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  1. 4 minutes ago, Nuvolarix said:

    Thank you @Monzie83, that's very helping for me ☺️

    I suspected it from watching online comparison videos, obviously it's better, even only PS5 over PS4 version (better details resolution according to the videos) but not that better to 'force' me to spend money sooner than really needed. I admit that I was tempted by 120 fps mainly, but your further comment comforts me, for now I will stay with my 27 "60 fps monitor!


    Very welcome mate. TBH, the main reason why I got the TV was for the input lag. My old one was about 7 years old and the input lag on it was horrible. 

    Having said that, the higher frame-rate may become essential for future games. 


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  2. On 7/13/2021 at 2:19 PM, BarryBL said:

    Technical and support limitations between the game and our first party partners I'm afraid. 

    Does this mean there is no hope of it being enabled? Even for future titles?

  3. On 9/30/2021 at 12:00 PM, Nuvolarix said:

    I'm curious to know your opinion regarding the comparison with the current 60hz when you get the new tv 

    So got my TV and gave performance mode a go on the PS5 version - the Samsung TV I got shows the FPS of the content on screen and confirmed it’s working at 120fps.

    TBH, on track, I can’t really tell the difference between performance mode or the quality mode (60fps) and the PS4 version (also running at 60fps). So will stick with the PS4 version as voice support is enabled on it. Although having said that, I did like the Helmet audio mix.

    The low input lag on the TV makes the most difference.

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  4. On 8/24/2021 at 11:45 PM, Monzie83 said:

    It’s happening again… three times in succession now with no option to cancel. I have waiting about 5 mins each time to see if the option to cancel appears. This time I have had network issues, but still - I just want to play offline. And cannot get past this stage.

    While it is nice to sit and listen to the great music, please consider building in an option to cancel and use the game offline.


    Hi @BarryBL is this something that is on the radar to resolve? Have seen a few more posts about this recently.

  5. On 9/6/2021 at 4:54 PM, BarryBL said:

    May take a little time dusting it off mind and getting the install done. Silly question, but can your TV and PS4 slim run 4k 60fps? PS4 Pro's are capable, and of course PS5, but a PS4 Slim may not have the horsepower to do so reliably. I don't think my One S with my monitor runs 4k 60 FPS

    Hi @BarryBL, not sure if this is still on your radar. I have recently got a PS5 so the issue is closed for me - not sure if anyone else still else still has the issue.

  6. Also dark colours are very difficult to see on the track map. Some kind of outline in a contrast colour would also help (maybe the team’s second colour?) - this may help with the above.

    This has been suggested a few times already - please implement CM!

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  7. On 8/2/2021 at 3:37 PM, RAW13 said:

    I think there is a secondary bug with this feature when you restart a session/practice program. The OSD will display green for objectives completed before the restart but in the garage this will show as incomplete.

    For completeness, this is correct. If I run a practice program and achieve the “turn on DRS in all zones” objective, if that objective appears in other practice programs, it will show as green, on track, in that program. It will not show as complete in the garage.

  8. On 10/1/2021 at 8:30 AM, Jobling1983 said:

    Just so your aware the resolution is dialled back to 1440p if you want 120hz. The drop in resolution is worth the extra frames in my opinion.

    Good to know. Does this apply to the PS4 version or the game or the PS5 version? Are there setting for this in the game? I’ve deleted the PS5 version for the moment until I get my new TV (hopefully next week), so will download then. 

  9. 12 hours ago, Nuvolarix said:

    but I'm curious to know your opinion regarding the comparison with the current 60hz when you get the new tv ☺️

    It won’t be a direct comparison because current tv is 1080 60hz, new tv will be 4K 120hz 😎. Will let you know though. Might be some way away still - have seen the tv I want with good input lag and hardly any motion blur, but it’s too expensive for me at the moment…

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    • A detailed description of the issue. Just completed Canada in MyTeam. Won the race, got fastest lap and teammate came 2nd, but none of my sponsors paid out. Sponsors are Aii (score 20 constructors pts during a race weekend), xero (score 5 constructors pts during a race weekend) and niegsa ottoman (score 15 constructors pts during a race weekend). So clearly all criteria was met. It’s happens about 50% of the time.
    • Report Code jsmx-dpxj-rsdv-xrkv 
    • Platform? PS5. Game is PS4 version
    • Game-mode? MyTeam
    • What troubleshooting have you tried? None. Sometimes it works when I’ve met the criteria and other times not. 
    • Any screenshots or video of the issue? None atm - wasn’t quick enough to capture it!
    • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. Complete race in MyTeam. Meet the criteria for sponsor payout.
  10. On 9/28/2021 at 5:29 PM, ScaredDuck said:


    I know you use wheel. But controller with the triggers is awesome once you get used to it.


    @ScaredDuck, I remember a while ago you mentioned on another post where you went to change these settings - Specifically what you changed. Could you provide a link to that post?

  11. I echo the comments above. I turned off racing line in one go rather than go for corners only. Agree with @KNT2011 - keep it on and notice what’s around and as soon as you have your braking/ turning points down, my advice would be to turn it off and keep it off. Smash through loads of laps on TT. What I realised was I still had to put in the time to “re-learn” the tracks a bit - because even though I wasn’t looking at the racing line, I was still using it to some degree through my peripheral vision. I actually went though this process on 2020, so don’t have to re-learn old tracks although there is still a bedding in process to get up to speed on 2021. It’s now my go-to method when there’s a new track. Watching hotlap videos and @PJTierney’s track guides is also helpful. Overall, I did find it helps with laptimes - not being chained to the line opened up more possibilities and is actually freeing in a way.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Nuvolarix said:

    Meaning that is possible to transfer from PS4 to PS5 (PS4 version) but not from PS4 to PS5 (PS5 version), right?
    Thank you 😊

    Yep that’s right. The PS5 version is like a new game so nothing transfers over. If you are using the cloud to store your save games, you can go into the game options in the PS5 Home Screen and download the save game for the PS4 version. There was nothing there when I did the same for the PS5 version.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Nuvolarix said:

    I didn't know too and I'm running the PS4 version just because of voice commands. I didn't compare the graphics with PS5 version but it looks quite good, similar to F1 2020 actually. Besides my wheel is Fanatec F1 Esports, so less buttons than yours, working as expected.


    Cheers Nuv, I’ve downloaded both versions and have just given the PS4 version a go. Everything on the wheel works and the game runs nicely as expected. Downloaded my save game so it was nice and easy. I will give the PS5 version a go later. I think the voice commands  are a big deal breaker for me on the PS5 version, it’s confusing why it’s not supported - hopefully they can figure it out soon. When I get my new tv, I’m sure I’ll benefit from lower input lag and 4K 120hz - I’m not too fussed about graphics, but let’s see when I experiment with the PS5 version once I have the tv. Will note down any other differences I find.


  14. 13 hours ago, KNT2011 said:


    As a player on PS4 Pro I've not noticed any pop in while racing, Even down the main straight at Monza you can still see all the trees and other trackside details down past the first chicane.


    I had a PS4 slim where buildings and trees didn’t pop up on 2021, but you could see finer details like on-track shadows being rendered as you went along. I’m now on a PS4 pro, and like you have not seen that happening. I expect this won’t be an issue on either PS4 or PS5 version when run on the PS5.

    13 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Are you aware that you won't be able to transfer your PS4 save game file to the PS5 game?

    👍🏽 - Wasn’t aware of this, and something I will factor in.

    9 hours ago, Neilrs60 said:

    You can install both versions (if your want to use the space) and play either, but setups, wheel config, etc will be separate. Voice control and OSD customization is only on the PS4 version. Only one graphics level on PS4 version but it looks similar to the PS5 performance setting. PS5 detail setting is noticeably nicer looking. That said there are graphics bugs in the PS5 version not in PS4, such as no ghosts in PS5 TT replays and other minor things. PS4 performance would be a bit less as its emulated, but load times are similar either way. Load them both up and see.

    👍🏽 - Didn’t know you could have both, will give it a shot. TBH, it sounds like the PS4 version has less issues, and voice commands are a big thing for me, as well as my current save game not transferring over; if the upside of the PS5 version is better graphics, I might forgo the PS5 version because of these. I also seem to remember reading somewhere there is a helmet audio option on the PS5 version?

  15. 30 minutes ago, DutchRacer87 said:

    Graphics is slightly more sharper and I think the PS5 will have less pop ups of buildings and trees when you’re racing.

    By “pop ups”, do you mean the environmental detail of the track is less on the PS5 version than on the PS4 version?

  16. Hi all,

    Looking for some advice from those who are playing F1 2021 on PS5. I’m currently playing this on PS4.

    I understand that you can play the game on the PS5 in two versions; PS5 and PS4.

    My question is what differences are there between the two versions on the PS5 platform. I remember reading somewhere that voice commands don’t work on the PS5 version, but do in the PS4 version, for example. Are there any other things like this I should be aware of? I imagine there are other benefits (like graphics) of having the PS5 version - is anyone able to provide a rough breakdown of functionality of each / pros, cons etc? What functionally missing on the PS5 version vs the PS4 version and vice versa?

    I’m trying to figure out which of the two versions I should run when I get my PS5. I will also has a 4K 120hz tv soon to factor into this, although I don’t currently. And I also play on a wheel (fanatec formula v2) - all the buttons etc work on the F1 2021 game I have on my PS4.

    Any help is greatly appreciated 🖖🏽

  17. On 9/19/2021 at 12:39 AM, Neilrs60 said:

    Working with setups during a session would be really handy to see where the last values were, both last change and last save. Here’s a suggestion that would not need to make major changes to existing UI.

    Place a colored bar mark where the last value was, say orange for the previous setting and green for the last saved setting. So if you changed the wing from 5 to 7 the white bar would now be up to 7, with an orange tick at 5. If there was a saved setup then a green mark at that value, until the next save.

    Good suggestion and it would be great if it could span sessions. For example I have my dry race setup, which I tweak the bits I can in parc ferme for a wet qualy but want to change back for a dry race (I’m thinking of tyre pressures and diff in particular). Currently I have to take a picture on my phone so I can revert it back.

  18. On 9/12/2021 at 11:59 PM, Blackout210 said:

    F1 2020 just feels so much better overall but I realised there are features in F1 2021 that I missed in 2020. For example engine failure for the player,

    I’m not sure which game mode you’re referring to there, but engine components can fail in Career modes - it has happened to me (energy store and MGUK) in one of my “MyTeam” seasons. There is a setting somewhere which controls types of failures and frequency of those failures. 

    I agree with the general thrust of the post though, for example they removed the results screens from the practice programs which has been a major drawback for me.

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  19. 58 minutes ago, Jobling1983 said:

    Brilliant! Good luck with the championship. I’m hoping COTA is a bit easier since the recent patch. AI were so fast through the S section in sector1.

    Cheers mate. I’ve always struggled with COTA for some reason. It’s odd because it’s quite a flowing track and similar to Silverstone in that respect, and I do really well there, but suck here. Thinking about it, I used to play a lot of multiplayer in 2020 and it hardly got picked, so maybe I’m just unfamiliar with it. Btw the AI seem to be still quite fast through the S section here after 1.10, but I can’t tell if it’s the patch or my greatly upgraded car. I read somewhere today they reset the TT leaderboards so imagine something has changed in the way the cars behave - must apply to AI also.

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  20. 10 hours ago, Jobling1983 said:

    How did you get on, you manage to score some good points ? 😁

    Worked out extremely well. Just about made it into Q3 on the mediums (P8 I think). Eventually qualified in 2nd and started 12th with the grid penalty. Made up 3 places in the first stint, with everyone else on softs. Went in on Lap 6, came out dead last, but managed to get up a few places consecutively as I got in the DRS zones behind cars at the right time. Everyone else goes in around lap 8/9 and I smash it because I’m in clear air. I pass about 15 cars in the pit window over those two laps, eventually behind Hamilton, and Leclerc coming out of the pits and Russell who is yet to pit. Overtake the first two on track and Russell when he pits. Comfortable first place by about 3 seconds - somehow managed to find a good rhythm over the whole race. 2nd in the Drivers championship, 1 point behind Bottas, 11 in front of Hamilton. 2nd in constructors. Four races to go and should get some wins out of the next 3 and finish well in Abu Dhabi - looking good for the drivers champ and 2nd in constructors at the end of the season. Happy days 😎, (unless I get any more mechanical failures - had 2 this season already…)

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  21. 16 minutes ago, Jobling1983 said:

    You will have to use the set you qualified on in Q2 if you get into Q3. You wont be allowed a free choice of tyre if you get into Q3. As the penalties get appiled after the session. If you can get through on mediums and then qualify as high as possible in Q3, is your best option.

    Thank you - I thought this would be the case.

    14 minutes ago, Jobling1983 said:

    Personally if i take an engine penalty like that i take the full lot including new gear box. Do a P20 to … challenge. Makes it more interesting for me coming through the pack.

    Normally I’d do the same (when I was finishing in the middle somewhere as I was in Season 1), but am in a title fight this year and need every point I can get - USA is not one of my “good tracks” and I’m only playing 25% races so little chance I can get the points needed.

    Most of my power unit components (1 of each left), are in fairly good shape to take me through the final few races I think, but will be worn - I estimate around 65-75% by the last race. But am now wondering if I should take another power unit element that is potentially “at risk” right now, maybe the ICE - would that would incur a further 10 place penalty? Or does it depend on the power unit element taken?

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