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  1. Poninabox

    F1 2020 Camber Settings Backwards?

    @Getts0388 thanks for the reply and that makes total sense and I agree with you completely. however the values in the game are backwards. The slider is depicted below Camber (-3.5 to -2.5) left to right respectively. -3.5 camber will be more tilted in at the top of the tire and thus should give more speed in prolonged corners per basic math. That said the slider should technically be full left. That’s what isn’t making sense. I think they have the numbers backwards. Anthony
  2. Gents thanks for the read. I know this has been a discussion item in the past, I just want to clear it up once and for all. If more negative camber (-3.5) / \ should give me greater surface area and traction throughout turns than (-2.5) | | in game, then to maximize this setting the slider should be full to the left correct? It seems to be the opposite which makes no sense because with a tire sitting more upright I would have less surface area and traction throughout turns. Can anyone at the bare minimum, just tell me if I want more traction in prolonged turns should I move the slider left or right, regardless of the numbers making sense because this is driving me nuts as an engineer. Thanks! Anthony