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    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    I have the opposite problem with my Fanatec ClubSport v2 rotaries on PS4 - they are initially slow to respond, then suddenly too responsive. So I have mine mapped to Brake Balance - you have to turn it a a few times to “activate it”, then is super responsive so have to be very careful!
  2. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    One thing I’m not too keen on, is the fake switches that exist on the old Ferrari rim. I wonder if this wheel will have those as it’s not too clear from the picture. Although from that last picture posted above, it looks like a proper switch.
  3. Monzie83

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Good point, I forgot about needing to add the podium paddle module for clutch functionality on Fanatec. I guess my thinking was it is more directly comparable (because of the amount of inputs/ build quality/ aesthetics etc) to Fanatec gear than the Logitech. So in the context of limited inputs on Fanatec gear, if this wheel is supported, it may push Fanatec into sorting the issue out.
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    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Thank you. The main thing I’d be interested in is all the extra buttons/ dials/ switches above that of a standard Xbox controller. I should have said - I’ve heard there is no Fanatec SDK to support additional features on their wheels, which is why the input limitations exist on their wheels on Xbox. So as an effected user, it will be interesting to see if this Thrustmaster one does have the additional features supported on Xbox (game depending of course). I know Logitech G923 has features such as additional buttons, a dial, and rev lights already working on certain Xbox games (because they have developed a SDK, which was then used by certain game devs), but since that wheel is not in the “same market place” as Fanatec gear, I dont think it’s not going to worry Fanatec too much, and pressure them into action. If this Thrustmaster wheel manages additional functionality (and with it being roughly similar price point and in the same market as the Fanatec stuff), then maybe Fanatec it will worry Fanatec enough to develop that SDK to enable the extra features on their wheels - one can only hope! Apologies to the OP for taking the discussion on a slight tangent!
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    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    It will be interesting to see to what level the functionality of this wheel is supported on consoles, as clearly there is a market for this type of thing on consoles (as fanatec proves). Other than that, at first glance it certainly looks like a good piece of kit. Unfortunately, I’ve recently bought Fanatec gear so will be on that for a while. I will watch that with keen interest as there are known issues with Fanatec gear being supported on Xbox - things like buttons/ dials/ switches and rev lights not being supported.
  6. If you’re a frustrated Fanatec Xbox user, disappointed with limited inputs, this is going to be essential reading. Strap yourself in because it’s going to be a long post, but please persevere with it because it’s going to be worth it if this issue effects you. TL;DR at the bottom, if you want a summary. As some of you may know (who have seen my activity), I recently switched from a Logitech G923 to Fanatec gear and I have been commenting heavily about all of the functionality of the G923 wheel being supported on ACC on Xbox. So what? We’re using Fanatec gear, why is this important? Well, you’ve probably heard (on forums and from Fanatec) that the limited wheel input experienced by Fanatec users on Xbox is down to Microsoft restricting 3rd party peripheral inputs to that of a standard Xbox controller. i.e. Sorry, there’s nothing that can be done about getting all the extra buttons/ knobs/ rev lights etc working on Xbox - “big bad” Microsoft aren’t playing ball. This was the reply I received from Fanatec support in Dec 20: “Unfortunately, Microsoft only allows the buttons you can find in their regular controllers to be mapped and used (meaning that it doesn't support the use of thumb encoders, two way switches, or multi position switches)” - screenshot below. Hang on, you say all the G923 functions work on ACC for Xbox? So if Microsoft limit inputs, how did Logitech get it working when Fanatec can’t? I did say that - this was the case when I owned the wheel from Sep 20 when I bought ACC (so this was the case before I enquired to Fanatec in Dec 20). Now I can prove it - this is what led to this post. Through some investigative work and collaboration amongst Codemaster forum members, we’ve found it was achieved via a two-step process; Logitech developed the software to give the opportunity for game developers to use the additional inputs on their wheel (called a “SDK”). The game developers then use this SDK to get those additional inputs working in their game. Important note 1: Both these steps need to happen for the additional inputs to work in any game. When I had the G923 all functions worked on ACC, but on GRID the additional buttons didn’t (rev lights work in both games). This proves the 2nd point (see screenshots below). Important note 2: I gather the outlined two-step process applies for any wheel manufacturer wanting to go over the standard number of Xbox inputs. If the wheel manufacturer doesn’t develop this SDK for their hardware, then the standard Xbox SDK is being used, thus limiting inputs to the same number as a standard Xbox controller (see screenshots below). So have Fanatec developed the SDK’s? I genuinely can’t say - you’d have to assume not, given the state of play. No one is able to confirm and I have not been able to find evidence of them existing for Xbox (if they did the functions would already be working right? Also, if they did exist and were awaiting approval from Microsoft, they would say so?). If they did exist and were fully functional I highly doubt Codemasters would choose to leave them out of the F1 Games; I know for sure on PS4 they haven’t (PS have expanded the inputs allowed on their standard SDK, so Fanatec didn’t need to to develop a SDK and Codemasters have made use of the additional inputs available on F1 2020). OK, what if you’re wrong? Maybe Microsoft is contributing to the issue somehow? OK, I might be, but I (and others) that have been given the “Microsoft limits inputs...”, can only take that at face value. It doesn’t explain why it can’t be achieved, which we now know it can, not does it tell us what Fanatec are doing to try to persuade Microsoft. That reasoning is akin to completely disowning and taking no responsibility on the issue. If there is something else going on Fanatec should say so, and explain what they are doing to help resolve it. So, if the issue really is Microsoft’s and Fanatec really do care about it, why not set up some kind of platform so that the effected users can rally behind them on it? Perhaps some kind of poll/survey, to see how many are effected? Fanatec will have access to the right contacts at Microsoft, and could easily collate and pass that info on (if they cared). Even if nothing comes of it, at least they tried rather than give their Xbox customers the cold-shoulder - surely that’s better from a customer relations point of view? Showtime: The proof - Logitech G923 working on ACC on Xbox There’s been some requests to obtain proof of this (because clearly my “word” is worthless to some of you🤔). So to make believers of you all, I contacted the person I sold my G923 wheel to, and they have kindly provided the following video (see below - click in the blank space below and the video should start). It’s one continuous shot - all the way from the Home Screen to gameplay. You can see the wheel controlling the whole process: starting the ACC game, and in the button mapping screen that the +/- and dial left/right rotations are recognised, as well as the rev lights working in gameplay. You’ll just have to believe my (this time) that the remaining inputs not shown (RSB/LSB, and dial “enter” button) also work as inputs. The general assertion is proved - these inputs shown are above the standard controller range. You can also see the rev lights working in game (that needs inputs coming back from the game). For avoidance of doubt, that mod on the wheel is a MVH Studio rim - as good as it is, it’s nothing more than a piece of plastic, and does nothing to get additional wheel functions working on Xbox. I’m an effected Xbox user, what now? It’s only right and long overdue that Fanatec tell us what the situation actually is. Make no mistake, this is important - you are now armed with the knowledge and proof of what is possible. What is clear is we need to make more noise about this where possible, and in order to make a real impact, I can’t do it alone and need your help; Get in contact with Fanatec and let them know Logitech have managed to get the G923 fully working on the Xbox. Ask them what they are doing about their own wheel support on Xbox in light of this. If they tell you Microsoft limits inputs line, repeat the first point. Spread the message and knowledge to other Xbox Fanatec users, via your game forums etc so that they can do the same. I hope the above has been informative. If you stuck with me this far, thank you. If you take up the cause - thank you, and may the force be with you. Monzie 🏎 TL;DR Fanatec can’t say limited wheel support on Xbox is because of Microsoft, Logitech G923 proves otherwise (see video). It was achieved via Logitech developing an SDK. Let Fanatec know they have the ability to get functions working, ask them what they intend to do about it, and spread the message about this to others. ☮️ IMG_1803.MP4
  7. Thanks for the input @PJTierney, the more examples of this type of thing we can gather, the better 👍🏽
  8. @XrodneyX I see you’re on Thrustmaster gear. I’ve heard some of their wheels support additional buttons (over a standard Xbox controller) - is this true? For example, I’ve heard on the Ferrari rim, all the buttons, dials etc are supported on Xbox. Can only speak for the CSL Elite + wheelbase, and Clubsport Formula v2 wheel. I had a Logitech G920/G923. Using all these on Xbox. The immersion of the Fanatec is worlds apart. The “drive” I found is much more smooth, realistic and responsive, not to mention stronger and more detailed FFB. CSL LC pedals also much much better than the Logitech. I have not owned a DD so cannot say. Apologies - I should have answered this in my Jan 13 post (at that time was hell bent on getting the message out about G923 working on Xbox 🤦🏽‍♂️) and you probably have your answer already. Thought I’d post in any case.
  9. Super - thank you for confirming that it does work on ACC for Xbox and for the video also! It all worked when I had the wheel (from release) but didn’t realise how much of an issue this was until I switched to Fanatec gear and sold my G923 wheel in December. Would have made a video of it all working if I knew what I do now then. I searched far and wide for video evidence and in the end got in touch with the buyer to make one!
  10. @TKN42 @HamishOK Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox - please see the linked post: Proof of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working on Xbox.
  11. Howdy, I am fully aware and appreciate there is a lot of information (and misinformation) on this subject out there - primarily that this is a Microsoft/ XBOX issue where ‘wheel mappings are only allowed to that of XBOX controller inputs’. I accept it probably was the case historically, BUT see below... I had a Logitech G923 (recently upgraded to Fanatec) and All (you read that right) - ALL button/dial inputs on that G923 wheel ARE SUPPORTED in Assetto Corsa Competizione on XBOX - SO THERE CLEARLY IS A WAY to get most buttons on other wheels working for our beloved F1 games... Demonstrably, the above is allowing mappings well beyond the number of standard controller inputs, rendering that old chestnut; ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ as null and void - at least in my mind. Does it mean the Microsoft castle wall has been breached and we can now expect better wheel button support in future F1 releases? Or was this a one off? I’m by no means a software development expert (and please correct me if you DO KNOW), but I assume this was achieved via Microsoft OK’ing, and ACC game developers then using, the new Logitech SDK to support Trueforce. A few questions then; What do other wheel manufacturers/ Codies need to do with their software to achieve better button support and what are the current roadblocks? What is in the pipeline on this for wheel brands - does anyone actually know? I am posting this as the more (correct) information that is out there, and knowing what has been achieved, the better equipped the “little guy” is in making requests and hopefully could lead to a better result for all wheel users on XBOX. On a personal note, I will be reaching out to Fanatec to let them know what Logitech have been able to achieve. If the issue also affects you or your wheel brand, feel free to do the same. P.S. Happy to be corrected on any of my assumptions and thoughts above. P.P.S. Yes I know I “should” be on PC to unlock all functionality (I will get there eventually if this can’t be solved), but that’s not the point - my Fanatec wheel is officially XBOX licensed and SHOULD work (as should any XBOX licensed wheel). And with the above development I see no reason as to why this can’t be achieved, especially as the equipment at Logitech level and above is varying degrees of expensive.
  12. @BadFlounder Additional inputs are possible but Fanatec need to create some software to make it work - please see the linked post: Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working on Xbox.
  13. Sounds like a really good tool. Does this work if I’m on console?
  14. Monzie83

    Any update on G923 support?

    Last I heard it was being worked on, but realistically, I think you’ll likely see it supported in F1 2021.
  15. Hi all, First post here, so please be gentle! Is anyone aware of the level of button support for the new Logitech G923 wheel for F1 2019/20 on Xbox? The new G923 wheel features more buttons and dials than it’s predecessor, the G920. I know there are issues with buttons not being supported on F1 2019 on the G920 wheel (like the LSB/RSB buttons), and so was wondering if this will be addressed with the new G923 wheel. Any information on the above is greatly appreciated! Monzie
  16. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here: Cannot seem to get the mic on Turtlebeach Stealth 600 Gen 2 working with voice commands on F1 2020 for PS4. Device is connected to PS4 correctly, and is powered up. I can change audio and mic settings in the PS4 setup area. Mic audio is recognised in the PS4 audio menu and I can control the PS4 using voice commands through the headset. Game audio is coming through in the headset perfectly fine. Headset is connected before starting the game. UPDATE: Issue is also present when using the PS4 supplied earphone/mic when connected to controller. Platform: PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen): 1.15 Game-mode? All We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes How do you make the problem happen? Start the console. Connect the headset (ensuring mic is active - “flipped down” position). Start F1 2020 and go into any game mode e.g. time trial, Grand Prix, driver career etc. On track the voice command icon is not displayed (see screenshot). What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue: Disconnected and reconnected device to PS4. Turned console off and on. Checked audio and mic settings in the PS4 settings menu. UPDATE: Am deleting and re-installing the game - will let update this post if successful/ unsuccessful. UPDATE 19/01/20: Fresh install of game did not activate mic. This is on both Turtlebeach headset and supplied earphone with PS connected to controller. Mic registers in audio setup area of PS4. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc): Turtlebeach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: see screenshot attached. This is from time trial mode. The voice icon is not displayed.
  17. I found this online - something about installing Kinect for windows components: https://amp.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/hmgxvg/voice_commands_f1_2020/And https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/hmsk50/voice_control_unavailable_f1_2020/ and I’ve also seen somewhere that in the windows settings you need to choose your mic input device. I have no idea about all these Kinect voice packs and file edits, but hopefully something in there will work for you.
  18. Have you tried installing Kinect? I remember reading somewhere on these forums you need this for voice commands to work on PC. It doesn’t work using native Cortana on PC. Sorry I can’t help you further as I’m not on PC
  19. Good to hear. Much better to use voice commands rather than fiddling with the MFD!
  20. @Nuvolarix, glad I could help. With your 3rd party headset, do try to activate it before starting the game and go into Grand Prix mode and start a race. Then switch back to My Team, Driver Career etc. It works for me and might get you 3rd party stuff working. For your scenario, you may also want to set the controller to never turn off (if you play longer races). Good luck!
  21. @BarryBL, I would also add in the troubleshooting to go into Grand Prix mode and start a race (making sure mic is activated before starting the game). I’ve found this is the only consistent way I can activate the mic with my 3rd party headset, for race voice commands in Driver Career and may help others in the same situation.
  22. @steviejay69, OK so went into Driver Career mode and into the practice sessions for my race, and sitting there for a few minutes, Jeff comes on the radio again and lets me know I can use voice commands. Seems like if Jeff doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t 😂. Luckily it looks like if I enter Grand-Prix mode, it activates, and consistently so. Time trial mode it doesn’t. Good to have a workaround, although it’s definitely a bug.
  23. Hello all, Wheel: Clubsport Formula v2, Wheelbase: CSL Elite +, Pedals: CSL Elite LC. Platform: PS4, Game: F1 2020 My question is to do with the ABS wheel vibration on the Formula v2. For clarity, I am not talking about the Clubsport Pedals. When starting the PS4, the wheel rumble works when I press the brake (to simulate ABS). As soon as I start F1 2020, it cuts out. Other force feedback seems to be working fine. There is a workaround which sporadically works for me (link below), but why does it not work right away? I also have Xbox and the ABS vibration on the wheel works perfectly there on F1 2020. Settings wise, I do not drive with ABS, but do use traction control on medium setting for both Xbox and PS (other wheel settings etc are identical across both platforms), so why does it behave differently on each? Any thoughts/advice? Or anyone else having the same issue?
  24. @steviejay69 you might be on to something here... I’ve not uttered “shut up Jeff”, but I did have engineer verbosity turned to reduced frequency. Changing it to “everything” did activate the mic for the remainder of a race that I was in (race was restarted from a mid-session save and I changed the engineer verbosity setting while in the flashback area when you load a mid-session save). It did not turn off after that - was able to go into time trial and it worked also. However, after shutting down and restarting the game (without shutting down PS4 or disconnecting the headset - and with verbosity kept on “everything” setting), it didn’t re-active. Toggled the engineer verbosity up and down a few times in time trial mode but still nothing. Game audio comes through the headset perfectly - that has never been an issue. And the mic seems to work OK everywhere else, just F1 2020 has the issue that I’ve noticed. Never used game audio via HDMI and engineer audio through headphones /controller - everything is set to headphones. Never used PSN party chat either. Have shut it all down now, but will see if toggling the engineer verbosity does anything, after it’s had some rest lol. Will also try to see if I can recreate the latest time it worked when I next do a race. There is some hope given the mic has worked (albeit sporadically). Does seem like some kind of bug in the game, however deleting and re-installing had no effect either.
  25. @steviejay69, any thoughts? Nearly a breakthrough... nearly. Was doing a practice session for a race in My Career. Jeff randomly comes on ‘if you need anything you can say it over the radio’ or something like that. Amazingly, the mic begins to work. I carry on my merry way, and I can request information during the race. Finished up. Restarted the game. No dice. Will see if it happens again, next time when I’m in the garage... if Jeff is generous enough 😂