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  1. I had the car behave strange on my last race; some gears didn’t engage and then Jeff came on to say there was an ERS issue (not sure how that issue caused that but OK). I’m sure there are some other examples out there already but agree with the general point of your post, most the time the failure just happens.
  2. 100% agree, the AI do not get off the racing line in general (in practice/ qualy) when they are on an out/in lap - just crazy, I don’t recall this being as much of an issue in 2020. This issue drives me mad and has been raised plenty of times so hopefully it can be sorted soon. My general strategy to counter this in qualy is to let all the cars run out and when there are about 5 to 8 cars left on track (usually they are on in laps), I go out. This generally buys me a window of two consecutive runs on an empty track (and the track is more rubbered in). It also generally lets me have one la
  3. I’d like to see the pit team as a separate department to develop in the same way we have aero etc. it would be good if pit team failures were in the game (wheels not being put on correctly etc), you could devlop better gear for them (to reduce errors happening) and also develop their consistency separately (so pit stops become quicker and more consistent).
  4. 100% agree, the AI do not get off the racing line when the are on an out/in lap - just crazy, I don’t recall this being an issue in 2020. This issue drives me mad and has been raised plenty of times so hopefully it can be sorted soon.
  5. Hi @BarryBL, please let me know if you need any further information. I also noticed unusually dark (almost black) tyre skid marks when going round in a wet race yesterday - will get a capture of it the next time it happens.
  6. A detailed description of the issue; am seeing some weird shapes being rendered on the halo in game and in replays. Seems to happen more in wet or overcast conditions. Report Code; can provide if needed Platform?; PS5, game version is PS4 and latest version. Game-mode?; My Team, Time Trail (haven’t tried in other modes, but imagine it will exist other game modes). What troubleshooting have you tried?; restarting the game. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party; video added How do you make the problem hap
  7. I’ve had this issue on occasion. Try pressing the PS button to go back into the PS Home Screen, then select the game again. Sometimes it gives the option to stop connecting. Otherwise closing the game and restarting might help. I’ve asked for the devs to create an option to cancel this screen, could be worth posting a reply if you agree;
  8. I understand the sentiment, but I respectfully disagree. Ending the season under the construct of the rules and precedent at that time (whatever those may be, and however right or wrong they are), would have been infinitely better than finishing the way it did. Everyone would have understood that, even if it was an anti-climax; “Oh well, them’s the rules”. Clearly what we ended up getting has, apart from generating some-short term headlines, been detrimental to the way the F1 is seen as a sport and perceived overall. Sport always has the possibility to be exciting, but it does n
  9. Or perhaps they can let us load a setup, but stop changes to those “locked in” in parc ferme.
  10. Have had this as well; me on a qualy lap, Perez coming out onto track and the driving right in the middle of it, and not moving over as he should (and did before the new patch).
  11. Very welcome mate. TBH, the main reason why I got the TV was for the input lag. My old one was about 7 years old and the input lag on it was horrible. Having said that, the higher frame-rate may become essential for future games.
  12. Does this mean there is no hope of it being enabled? Even for future titles?
  13. So got my TV and gave performance mode a go on the PS5 version - the Samsung TV I got shows the FPS of the content on screen and confirmed it’s working at 120fps. TBH, on track, I can’t really tell the difference between performance mode or the quality mode (60fps) and the PS4 version (also running at 60fps). So will stick with the PS4 version as voice support is enabled on it. Although having said that, I did like the Helmet audio mix. The low input lag on the TV makes the most difference.
  14. Hi @BarryBL is this something that is on the radar to resolve? Have seen a few more posts about this recently.
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