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  1. I second the OP’s request. Is definitely useful information to see.
  2. I was nowhere near the points, let alone the podium 😂
  3. @mariohoand @ShelbyUSA, fully agree with you. In 2020 I was running really low ride heights and in 2021 I read they need to be higher - by how much I did not know. So I increased them a click or two and I was bottoming out a lot and crashing out - but silly me was thinking it was my camber or suspension stiffness. Would have been great if Jeff could advise of such; “you’re bottoming out and need to increase your ride height”. Ditto with tyre temps; “hey your setup is running too low on temps over our race strategy program, why not increase them” for example. Would also be great if they ha
  4. Legend. Hopefully this stops Jeff rambling on about monitoring tyre pressures while I’m trying to use every mg of my concentration to avoid putting it into a wall around Monaco 😂
  5. Thank you for the input all. Have tried a few setup resources you’ve listed but couldn’t find a consistent “go-to” without a fair amount of trial and error. I came across TRL Limitless’ 2021 hotlap video on YouTube, and have been using his setups as my base. Have found them to be quite good for my driving style as they are quite stable for me in race scenarios with a few minor tweaks.
  6. Would be nice if we could order them to move out the way in MyTeam, could be a “voice command” type input via the mfd/ microphone. For example: I did a 25% race and we both started on softs in Spain. Teammate pitted before me, went on hards, and I pitted after (as I’m good on my tyre wear and went on mediums). I was clearly on the faster strategy, but when I caught up to him later on he wouldn’t let me pass, nearly taking us both out in the process 🤦🏽‍♂️. Luckily got past him and then overtook some others. Would have just been easier to order him to move aside. If it was the other way aro
  7. I’ve had him tell me “rain is expected in ten minutes” as I turned the last corner on the last lap of a race at Spain. 🤦🏽‍♂️ He’s not the sharpest tool in the box…
  8. No, not any particular track, seems to be there for all the ones I’ve done so far (Bahrain, Spain and Monaco), as well as at Azerbaijan in practice (not got to qualy or race yet) - it was more noticeable at Monaco. Its ever so slight but definitely noticeable (at least to me) - I might see if I can capture it on video.
  9. Just as the title says - anyone else experiencing this on PS4? Issue was there on 1.04 and now also on 1.05. You can definitely tell the difference - issue goes away when you close the MFD. Never noticed this happening on 2021 on PS.
  10. To confirm, this response here states helmet mix will not be available on PS4/XB1. If you have PC/ next-gen console it should be in the audio settings as “Helmet mix” or something like that. I turn broadcast mix off as I don’t want to hear crowd sounds (closer to “helmet audio” but no the exact setting).
  11. Hi, Despite having a super fast connection, I noticed yesterday night and today the “communicating with online services” has been constantly spinning for a long period of time. I just want to play time trial and cannot get past this stage, without restarting. The option to retry/cancel does appear sporadically. Am on PS and have testing network connection (with the game open in the background) and got normal results (100 dl, 40 up) and no issues. I understand sometimes there can be connection/ server issues, but please build in a permanent option to cancel when the game is “comm
  12. Throwing my 2 cents in - I have a Mac with Parallels (Windows VM), have no issues updating my Fanatec gear with it.
  13. Hi, When completing a practice program objective, a notification pops up on screen for each objective complete. This is fine for objectives completed at different times (clean sector 1 for example), but for those objectives completed at the same time (I.e. ones which only complete at the end of a lap - keep tyres temps below 113, clean lap etc), you get multiple pop ups. If multiple objectives are completed at the same time, please display these in one go instead of multiple, as it is distracting, particularly if you missed one and need to go again the following lap. 🖖🏽
  14. Hi, Please remove the flashing red delta in the practice programs as it is very distracting. Solid red (as it was in previous games) was good enough. 🖖🏽
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