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  1. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    @Kyllin, try using the Xbox Fanatec Universal Hub device option to configure your wheel - that’s what I‘ve been using without any problems.
  2. @LogiUK, would you happen to have any updates on this? In particular it would be good to know if the additional button support will come on F1 2020, as I bought Grid to check out Trueforce - the wheel does behave differently and the rev lights do work. However, the additional buttons/ dial aren’t available for mapping. So I am keen to know if this will be the case on F1 2020 when Trueforce support is released. I appreciate any information you can share.
  3. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    @Kyllin, I have now received my G923 and can report no problems. The wheel feels practically identical to the G920. There is no G923 device in the inputs area under controllers - it identified it as a Fanatec a universal Hub device when connected, which I have now customised and is working fine for me. Have your issues with the wheel persisted?
  4. Monzie83

    Are f2 car's really this twitchy

    @Naxlr, I gotta admit I felt the same in F2 - Especially on a slow corner exit, I was sliding all over the place, and changing settings (like increasing on-throttle diff locking, firmer rear suspension) did very little and I had to modulate my gas with much more care than in F1. I am using a wheel and peddles - I found changing the throttle linearity helped the most.
  5. Good point @Rango, I really do hope they can find a way.
  6. @Rango, from the comment by @LogiUK above it would seem those extra buttons/dials can work on the G923, IF CM support Trueforce on their games (which they’re bound to do at some point). LogiUK also says F1 2020 support for Trueforce is being worked on - whether CM incorporate the additional buttons is unknown. Reading between the lines, I think the end result of all of this does mean those RSB and LSB buttons on the G920 are unlikely to be supported in the future, since G920 does not have Trueforce, unless CM make a concerted effort to find a way to enable them.
  7. Monzie83

    New Logitech wheel (G923)

    @bossey, the wheel is not fully supported yet in F1 2020. See this thread;
  8. @LogiUK, thank you for letting me know. Do you know if trueforce will eventually be supported on F1 2019/20 for Xbox? And if so what is the expected ETA on this? Many thanks!
  9. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    @USPBauer24, do you have a link for this by any chance?
  10. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    @Kyllin, I too have a G923 on the way... The Logitech website says all the codies F1 games from 2015 are supported, on all platforms, so your situation is not good. Also, as you say, I would expect the wheel to at least be recognised as a G920 in lieu of the dedicated support for it being rolled out. I’d be keen to know which game you are playing, and if platform you are on and if the LEDS or rotary dial are working? Once I get my hands on the wheel, I’ll also report back with my findings. Monzie
  11. @Ialyrn Thank you so much for the very detailed response. I’ve also been doing some research, and I think you’re right - the issue with Xinput on Xbox seems to extend to all wheels and none seem to have an advantage over another in the button department. I have read however, that keyboard support is available on F1 2019 on Xbox, with some users on Reddit saying they use a number pad as a cheap and cheerful button box. I’m going to give this a try when I get my G923 (if the additional buttons on it are not supported). When I can get an appropriate budget together I’ll probably move off Xbox altogether and onto PC for sim racing as a first step. That way I’ll have more flexibility for buttons and better high-end devices going forwards. Thank you for all your advice, and I’m happy to report back on my experiences with the G923/ number pad button box workaround if that would interest you.
  12. Hi @Ialyrn, did you have a response regarding my question? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  13. Monzie83

    Manual ERS (FP only not Races)

    Hi @Theseus, does the elite Xbox controller offer an increased number of button inputs for the CM F1 games over the standard Xbox controller? I'm currently playing F1 2019. Ideally I'd like to have dedicated buttons for fuel mix increase/decrease, brake bias increase/decrease, and differential increase/decrease, and ERS increase/decrease on the pad (in addition to having a dedicated button for DRS, look back, pit limiter and MFD scroll), as I'm struggling to use the MFD mid-race. On the standard controller this is not possible as I'm 2 buttons short. I'm thinking of getting the elite Xbox controller if it has an increased number of button/paddle inputs that are supported by the F1 games - could you confirm this for me please, as reading your post it seems the additional Inputs on the elite controller are supported? Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated - thank you, Monzie
  14. Hi @Ialyrn, I have a mate who got me the discount at PC world - they are also offering the G923 on pre-order. Thank you for the information. I will certainly consider it when I am able to stretch to a higher-end setup. For the moment, my main need from a wheel is additional button support, rather than a more immersive experience, so I can comfortably use car adjustments mid-race without MFD on F1 2019/20 (obviously I don't want a completely basic wheel either, and you've probably guessed I only play the F1 sims). Given this and the fact I am currently wedded to Xbox, wouldn't I have the same issues on any manufacturer wheel with a greater number of buttons/ switches/ dials etc because the inputs are limited by Xinput? Or are there some wheels out there with a large number of buttons which are supported on F1 2019/20 for Xbox? This would be good to know for the future. Monzie
  15. Thank you for the information @Ialyrn regarding the input connections - this is good to know. If the issue is with Microsoft xinput, then I highly doubt it’ll be resolved soon 😞 Also, as I only play on Xbox (and as you say, this is limited by xinput), wouldn’t I have similar issues with additional “unsupported” buttons on all other manufacturer wheels - as I assume xinput only allows inputs that “mirror” the Xbox controller buttons? I guess this also then begs the question about why Logitech would release a wheel that wasn’t fully supported on Xbox - perhaps this was a move to bring some parity between their PS and Xbox wheel offerings, which was obviously different between the G29 and G920. As an aside, do you happen to know if the additional buttons on the G29 (when compared to the G920) are accessible on Codemaster F1 titles on PlayStation? Perhaps I bought the wrong platform 😂 As you can probably tell, I am a casual sim racer and fairly new to the plethora of devices available. I have looked at the Thrustmaster range, but I can’t stretch that far for something I’ll only play on the weekends (in the UK the Xbox TX servo base alone is around £250 with everything else on top) and I managed to get a good discount to get the G923 for the about this price). I had borrowed a G920 from a friend and found it sufficient for my needs, the only issue being a lack of additional buttons to map fuel mix, brake bias and differential comfortably on the wheel, away from using the MFD option (which is horrible to use mid-race). Monzie