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  1. I haven't started my career mode yet, but I saw on YouTube from a small channel all the teams changed drivers, all of them, in the middle of the season. Verstappen in Mercedes, Leclerc in Alfa Romeo, Bottas in Ferrari, Alonso and Vettel in McLaren, Gasly in Alpine, Ricciardo in Aston Martin. The problem seems to be much worse than what you were reporting here. I hope you fix that. 🤯
  2. Has anyone opened a bug report for this case? This has persisted since F1 2020. Super Bottas. @BarryBL
  3. Playing a little, it looks like they fixed it for F1 2021. 🙏🏻 @BarryBL
  4. It is possible to choose China in career mode?
  5. How is the choice of races in career mode? Can you choose the number of races and the order of the tracks? Example: putting Australia in the first race, or Bahrain before Abu Dhabi.
  6. Someone who is already playing might say if the bug of drivers being eliminated for not making a quick second lap in F1 2020 remains in F1 2021.
  7. This year there will be no excuses for Patch Performance, as it's been 9 races.
  8. Hopefully this year Bottas isn't much better than Verstappen and Hamilton. In F1 2020 is with super powers.
  9. People who will be testing BETA, please take a look at this issue we had in 2020. Please.
  10. This year we will have no excuse for the Performance patch, it should come out very early, as it was in 2019. Because we will have 9 races by the game's release date.
  11. we are two months from launch, and still no gameplay. 👀
  12. three weeks without news
  13. It is not so difficult to change the layout, as in F1 2019 the entry of Paul Richard's Pit was redone, this well after the launch of the game.
  14. And until these race tracks are launched, will we have China and Vietnam?
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