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  1. Check that you haven't accidentally changed the game mode in multiplayer, there is a button which changes the mode while in the multiplayer options lobby and it's easy to not notice you've pressed it - it's definitely caught me out more than a few times. From memory I think it's your DRS button, and it will cycle through 'Beginner, Advanced, Expert' etc. in the top right corner of the screen, while in the options screen for multiplayer lobbies.
  2. I've been having the same issue with random FFB cut out every race as well, but I'm on a Fanatec wheelbase, and on PC. Here another person has been having the same issue but on a different wheelbase to mine, and on PS4. I've only had this issue since the most recent patch. But I'm starting to think this is not a particular wheel brand specific issue. I'll try unplugging my keyboard next time around.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one with this issue. Consistently losing FFB a few times every race - the wheel stays connected and I can still steer, but I lose all FFB for a few seconds. I'm running a Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 base, on PC, latest drivers (415), latest Fanalab (happens with or without Fanalab running). Happens in every single game mode. I didn't have this issue until the most recent patch. Could clipping be causing the FFB to cut out completely momentarily? I'm going to try lowering my FFB by a third and seeing if the issue continues.
  4. I've had similar issues to you. It seems to only be for pit garages closest to the pit exit, so Williams, and the My Team team - the game doesn't get into the pit lane properly before the pit exit, so sends you over the white line before giving you control. I made a bug report with reproduction steps, but it hasn't been looked at. Could please you add your experiences here so this can get fixed? Cheers.
  5. I second T9 on Spain being an issue. I disagree that T15 at Zandvoort is an issue - I've found that the AI is actually far too slow through the last two corners here. At Spa, T15, before the back straight, is another section where the AI are far too SLOW. I'll post some videos when possible, just throwing my opinion in there to see if anyone agrees.
  6. Hopefully I can just power through things in the quick practice now ūü§ě
  7. There is the issue with engine wear that makes me not want to only use quick practice though. I can purple most programs on my first try, as long as I don't make big mistakes. Some of the smaller challenges are harder to complete first try - some because of bugs (I somehow didn't activate DRS in all zones on my FULLY purple track aclimitisation run...), others because it forces me to drive differently (turning racing line on then following it like a hawk). Point being, doing practice programs is easy, but time consuming, and I can get far less engine wear doing it manually than I would by doin
  8. I'm looking at doing something like this in my My Team save, but don't want to miss out on all the resource points offered by doing practice sessions. Is there any recommended settings in the resource points earned etc? If I just bumb the resource points gained setting up, then skip practice sessions, will I still be able to compete in terms of car development? Practice sessions quickly become a chore rather than anything enjoyable, but what settings setup do I need to not fall behind massively in car development?
  9. Not sure why this is being ignored, if you follow the reproduction steps given then you will clearly be able to feel that it is an issue. I understand the 'just brake' sentiment, but it doesn't actually make it any better. Any other team exiting the pits can make the corner EASILY without braking, but the closest pit garage team has a strange feeling on exit, as if the game doesn't actually give the player control over the car until it's already been sent over the white line, making the recommendation of braking not helpful. Having to hold the brake down, and just guessing how much pressure yo
  10. When the AI slows down off the racing line to let a player past, such as in practice modes or when being shown a blue flag, they can sometimes make very aggresive moves up the inside on the next corner, hitting the player. Platform: PC Game-mode: Weekly event, Two Player Career Practice Session [ONLINE] Were you the host: I was the host in both instances. Video of the issue - I am the Ferrari, the AI is the Williams. He moves to the side and slows down, then makes an impossible send up the inside, cutting the corner, hitting me, and spinning: Second Vide
  11. Here's another video with some moments from the last few days. I'll stop posting examples after this because I'm getting a bit spammy. Also sorry for the swearing haha. My takes: 1. I wasn't really alongside enough, so he closed the door / It seems like he tried to leave me a cars width, and not an inch more. 2. The was a gap there for a split-second and Gasly sent it through it. A human player probably would have realised the gap was about to close and made more effort to avoid contact. 3. Honestly I can't really explain the AI here. Hamilton smashes into the ba
  12. It's not a level playing field because I'm pretty sure the majority of the goal comes from 'total time' or something like that. So if it rains on lap 2, your total time is going to be much longer than someone who had rain on lap 15. No clue if the scoring takes that sort of thing into account, but if you feel like your placement of 11th is way above your skill level, then that might be why. FWIW I had drops of rain from lap 1 and pitted probably around lap 6.
  13. The clip before is just to show the brick wall nature at the edge of the track, and how differently the player's car reacts to a bump compared to the AI. The shitness of the move itself is on me. Here's an example of the AI being a bit unexpectedly aggressive (The Alfa Romeo, not the Alpha Tauri). Again I could have avoided it if I was paying more attention. They sometimes just do things that are a bit strange... I'm definitely enjoying the AI more this year though. They require a lot more focus and attention to race, rather than just making the exact same mo
  14. This 100%. Getting your wheels locked with the AI is a recipe for disaster, where they will just keep driving their line on rails and push you spinning off the track. Granted I did accidentally squeeze the AI a bit in this clip because I wasn't quite ahead, any human player would just move a little to the left to avoid contact.
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