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  1. Interestingly (and complete speculation by the way), I’ve heard whispers that Logitech are looking to release belt driven, DD and quick release wheels quite soon to take a slice of the Fanatec pie as sim racing and esports become more popular. If Logitech do this and have a good working relationship with MS/ PS (to get things like peripherals fully supported, which it looks like they do), it could become a VERY concerning situation for Fanatec... All the more reason to get this sorted ASAP!!!
  2. @RangoI feel your pain and I agree it’s mad it’s not sorted yet on the G920 for Xbox. It’s just software in the end so pretty sure it can easily be done if the will is there (although I’ll admit I don’t know the technicalities). Clearly Logitech have used their clout to get the G923 SDK approved by MS and it’s now up to game devs to use it - like ACC’s devs did. I believe we’ve discussed this before in another thread, and I really hope that there is way of somehow using the G923 SDK to “retro-fit” button support for G920 for F1 releases, but being brutally honest, I don’t see it happening
  3. @TKN42, you have your rebuttal now, as that excuse no longer holds true. If Logitech can do it, I’m sure there’s a way for Fanatec to do it. All the more reason to make it work for console users - especially when you consider the additional expense of these peripherals!
  4. Howdy, I am fully aware and appreciate there is a lot of information (and misinformation) on this subject out there - primarily that this is a Microsoft/ XBOX issue where ‘wheel mappings are only allowed to that of XBOX controller inputs’. I accept it probably was the case historically, BUT see below... I had a Logitech G923 (recently upgraded to Fanatec) and All (you read that right) - ALL button/dial inputs on that G923 wheel ARE SUPPORTED in Assetto Corsa Competizione on XBOX - SO THERE CLEARLY IS A WAY to get most buttons on other wheels working for our beloved F1 games...
  5. Would also be good if this was added to the face of the MFD somehow (not in menu only)
  6. Agree - would be great if we can adjust for our own audio hardware setups and preferences.
  7. 100% agree - there is too much of a jump between medium and off
  8. Sorry mate not sure about that at all. Maybe your microphone isn’t configured properly? I think when you load the game up, on the title screen, it would say something like “voice commands not activated”? I remember some kind of message like that showing up before buying and installing the Kinect hardware to my Xbox - I assume it would be the same for PC.
  9. I think it must be a bug, as you should be able to change any parts before leaving the garage in Q1 and thus entering Parc Ferme (including at your workstation before starting Q1 and changing parts in Q1 before leaving the garage - obviously if you change in Q1 before leaving the garage it takes up time). It would appear the warnings are incorrectly displayed in the above two scenarios.
  10. If you are on Xbox you will need Kinect hardware. Can’t speak for other platforms.
  11. Is it possible to do this between P3 and Q1? I’ve change my engine parts between P2 and P3 but have not risked doing it between P3 and Q1
  12. Monzie83

    F1 2021

    I’d like to see the race strategy program also have a graph for fuel usage. And the big one - better Fanatec (and other) wheel button support on Xbox. Yes I know wheel button support is a MS thing (in general), but ALL button/dial inputs on the Logitech G923 ARE SUPPORTED in ACC on Xbox - so there is a way.
  13. I hope they can persuade Microsoft Xbox to allow for better wheel button mapping options! Criminal that this is still not sorted after many years.
  14. EA did have F1 Challenge which was a decent sim: it had telemetry and a large amount of setup customisation (brake pad size, brake air inlet size) etc. @UP100’s comment above may explain why - I hope they continue with this. If you think about the sheer amount of money sim racers are willing to drop on equipment, and the latest versions of games, it says a lot about the respect that game developers and platforms need to give us! What I’m really hoping from this is that EA use their might to persuade Microsoft (Xbox) to allow for better button mapping options on wheels!!!
  15. I’ve had this as well - frustrating!
  16. Hi all, interested to know if anyone else has come across this; I’ve found on a number of occasions when I’m coming to the pit exit (on the track) and some back markers are coming out of the pits just ahead of me, that they are overly aggressive once the are on track (even on straights) and do not let me past. The blue “approaching backmarkers” pop up does also not appear - I guess I’m assuming they should let me past? I play 100% races in a Mercedes which is why this is a frequent source of frustration for me! Any thoughts appreciated!
  17. @Tomasslb24 another question, does using drs/ overtake in the race strategy program effect the strategy suggestions? I.e. surely drs/ot have an effect on fuel/tyre rates. I guess the other way of thinking about this is, in the race you may not always get drs, OT at full level so does it make sense to use it during race strategy program? Or am I thinking too much lol
  18. Hi @leoakino I don’t believe it is. Last I heard from @LogiUK was it was being worked on.
  19. Thank you @dshepsman and @Tomasslb24 - that makes sense now. I guess I confused the picture for myself further by running the program with soft and hard tyre in addition to the mediums. @Tomasslb24, Good to know the program is only meant to run on the mediums. Although, when I did run the program on mediums, I easily met the lap time target over the 5 laps, so not sure why the dashed line is lower than the yellow on the first two laps? On the next race weekend I’ll run the program on the mediums, take a snap shot, and then run it again on another tyre to see if the dashed lines
  20. @LogiUKDo you know if the functionality is any closer to being achieved?
  21. Hi all, Does anyone know what the dotted lines in the attached screen are? I initially thought they were averages but it doesn’t seem so. Maybe they’re target wear and lap times? I ran this program with all tyre compounds. Any assistance appreciated, Monzie
  22. @Kyllin, try using the Xbox Fanatec Universal Hub device option to configure your wheel - that’s what I‘ve been using without any problems.
  23. @LogiUK, would you happen to have any updates on this? In particular it would be good to know if the additional button support will come on F1 2020, as I bought Grid to check out Trueforce - the wheel does behave differently and the rev lights do work. However, the additional buttons/ dial aren’t available for mapping. So I am keen to know if this will be the case on F1 2020 when Trueforce support is released. I appreciate any information you can share.
  24. @Kyllin, I have now received my G923 and can report no problems. The wheel feels practically identical to the G920. There is no G923 device in the inputs area under controllers - it identified it as a Fanatec a universal Hub device when connected, which I have now customised and is working fine for me. Have your issues with the wheel persisted?
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