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  1. People who will be testing BETA, please take a look at this issue we had in 2020. Please.
  2. This year we will have no excuse for the Performance patch, it should come out very early, as it was in 2019. Because we will have 9 races by the game's release date.
  3. we are two months from launch, and still no gameplay. đź‘€
  4. three weeks without news
  5. It is not so difficult to change the layout, as in F1 2019 the entry of Paul Richard's Pit was redone, this well after the launch of the game.
  6. And until these race tracks are launched, will we have China and Vietnam?
  7. @BarryBL Imola, PortimĂŁo and Jedahh just for new generation?
  8. @BarryBL Will I still be able to play individual career mode and no story mode?
  9. I think we may have a trailer on Monday (the 12th). Last year we had the first trailer on a Monday (April 13th).
  10. The problem remains, I started a new career yesterday. Bottas put a 0.6 second advantage over Hamilton in the qualifying.
  11. Since F1 2021 will be coming soon, don't leave him with this F1 2020 bug, which so far hasn't fixed. Don't kill the F1 2021.
  12. I'm afraid this problem will remain in F1 2021.
  13. Bottas does most of the poles, wins most of the races. Much stronger than Verstappen and Hamilton. Bottas has Hamilton's statistics.
  14. There are two possibilities, either they don't want to fix it, or they don't know how to fix it.
  15. My friends, it seems that our complaint will be useless. They won't fix it. @BarryBL@Ukbordoy@alfabravo75@Nuvolarix@ffigueir
  16. Precisely, it is very easy. But why don't they do that? What is the explanation? There is no point in not correcting that.
  17. This is meaningless. What's the excuse? Licenses and contracts cannot be. why keep Bottas as they are? The performance patch was already bad, not touching the engines of Renault and Honda. Don't expect them to fix it anymore, the 2020 game is dead. A joke, not worth how much we pay here in Brazil, about R $ 250.00. This game regressed from 2019 to 2020, the drivers do not try a second attempt back in the Qualifying, and McLaren and Renault always have a driver eliminated in Q1 so, until now, they have not corrected, apart from several other bugs.
  18. They need to correct this, it is totally the opposite of real life, besides Hamilton, Verstappen does not arrive in bottas, much difference. Hamilton should hate Codemasters for doing it as beneath bottas.
  19. To improve: Hamilton, Ocon, Sainz, Perez, Russel. To get worse: Bottas, Vettel, Grosjean, Stroll, Albon.
  20. Bottas is much better than Hamilton, sometimes starts in second but soon overtakes, makes most Poles, too bad this, it should be the other way around. I hope you will fix the promised Ratings update.
  21. @BarryBL Will we have this correction still in F1 2020? Because there was no such bug in F1 2019, and F1 2018 was fixed quickly.
  22. What about the F2 2020 drivers, in My Team and in Career Mode? @BarryBL
  23. Here, career mode, Race 12, first season, Bottas has the most poles and is 13 points ahead of Hamilton, even though he has abandoned a race, and Hamilton has not abandoned any.
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