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  1. I think the advancements made to this game year after year are very special. I love almost everything about this game and know they are trying to fix bugs and issues in the game. These are some ideas that could make the future games better- Being able to choose different contract lengths for Myteam and negotiate higher and lower prices based off length would make finance easier and the game more realistic. Being able to hire staff directors for the team could be awesome. Being able to hire a technical director that is better for a higher price that could advance car development and speed wo
  2. We also really need the AI to crash more. They only reason there are ever cars that don’t finish is because of mechanical failures. I know it’s better this year now that AI make some mistakes, but if they could make even more mistakes and crash into each other or crash our sometimes, the game would be much better. Who crashes could also correlate to driver rankings.
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