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  1. 22 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I quite after after 3 or 4 seasons when once I’ve dominated all 

    Am currently towards the back end of season 2, and can imagine I will be doing the same tbh.

    In S1, I focussed on resource point and money generation (facilitated by acclaim for sponsor slots), as much as I could; got the first level for attributes for all my facilities, as well as maxed out driver perks.

    In S2, things really kicked up a gear and I went from 6th fastest car to first in the 17 races so far.

    I might reduce the rate resource points etc are dished out next time start a MyTeam game (or adjust in my current save), but really I’m using this an entertaining proving ground to develop my setups for once MP is fixed!

  2. So I’m about to go into Q2 for the US Grand Prix, and have a interesting scenario I need some advice on.

    My current (and only functioning) energy storage unit (had one fail on me earlier in the season), is now 75% worn. Going into Q1, I take a new energy storage unit and incur a 10 place grid penalty for the race - fine.

    I qualified P1 in Q1 (so my pace is good) and given I will have the 10 place grid penalty, want to start on the mediums to run longer into the race.

    Should I run Q2 with mediums or softs? Whatever position I finish in Qualy, my starting grid position will be outside the top 10. Does this give me free choice of tyre for starting the race or will I have to use the set from Q2?

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


  3. Just now, ScaredDuck said:

    They do.. you buy facilities for research and developement..  resource points are just an extension off that..  your facilities have done ex amount off research.. and the points are the result off research:

    F1 teams don’t go to the local car parts shop and buy brakes off the shelf... they research and develope their own parts except engines

    Good point I hadn’t factored that in.

    I guess I see the upgrading of facilities as buying the machines/ equipment/ space etc to be able to produce better or more parts, but I would still imagine there is a raw materials and transformation cost of development though - that was more of what I was alluding to with the suggestion. 

  4. Hi all,

    Am curious to know which answers in interviews help acclaim? I note they fall broadly into 3 categories; “look at me/I’m the best”, political/corporate and “I blame my team/team department”.

    I pretty much always answer with a political/ corporate answer, is this the best kind? Or should I go for more “look at me” responses? I guess blaming the team/department will effect acclaim negatively (as well as causing other negative effects).

    Curious to hear about your experiences


  5. 33 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Like levelling up... first level you need score of 10 pass next level you need  12..  level after that 14 then 16 etc 

    Higher your acclaim level the more acclaim you need to get to next:..   it’s not 36% off the level it’s bonus 36% extra acclaim you won in qualifying 


    I don’t follow; are you saying the percentages shown are overall acclaim when comparing to the maximum available. So my team, driver and 2nd driver are at 48, 32 and 16 out of 100 respectively. There are no indicators to show how much acclaim gained or lost in the session?

    Still confusing though - it doesn't make sense to have both levels and percentages (to me at least). It would be better if they showed the % change if acclaim gained/lost, of that level, as a percentage.

    Begs another question as well; is team acclaim not independent of the driver percentages? Why then is there a facility development to improve effects of team acclaim?

    Or are you saying the yellow percentages shown are the % gained/ lost within that session? Which is what I expected. If so, what is that a percentage of? Maybe I’ve grabbed the wrong end of stick. I understand the levels, it’s just the bars did not move in line with the percentages shown, I.e. my team bar did not go up by 48% it went up like 5%, hence my confusion.

    @BarryBL @steviejay69, could you help me out please?

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  6. Hi all,

    What are the yellow percentages shown in the acclaim screen at the end of Qualy/race? 

    In the example attached (end acclaim position), I get the 32 and 16 make 48, but for each % shown the respective acclaim did not;

    - change by the yellow % shown

    - correlate to what the starting acclaim (before it was awarded/ taken away - my bar did not change by 32%, more like 5%)

    - correlate to the end acclaim position (as clearly shown).

    Confused - can anyone shed some light on this for me? Is this a bug?

    Edit: should have added the below was in version 1.09.


  7. 4 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I’m sure his a nice guy but for some reason his voice aggravates me...  Can’t we choice to have the other guy... Or a lady perhaps... I respond better to women 😁

    You CAN change your “Charlie”… BUT unfortunately you can only do it if you discard all changes and create a new MyTeam game BEFORE the bit where you pick your team name. It’s immediately after specifying all your career and simulation settings etc.

    I found this out as I binned my first go of MyTeam to start another and all of a sudden there was a different face and different voice for my “Charlie”. So I repeated the process above until I was happy.

    There are 3 voices and 5 faces as far as I can tell, although I agree with you; would be good to have a lady and the ability to choose the face and voice.

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  8. He got really excited in my last race as I passed everyone from 10th as they were in the pits; “you’re in first place, well done!” (or something like that)… I still had my stop to come… Cheers Jeff, cheers… 🤦🏽‍♂️

    I will say though he does seem to restrain himself from providing positive feedback once an overtake is done, (“you’re up a place, well done” etc), until I’m on some kind of straight… shame he can’t show the same restraint when coming on the radio to tell me some useless information mid-corner… causing me to bin it 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  9. 4 hours ago, Jamborinio said:

    F1 2021 was my first step into the F1 series and I am really enjoying it. I am now mid-way through my second season and I am no starting to get relatively ok at the tracks (AI difficulty level at 80), however, because of this I am now starting to realise there is a huge discrepancy between the level of the AI among the tracks.

    For example, at AI 80 I can autowin tracks like Italy, Bahrain, Russia and Canada (unless I crash of course), whereas tracks like Australia, Zandvoort, Monaco, Japan, I can get hosed on because they can seemingly do some of the corners at speeds I simply cannot achieve. 

    I mean Russia has got to be one of the easiest tracks going, so much so I can win by 20+ seconds. 

    What I'd love from a future patch or version is for some AI balancing to be done on some of the hardest tracks and some of the easiest. I'm loathe to spend much of my precious time individually calibrating the AI level for each track, even though I'm beginning to think this is something I'm going to have to do simply to maintain interest....


    It’s something that has been asked for multiple times in the suggestions area.

    There must be some way they can leverage data from time trial and race pace programs to help “smooth” the inconsistencies (see my linked comment below). My feeling is they’ve feared this based on F1 driver times as opposed to the user base times and ability.

    It’s mad I win races easily at some tracks and then struggle to break into top 10 at others with the same AI level.

    There are some AI difficulty calculators you can use to help smooth that difficulty, but then it’s up to the individual to change this and find that balance each race. 

    Worth adding a comment/ support/ like for threads like the below to help gain traction.


  10. 17 hours ago, BarryBL said:

    May take a little time dusting it off mind and getting the install done. Silly question, but can your TV and PS4 slim run 4k 60fps? PS4 Pro's are capable, and of course PS5, but a PS4 Slim may not have the horsepower to do so reliably. I don't think my One S with my monitor runs 4k 60 FPS

    Should have also mentioned TV is non-HDR.

  11. 33 minutes ago, SASColfer said:

    How far into the career are you? I'd suggest probably set up related but could be due to upgrades causing issues/bugs.

    This is a good point. I usually play on MyTeam and in the first season the car was unstable in the rear through faster corners so I adjusted suspension, ARB, camber and toe. And I had to be much more cautious with the throttle (a bit of lifting doesn’t hurt too much). Tyre wear was higher for sure.

    In season two with upgraded parts I could lessen these to more of what I’d expect, and apply more throttle easily and tyre wear also improved.

  12. 44 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    May take a little time dusting it off mind and getting the install done. Silly question, but can your TV and PS4 slim run 4k 60fps? PS4 Pro's are capable, and of course PS5, but a PS4 Slim may not have the horsepower to do so reliably. I don't think my One S with my monitor runs 4k 60 FPS

    To clarify the videos I took with my phone were 4K 60fps - I haven’t downloaded them directly from console as it were.

    Although it is slightly older, TV is a regular 1080p, and can manage up to 100hz.  Video output from console is set to automatic. I have tried setting it to 720 and am getting the same results.

    Had no issues like this on 2020, and am getting no issues on other “fast moving” games such as first person shooters.

    I should have also said that I’ve turned motion blur off (same as 2020), camera shake is default.

  13. 19 hours ago, Monzie83 said:

    Hi @BarryBL,

    Any further update for me on this?

    I have a bit more information for you and have updated the original post with it. I deleted and reinstalled the game today but the issue is still there.

    Please do have a look and do let me know what I can do to help you further.

    Hi @BarryBL, have managed to upload the videos to iCloud. Original post has amended to include these links which will expire on 05/10.

  14. Hi @BarryBL,

    Any further update for me on this?

    I have a bit more information for you and have updated the original post with it. I deleted and reinstalled the game today but the issue is still there.

    Please do have a look and do let me know what I can do to help you further.

  15. 3 hours ago, KemaTheDilemma said:

    I think it would have to run similarly to how blue flags run in a race; so I think it would have to be some kind of indicator (either writing, or even a purple circle indicator) that pops up letting you know a faster car is approaching

    Good idea 👍🏽

  16. 1 hour ago, zApPaDiEtRo said:

    Could you be more specific about those issues?

    I’m having a lot of screen tearing that is visible in the environmental graphics (trees, stands, barriers etc) and graphics being a bit more jagged/ laggy during gameplay - it’s more prevalent when there’s a lot of “action” happening in the race; I’m coming up to other cars/ other cars are coming close to me (within a 1-2 second window either way), and during the pit stop “windows” when everyone is pitting. Also when the race is won by the leader and I’m completing my final lap (s). The graphics are also strained consistently when I have the MFD open (the new tyre wear “damage” pop up is a real headache because of the above). The issue is worse in environmentally detail heavy tracks like Monaco, but it happens on all. It’s slight (in that the game still functions, but it’s quite disorientating and often means my judgement of braking and turning points as well as inputs are a bit “off”, not to mention the issue is distracting. 

    I’ve already created a issue report, and will supplement this with some video soon. The issue has been present for me since 1.05. Never had any issues like this in 2020. PS4 is less than 1 year old, all software on current versions. I’ve also taken steps to ease the load on the PS - reduced automatic clip recording to 30 seconds, turned off automatic background downloads, rebuilt PS database etc, and turned off unnecessary things on the OSD; player tags, maps and windows etc.

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  17. 34 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Personally I believe it’s just scripting out in to add different challenges..  I’ve seen I evidence off it

    I agree, the game does “things”.

    I’ve had drivers have mechanical faults right in front of me and swerve in front of me when exiting fast corners, safety cars that put me at a disadvantage etc etc

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