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  1. Monzie83

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    You’re welcome Nuv. So the wheel can be used with PS, you need to make sure it’s paired with a PS compatible base. From what I’ve been told by Fanatec, for PS compatibility, it’s the base that matters - you have to make sure the base is PS compatible (make sure it says “PS” instead of “PS Ready”), and then you can use any wheel that says “PS” or “PS Ready”. For Xbox use, you have to make sure the wheel is Xbox compatible (“Xbox”) and any base should then become compatible (that says “Xbox ready”). All equipment is PC compatible. Terribly confusing... This way, it’s possible to have a setup to use on all platforms like I have; Clubsport v2 wheel (Xbox compatible, PS Ready), CSL Elite + Wheelbase (PS Compatible, Xbox Ready). The pedals will work on any platform, as long as it’s compatible, and for consoles must be plugged into the base and not the console itself. I have the CSL LC pedals. I doubt the above will change anytime soon, but it’s worth checking with their sales team before parting with your hard earned cash!
  2. Monzie83

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Hi Nuv, I have the Clubsport Formula v2 connected up to a PS4. I assume we’re talking about using the wheel on F1 2020, so the below is in relation to that. All the marked buttons in the picture attached correspond to the standard inputs on the PS4 as labelled in the picture, and all of these are mappable inputs on F1 2020 on PS4. In addition, the 2 thumbwheels, 2 rocker switches and 2 rotary switches also work as mappable inputs. The right joystick also works (as up/down/left/right, so the “d-pad” - I have it mapped that way). The left joystick does not work at all. I imagine it would be a similar thing on the PS4 CSL Elite F1 wheel. Having a look here, (https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/26/49/50/CSL-E-F1-SET-QG-EU-AU-EN_WebyG4TKn6Heu24O.pdf and here, https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/6c/c1/f6/CSL-E-F1-SET-Manual-US-EN_Web_06_MO.pdf), I think the “standard” PS4 buttons are the same for these two wheels, and it’ll be unlikely that the left joystick will work, but the one on the right should work as a d-pad so you can use it for the MFD. Can’t say for sure, as you never know unless you own it - hopefully someone who does will chime in, but hope this helps in the meantime. I assume you’re looking to buy the CSL Elite F1 set?
  3. Monzie83

    RS30 wheel or MVH cosmetic upgrade

    I see what you mean - the GT rim does look good for sure. You’re absolutely right, it did elevate the experience massively.
  4. Hi all, Am interested to hear how you approach the Race Strategy program (RSP), particularly with a view on if you use DRS and OT. I’ve recently completed a full season using TC assist and have decided restart a new career with all assists turned off, as well as bumping up the difficulty by 5 points (to 85) to a make it a bit more challenging, as I’ve improved as a driver marginally. In my previous career season, when running RSP I generally did not use DRS or OT if possible, as I wanted to operate the program to mirror a realistic “race scenario”, in that I might not have access to DRS depending on track position. I sometimes used OT if I found a target time to be particularly challenging, as I knew I had access to that in the race. In general I was just about on-pace overall without DRS and OT. Fast forward to today, and I’m really struggling to achieve the target times in the RSP with the new difficulty level and no TC, and so have to use both DRS and OT more regularly that I would like. What I’d like to know is, does using DRS and OT in RSP effect the resulting Race Strategy suggested in terms of fuel, pit stops windows etc? Surely by me “inflating” my times by using DRS/OT, it will effect the strategy suggested? Or am I thinking too deeply about this? 😂 Will be keen to know your experiences and appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Monzie83

    Question on Qualy Pace program and Qualifying times

    OK, seems like this is expected behaviour. Hopefully this is something that can be looked into for future patches/releases @BarryBL? Do let me know if I need to submit some kind or form please.
  6. Monzie83

    Question on Qualy Pace program and Qualifying times

    I guess my point was more around how the QPP wants me to do a (albeit) realistic Qualy time using a sub-standard fuel mix and was wondering if anyone else had this issue. If QPP is to be realistic it should let me use Max fuel mix and keep the realistic target time OR adjust the target time to be lower to compensate for only being able to use Rich fuel mix (as my time will definitely be slower on this)?
  7. Hi all, wondering if any of you have this issue. I play as Mercedes in my career mode, 85% difficulty, 50% races and with no assists. I struggle with the Qualy pace program (QPP) particularly with exceededing the target time. My setup is exactly the same and use brand new softs used for QPP and Qualy (Q). for example, Australia; In P3, QPP wants 1:22.5 to meet my target of 3rd. Q1 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.9. Q2 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.6. Q3 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.2. So on the face of it the time required in QPP (1:22.5) is about right for 3rd. However, I really struggled to make this time in the QPP and only just did it.I think this is because I only have access to RICH fuel mix. In all actual Q sessions I easily made the 1:22.5 time, and then some (as I had access to MAX fuel mix). So shouldn’t the target QPP time be adjusted to be slower to compensate for the lack of access to the MAX fuel mix? Or let us have access to MAX fuel mix in QPP. Am I missing something? Grateful for any thoughts.
  8. Monzie83

    RS30 wheel or MVH cosmetic upgrade

    @Rango, when you say MVH F1 wheel, do you mean the new quick release wheels they’re planning to announce soon, or do you mean their F1 rims/mods? In either case, it might be better to wait and see to what level the RS30 and new MVH wheels are supported in F1 - should be able to get confirmation from Codemasters fairly easily once they are released. If neither are supported (or supported at the minimum level - same as the G920), then getting an MVH rim might be the way to go. Would also add, it looks as though the RS30 has a standard button set. The only inputs that may not be supported are the RSB/LSB “clutch” paddles - so it could be a similar scenario to the G920. Btw, I had a MVH F1 rim (with the suede grips) for my G923 - it was well made and good value for money. I’d definitely recommend as it did improve the gaming experience.
  9. Monzie83

    [help] No touchpad on new steering wheel

    Which wheel? If it is one that’s supported in the game, it would surely have a button mapped for this. Otherwise, as Exasperated has said you can use your controller alongside your wheel in the car setup areas. Having said that, I would recommend turning off the controller before you get on track - I’ve had the game switch to the controller on me in the middle of the session which has caused me issues with my inputs of my wheel.
  10. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    That was probably me. When I owned the wheel, it was recognised in the game as Fanatec Universal Hub on first connection. Worked fine like that, although later I changed it to Logitech G920 (just in case it worked better). That also worked fine, and the same as the Fanatec Universal Hub (I couldn’t feel any difference between the two). Either make no difference when it comes to extra buttons/dial/rev light support. If you’re playing on Xbox, you should be aware that Logitech have created the software to support the wheel fully, Codemasters have not utilised this in the F1 2020 game. Likely you’ll have to wait for F1 2021 to have all the extra buttons etc working. Can’t speak for other wheel brands, but if you had bought a Fanatec setup (like I did) and you’re on Xbox, you’d be even more disappointed, because the additional buttons and rev lights do not work either. This however, is not down to Codemasters, but because Fanatec appear not to have created the software to enable the extra features on their wheel. Historically, they’ve said the issue lies with Microsoft, but we’ve found out otherwise (🤔). Long story short: On Xbox, you’re more likely to see your G923 fully supported sooner on the F1 titles than Fanatec wheel users are! Happy racing!
  11. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    I have the opposite problem with my Fanatec ClubSport v2 rotaries on PS4 - they are initially slow to respond, then suddenly too responsive. So I have mine mapped to Brake Balance - you have to turn it a a few times to “activate it”, then is super responsive so have to be very careful!
  12. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    One thing I’m not too keen on, is the fake switches that exist on the old Ferrari rim. I wonder if this wheel will have those as it’s not too clear from the picture. Although from that last picture posted above, it looks like a proper switch.
  13. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Good point, I forgot about needing to add the podium paddle module for clutch functionality on Fanatec. I guess my thinking was it is more directly comparable (because of the amount of inputs/ build quality/ aesthetics etc) to Fanatec gear than the Logitech. So in the context of limited inputs on Fanatec gear, if this wheel is supported, it may push Fanatec into sorting the issue out.
  14. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Thank you. The main thing I’d be interested in is all the extra buttons/ dials/ switches above that of a standard Xbox controller. I should have said - I’ve heard there is no Fanatec SDK to support additional features on their wheels, which is why the input limitations exist on their wheels on Xbox. So as an effected user, it will be interesting to see if this Thrustmaster one does have the additional features supported on Xbox (game depending of course). I know Logitech G923 has features such as additional buttons, a dial, and rev lights already working on certain Xbox games (because they have developed a SDK, which was then used by certain game devs), but since that wheel is not in the “same market place” as Fanatec gear, I dont think it’s not going to worry Fanatec too much, and pressure them into action. If this Thrustmaster wheel manages additional functionality (and with it being roughly similar price point and in the same market as the Fanatec stuff), then maybe Fanatec it will worry Fanatec enough to develop that SDK to enable the extra features on their wheels - one can only hope! Apologies to the OP for taking the discussion on a slight tangent!
  15. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    It will be interesting to see to what level the functionality of this wheel is supported on consoles, as clearly there is a market for this type of thing on consoles (as fanatec proves). Other than that, at first glance it certainly looks like a good piece of kit. Unfortunately, I’ve recently bought Fanatec gear so will be on that for a while. I will watch that with keen interest as there are known issues with Fanatec gear being supported on Xbox - things like buttons/ dials/ switches and rev lights not being supported.