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  1. The color of the kerbs should be fixed, and the times, as the P2 and the qualifier are at night. It's daytime in the game.
  2. If it had been in December, they wouldn't have announced that it would be in November.
  3. What we can be sure of is that it will be released next week, between November 15 and 18.
  4. Should return to normal color in Jeddah patch.
  5. RedBull's white color looks like it will be temporary. Maybe until the next patch, I don't know. I also prefer the original.
  6. If Codemasters does as it did for Portimão, One Italic Letter a Day, we should pay attention tomorrow. I-M-O-L-A is completed on Monday. We'll see.
  7. One more update and the problem continues
  8. This is a joke, Bottas was already winning almost every race, and did they even raise his ratings? .Codemasters hasn't known how to fix this since last year. They are a joke. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  9. Hey Codemasters, isn't it time to release the performance patch? It's been two months since launch, and still nothing. We already have enough races for your data. I expect this patch on Monday, with Portimão.
  10. Do these ratings also apply to career driver mode?
  11. If I knew it would take, I wouldn't have bought it sooner and paid more. A joke.
  12. It's already an improvement over last year. In F1 2020, I often saw Racing Point, McLaren, Renault and Alfa Tauri eliminated in Q1 for not trying a second lap, this year I haven't seen that happen yet. Now in Q2 only Mercedes and Red Bull are sometimes not a second round. Last year was very bad.
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