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  1. xPayne87


    Since there is no ONLINE career to play it with friends, me and my friend are trying to play ONLINE LEAGUE. But we are getting the same error all the time. Sometimes this is after first practice in AUS, sometimes this happens in 6th race of the season.. And it just gets stuck, we cannot proceed to next race. we try on and on, repeating the same race. Or we retire from session since we are done with the track, want to proceed to the next race, or we race it till the end... we always get the same error.. The error is always the same: ERROR - The attempt to submit results failed. And it returns back to lobby... and we can do this on and on... always the same... We are both using the same wheel, Thrustmaster TMX and the game is updated with last version...
  2. I think this is a bug. I finished qualifications on first place, and of course PC takes control of my formula when the time runes out. Then i was waiting for AI drivers to finish, and i was moved to 15th spot because my car got crashed. How can it be crashed if i am not driving?