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  1. Good idea - you should put this in the suggestion forum
  2. Love reading your posts on Setup @marioho - thank you 👍🏽
  3. Good point 👍🏽 As a side note I do find the default setups very good for wet conditions, rather than trying to adjust my own dry setups - which has been a bit hit and miss for me in the past.
  4. Agree - I believe some have asked for it to be looked at. Most of us have just got used to it. Either way find what works for you, the TL can help, but a lot of the fastest guys have it set to 0.
  5. I remember seeing this also. I guess he’s a bit of an outlier in terms of his “starting” point is no aids, whereas most of us are coming at it from the other direction.
  6. Ah I see - with 15 TL I find I’m able to reach and (approximately) hold lower revs fairly comfortably for race starts. Also worth mentioning this level is with me using pedals. And if your on pad it might need to be set differently. Theoretically, the higher the TL value is, holding the throttle at a rev level should become easier, as the lower range of the pedal is less sensitive. However, as I said more important than the revs is the throttle gauge. For me (and most people who have Hotlap videos online), they seem to ignore the revs (and max them), but they hold the throttle gauge
  7. Hi @dwin20, to answer your questions in order: 1) Theoretically, it does slow it down because the initial pedal travel is less sensitive. I wouldn’t say it’s really noticeable, and crucially keeps me on the road. If you go too hard out of a corner with TC off, you 100% will bin it if you get too greedy. Better to accelerate slowly rather than go too hard and lose it. Short shifting on corner exit also helps with putting the power down. I must admit I still struggle with this balance of power application on manual race starts - slowly getting better though. 2) I can still reach max re
  8. Me too. Would love to understand the inner workings of how these things are identified/ made/ improved. I’d imagine some of the suggestions do make it into product via a patch within the game cycle, sometimes without fanfare. They can’t only be firefighting issues surely during a game cycle surely? Especially those low impact/ low complexity suggestions - just do it! Although I guess with the issues they’ve had in this release, it’s entirely possible at the moment. In any case some of these low complexity/ low impact suggestions should definitely be incorporated in future releases, a
  9. This is a perhaps an even better example of what I mean. A large number of people have complained/ requested this, and surely it’s an easy enough change (we assume) - a colour/ hex code change. I’d expect they’d address this kind of thing ASAP. I came across a bug report the other day that literally had one reply and one like, regarding the Dazzle Camo helmet (only available with pitcoin) being invisible - that report is now with the devs. It was the only report I found regarding this. Obviously one is a suggestion and the other is a bug, but one will have a huge and immediate benef
  10. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are supported yet on the F1 games. Frustrating when, as you say, it works on ACC.
  11. I had this yesterday as well. I run without flashbacks so had to re-do the program. No difference, and I was not happy lol! In the end I did quick practice and simulated it.
  12. Seems like normal behaviour, in my experience of it anyway. I too started with these settings and IMO the failure rate was too high in comparison to real life. I think I had about 5 issues over 10 races. I switched the frequency to low and it’s much better, although there was a point where I also thought it was too high because I got a few in quick succession, but that seems to have sorted itself out now. Also randomly get Jeff in my ear telling me they have an issue they’re investigating (doesn’t say what exactly), but it makes zero performance impact to the car. (as far as I can te
  13. Yes, on reflection I think that’s the right name. 👍🏽 I will amend my post for accuracy.
  14. Cheers @marioho, I actually work in business systems as a PM/ technical resource so have managed implementations using agile, although we much more commonly use waterfall/ hybrid in our industry. Agile seems to be the preferred methodology in software development. I guess my question was more to do with how they decide what to develop next/ include in a sprint/ make it into “user story”/ backlog. I can’t image everything would make it into the backlog, but the example above seems to be good suggestion, easier to resolve, and also to have lingered. Given there are no obvious metrics o
  15. Hi all, Like the title says - does anyone know? Do likes/ responses make a difference? Off the top of my head for example, I recall seeing a good suggestion in the 2020 suggestion forum for putting a white (or 2nd livery colour) outline on the car indicators shown on the track map, as darker coloured cars (like AT) were difficult to see at a glance. The issue still remains in 2021, and it has been suggested again in the 2021 suggestions forum. As I say, I think it’s generally a good suggestion, even if many people didn’t request it, and would be an “easier” fix - so would expect
  16. OK understood. Would you mind creating a bug report and also include a link to my bug report in it please (links to both below). You’re the only other person (I’ve found so far) who has had gameplay graphics issues and I doubt it’ll get sorted unless we get some more bug reports on it. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/ https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/84864-ps4-laggy-graphics-since-105/
  17. Ah, interesting. Are you on XB1, series X/S? Seems like there are issues across the board then - hopefully they get sorted soon. I’d be keen to know more about the random frame rate drops you mention - is it laggy graphics during gameplay, or is there screen tearing also? Does it happen consistently when MFD is open, a number of cars are in the pits or bunched up? My gameplay graphics on PS4 Slim get funny in the above scenarios.
  18. @rayloriga I couldn’t agree more with this. I use a wheel and pedals. I used to use ABS, TC and racing line. Everything else was manually controlled (gears, DRS, ERS etc). Like you I reached a place where I was maxed out - I read turning off assists would make me faster and so decided to race with everything off. I think ABS and TC made the most difference to my lap times in that order. My process (in F1 2020) to turn these off follows. I turned off racing line first, and found I needed to re-learn the tracks, as I was in “autopilot” mode with it on. Spent a lot of tim
  19. Yep. Will Buxton even asks about team orders in interviews - why put that question in if we have no say in what our teammate does 🤷🏾‍♂️
  20. Agree. I made a suggestion that they should widen the colour spectrum for damage:
  21. I’m sure it was tested, but the key point is tested by who. I work in implementing and delivering optimisations for various business systems. Whenever we get a new request that we develop, we do a “unit-test” of the new functionality (i.e. does it meet the brief), and get the end user (“player” in this case), to do the same, but ALSO to check for any knock on effects in other parts of the system (we call it “regression testing”). Obv, they don’t need an actual player to do this, but they should have someone who plays the game internally to check it. One can only presume how Codies te
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