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  1. It is very frustrating to do this every time tho. @BarryBL Can this problem be fixed please.
  2. Maybe because it doesnt activate 3d sound then??
  3. Were do i enable the realistic performance again then? Yes it indeed shows it in the lobby.
  4. Yes i also havent had this problem in other modes.
  5. -A detailed description of the issue. My problem is that while playing 2 player career mode. Lower teams are peforming way better then they should. For example I drive at alfa romeo and a friend drives at williams both are low teams. But while racing williams, haas and alfa are finnishing in the top all the time while redbull and mercedes are 17 18 19 20 all the time. -Report Code HPVR-PHMX-MXSG-BASC -Platform? Playstation 5 -Game-mode? 2 player career mode -[ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please t
  6. Please also view my topic that i have made about this. Its about the same problem. You can find it on my profile.
  7. I also have made a topic about this please view my profile for this.
  8. The problem is that it also shows corners were you dont have to brake and then it just shows you the line wich is irritating. I totally agree that they should add an option like gt sport. Were there is only shown a little braking warning in the bottom of the screen.
  9. Please go to my report: Also in the future please look if your problem is already being reported.
  10. There is already a topic about this problem made by me. Please go there to explain your problem. That topic is also already linked to the support team. Please look in the future if your problem is already reported. This is the topic:
  11. Just to clarify I have now set my language from my ps5 system to english because i wanted to play braking point (which is amazing so good work to you guys). And a update I also have experienced the sound glitch in braking point during a race.
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