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  1. Jewboy1983

    Need urgent help

    And this is what happens when you try to register an input for steering IMG_1349.MOV IMG_1349.MOV
  2. Jewboy1983

    Need urgent help

    This is the message I get every time I start the game
  3. Jewboy1983

    Need urgent help

    Hi just bought f12020 I cannot get the game to register my husinkveld sprint pedals and will also not register the left and right calibration of my simucbe 2 but it will register the buttons I press on the wheel. The wheel appears as ing_simucube_2_sport but will not register the wheel being turned I’ve restarted pc numerous times now and also the game. The wheel when turned continue past 900degrees and just keeps turning but won’t register any input. Can someone please help