles easier. Just checking though, does everything in the sheet account for if the difficulty doesn't scale linearly? Last year, from memory, every point above 105 difficulty was effectively worth two points, which made creating sheets like this an absolute pain. Great work though, I'll definitely be using this!
  4. The AI being way to fast in that one corner on Zandvoort sometimes has its benefits...
  5. A detailed description of the issue: At Baku, when exiting the pits, it is extremely difficult to make the left hand turn and stay within the white line, as even if you apply full steering lock, and no throttle or brake input, the car still veers across the curb after you regain control. This happened for me and my friend when we were playing as Williams in our two player career - it might be a team specific issue, since the Williams pitbox is last. This happened in all sessions - practice, quali, and the race, but there were a few times where we managed to not receive penalties and exit nor
  6. Yeah I found the kerbs at Spain particularly brutal. You take the same line as the AI and end up losing 4 tenths or backwards.
  7. I wish they could take away some of their speed through Pouhon and add it to their exit onto the back straight - glad to see I'm not the only one feeling like I get brake checked in that corner. A similar trace with Zandvoort turns 7 & 8 would be interesting.
  8. As a ballpark I would say start at 80 and work it up from there as you get more used to the cars.
  9. There's a bug at the start of EVERY grand prix one lap quali that could genuinely break someones wrists if they had a strong enough wheel. It can be avoided if you know how (restart the session through the pause menu before all 5 red lights are out and the game gives you control), but people aren't exagerating. It's the sort of thing that I can definitely see putting someone off the game entirely if it's going to put themselves/hardware at risk because of bugs.
  10. Spain turns 8 and 9 definitely feel fishy. I had a similar experience to @CS21, smashed the AI at Bahrain, raised the difficulty by 5, and got smashed at Spain.
  11. I agree, and I used percentages in my rough checks before giving that info. Zandvoort particularly is still the standout. It's just giving the info as X seconds per lap is much more easily digestible to show the severity of the pace variation to the average person than say, 80 difficulty AI being 104.4% slower at Austria than the WR compared to 105.5% slower at Bahrain. Also it's risky using Bahrain, as since it's the first track, people have focussed on it much more in Time Trial and will likely put up much more optimised times. Below is what I found comparing WR times to 80 difficulty
  12. To save some wrists, if you are doing grand prix mode one shot qualifying, start your quali lap and restart the session (pause menu->restart session) before the 5 lights go out to give you control. You'll still get the lag spike at the start line in the restarted session, but won't get the ffb snap.
  13. So from my (very) rough calculations, the AI is definitely over powered on Netherlands and Austria, and underpowered at Bahrain and France. I haven't checked all the tracks yet, but on 80 difficulty, AI pole times at Bahrain and France were ~4.7 seconds off the Time Trial world record. Whereas at Austria and Netherlands they were only ~2.7 seconds off the Time Trial records. So if you use Bahrain for setting your difficulty you might be in for some seriously tough races at tracks later on.
  14. In 2-player career I came 3rd cruising in Bahrain on 80 difficulty (in a Williams), then upped it to 85 for Spain and would have came ~15th if I hadn't binned it pushing to keep my position near the end of the race. Seems a bit of a weird jump.
  15. There is the time trial jink when it gives you control, which you can manage with a firm grip, but this is way beyond that. This felt like full lock to the right at 100% power, some absolute wrist snapping/hardware damaging stuff.
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