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  1. 31 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I normally get that it’s still to dry for inters whilst the rest off the grid are already changing over.,, so now I have to keep checking race director cause other teams engineers don’t get it wrong.

    I’ve been burned too many times by Jeff’s suggestion regarding the tyres in the same scenario. He is always too late.

    I’m not good in the wet and my pace suffers even with light rain. What I do is keep a mental note of my rough pace in the dry. When the rain drops are “collecting” consistently on the screen, and my pace drops by about a second or so over consecutive laps, or drops at an increasing rate over consecutive laps and I hit that 1 second time difference (and I’ve not made any obvious mistakes), I go in and change tyres. 

    This usually get me ahead of the pack in changing tyres, giving me a massive advantage.

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  2. 2 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Jeff has been with me from the very start... we’ve had some good times and some bad.   But the blind  trust I once had in you has gone.   You continue to give me wrong or late advice... It’s no good to me, you tell me to pit for wets just as I’m passing the pit entrance..  or when you update  pit strategies you fail to give me the best tyre option.. and you send me out into traffic so often I swear your doing it on purpose.. it’s almost like your one off those computer games that script certain conditions..

    without trust we have nothing... I’ve always been good to you  never once have i in all the years we’ve been together ever so much as told you to shut up.  Either get it together or you’ve got to go 

    Jeff loves to tell me “we’re expecting rain in 5 mins”… when it’s already raining and I’m already on wet tyres.

    Peak Jeff 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  3. 2 hours ago, Jobling1983 said:

    I would love it where they to indrduce a system where you have to hire and build trust with your engineer. They should have individual attributes for pit knowledge, when its ready for wet tyres etc… every race to do together the trust builds and the better advice is provided. Would be cool.

    i think everybody is just sick of only having jeff….

    Good idea - you should put this in the suggestion forum

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  4. 8 hours ago, marioho said:

    Tired of these popular “hmm yummy yummy right right left left top speed me lov it” setups, I did some testing. Wanted to know the influence of camber and toe settings on straight line speed. Just that.

    Results, not that great of a difference:


    For the setup columns, greens are minimal values and yellows are maximum values. Just to help on the visualization.

    In line with what I did for wing angle settings and drag here, I proceeded as follows:

    • Time Trial on Monza, doing standing starts from the DRS line (count of 0m, green bar 100% filled) to make use of that lovely Temple of Speed straight. Tried to keep the car close to the white line at the left. Braking was done at the racing line mark, but the measurements were taken at the 810m mark where I was consistently at full throttle. DRS always closed.
    • Monza spec setup (Preset 5), keeping everything at their default values.
    • Traction Control on Full and Automatic Gears in order to do away with player input variability the best I could.

    If anyone is interested, here are the screenshots of the relevant telemetry data. The cursor position varies a bit, but that's because the app has 5m steps. I tried to position it on the last step before any braking input. Basically this, but for every stint:



    Camber and Toe, come again?

    Here are the in-game descriptions for what camber and toe do:



    That's perfectly in line with what these settings do in real life, albeit in a very condensed form. This franchise is a simcade, meaning it doesn't simulate to a tee every aspect of race car handling and physics. Everything is in there to some extent, but depending on the feature they're in a toned down form. This is by design, to make the game more accessible. This year we've seen a push for more realism by "unflattening" the kerbs and increasing the grip gamut of different surfaces – rubberized tarmac provides way more grip than painted strips, kerbs, or grass for instance. Did the game hit the mark? How would I know, I've never driven an aero heavy open-wheel car! But it sure feels like a firm step towards a more realistic rendition of F1 racing. 

    In theory, camber influences the available grip on straight patches vs curved patches of the track. Low negative camber angles maximize the contact patch on straights, giving you more traction on straight-line acceleration and braking. High negative camber angles maximizes the contact patch when cornering, when the latitudinal forces in action make the car roll to the outside. Camber also has a impact on tyre wear: you will have a more even wear on the tyres by running with optimal camber for that particular track.

    The front axle is set with some degree of toe out. In theory. the more toe you run at the front, the higher the car initial turn in response, that readiness to turn. The trade off is straight line performance, tyre wear and, on long sustained corners, the risk of mid-turn understeer. 

    The rear axle is set with some degree of toe in. In theory, the more toe you run at the rear, the more stable your car will be specially when accelerating/decelerating. More toe in at the back makes the car more lenient with your throttle application, makes it easier to put power down quickly. The trade off again is straight line performance, tyre wear and, depending on the setup, the initial turn in response.

    In a nutshell, camber and toe both offer handling benefits, have an impact on tyre wear and may limit your top speed. This is a balance game, there's no straight out "better" camber or toe setup. Please, don't rush out like many do thinking that the lower the camber and toe the faster your car will be. Can you not think of a scenario where having less tyre on corners can hurt your total lap time? Can you not think of a scenario where having a car less agile to steering inputs can hurt your total lap time? Can you not think of a scenario where having a car too sensitive to abrupt acceleration or too skittish on kerbs can hurt your total lap time?

    This is a balance game.


    What the test attempts to show

    That, contrary to popular belief, the game doesn't give much weight to the straight line performance of suspension geometry settings. That good ol' tiring "minimal camber* and minimal toe to not lose speed on the straights" is in need of some revising. 

    Surely the test was limited. But I'd bet good money that the general expectation was for a greater speed delta even so.

    Seems that the only setting with a significant impact on straight line performance was rear toe in. Makes sense that between the two toe settings this is the most (or only) expressive one, the rear wheels are the driven ones.

    I did expect a relatively considerable difference between the two camber extremes though. Even tired as I am of that youtube screamer spiel, I was expecting some delta to show up even in the limited parameters of this short test.


    What the test does NOT show

    Camber and toe settings' impact on the handling. This bears testing too, but I anticipate this is one aspect of racing physics that the game makes a point of simulating to a greater extent. Anecdotally, there have been plenty of scenarios where the final nail on my setup was a significant adjusting of camber to fix oversteer/understeer on medium and high speed corners. I can say the same for front toe adjustments to improve my turn in response specially on low speed corners (hey, Monaco! 💖). The same for rear toe adjustments and slippery corners and better traction on heavy acceleration zones.

    Also it says nothing on their impact on tyre wear. Again, it bears testing, but anecdotally I can say there have been cases of significant asymmetrical wear that I managed to ameliorate by either increasing or decreasing the camber. Can say the same about decreasing overall tyre wear by decreasing toe angles on either axles. 


    @JOmNrES @KNT2011 @Meza994 @PJTierney @ScaredDuck @ShelbyUSA @Ultra3142

    * Yes, the game interface is misleading. No need to go into details again as every year we get a dedicated thread about it, but basically the higher the angle, the greater the camber. And -3.5 is a greater angle than -2.5. The sign is there just to represent orientation. 


    Edit: More rambling.

    Now it could be that the top speed was majorly limited by other factors, e.g. drag. I was running with Preset 5 though, rather minimal wing angles. Maybe if I ever get to it again I'll run with the DRS open.

    Also focusing too much on top speed could be a red herring, given that the early acceleration performance is also key in racing. If anyone is really interested, in the Imgur link there's these two graphs with (1) all laps plotted for speed and (2) speed delta. 



    For the latter please bear in mind the Y axis. I zoomed in quite a lot. The differences you're seeing are for 1-2 kph tops. 

    Love reading your posts on Setup @marioho - thank you 👍🏽

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  5. 44 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    normally when it comes to assists it up to the player.. but in rain manual control ers.. you  don’t want to trust deploying that to the game when it’s wet

    Good point 👍🏽

    As a side note I do find the default setups very good for wet conditions, rather than trying to adjust my own dry setups - which has been a bit hit and miss for me in the past.

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  6. 2 hours ago, dwin20 said:

    I have a wheel (G29) and use the cockpit view - but I have not turned that feature on - just using the info from the steering wheel. It is odd that the throttle gauge and the lights across the top of the wheel give different readings. 

    Agree - I believe some have asked for it to be looked at. Most of us have just got used to it. Either way find what works for you, the TL can help, but a lot of the fastest guys have it set to 0.

  7. 2 hours ago, Nuvolarix said:

    PS: if I well remember Jarno Opmeer tested each aid in a video of F1 2020 and it confirmed my experience more or less

    I remember seeing this also. I guess he’s a bit of an outlier in terms of his “starting” point is no aids, whereas most of us are coming at it from the other direction.

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  8. 10 hours ago, dwin20 said:

    @Monzie83 Sorry I described this poorly. Currently I have the throttle linearity at 0. With this setup - for starts if I just barely push on the pedal I am at max revs. So my choice at starts tends to be almost no revs or max revs. So the question (better phrased this time I hope) is if I increased he linearity from 0 to 15 would that give me the ability to get to some middle level of revs for starts. 


    Ah I see - with 15 TL I find I’m able to reach and (approximately) hold lower revs fairly comfortably for race starts. Also worth mentioning this level is with me using pedals. And if your on pad it might need to be set differently.

    Theoretically, the higher the TL value is, holding the throttle at a rev level should become easier, as the lower range of the pedal is less sensitive.

    However, as I said more important than the revs is the throttle gauge. For me (and most people who have Hotlap videos online), they seem to ignore the revs (and max them), but they hold the throttle gauge at approx 3 squares. I can max out revs but as long as I hold the throttle gauge at 3 squares on starts, I get away fine. So if you’re OK with your current TL level of 0 throughout the race you might not need to change it in order to facilitate better starts.

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  9. 33 minutes ago, dwin20 said:

    @Monzie83 Two questions on this - does increasing to 15 from 0 make this more difficult to accelerate quickly? For example you have exited a corner and want to get to maximum speed...

    Also - by doing this does it let you not hit maximum revs when slightly engaging the throttle for starts?


    Hi @dwin20, to answer your questions in order:

    1) Theoretically, it does slow it down because the initial pedal travel is less sensitive. I wouldn’t say it’s really noticeable, and crucially keeps me on the road. If you go too hard out of a corner with TC off, you 100% will bin it if you get too greedy. Better to accelerate slowly rather than go too hard and lose it. Short shifting on corner exit also helps with putting the power down. I must admit I still struggle with this balance of power application on manual race starts - slowly getting better though.

    2) I can still reach max revs on starts with the setting on. You still get 100% of the throttle - it’s just that when you use throttle linearity (for example, I don’t know exactly what the actual %’s are in game) the first 50% of throttle is spread over 60% of the throttle pedal travel. The remaining 50% of throttle is spread over the remaking 40% of pedal travel - you get the idea. If you’re struggling with revs on the start, the biggest tip I can give is slowly apply throttle and the keep it stable when the throttle gauge (not revs) at 2.5-3 squares. Don’t worry about the revs. keep the throttle the same straight after lights out, then being increasing smoothly when you feel the grip and change gears a bit earlier than normal. OT button down when stable and in 4th.


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  10. 2 hours ago, marioho said:

    would love to know how they internalize feedback and assign priorities. Annual franchise by a medium sized dev team with their own engine, the constraints and workflow got to be crazy. Even if I didn't give a damn about F1 the sport or these games, I'd still read a long form article about this any day.

    Me too. Would love to understand the inner workings of how these things are identified/ made/ improved.

    I’d imagine some of the suggestions do make it into product via a patch within the game cycle, sometimes without fanfare. They can’t only be firefighting issues surely during a game cycle surely? Especially those low impact/ low complexity suggestions - just do it! Although I guess with the issues they’ve had in this release, it’s entirely possible at the moment.

    In any case some of these low complexity/ low impact suggestions should definitely be incorporated in future releases, and show the user base is being listened to.

    From experience I know some of these things, although seemingly simple, can be incredibly complex. Am happy to give the benefit of doubt sometimes, although at other times I do question some of the decision making based on outcomes we can tangibly see: the tyre wear popping up all the time when they deployed the fix for minor damage to pop up for example. It’s almost as if they didn’t get an internal “player” to test it and just released in the patch. That was such a fumble 🤦🏽‍♂️

    2 hours ago, marioho said:

    My guess is that Codemasters don't have many people sitting around to work on these player suggested features in parallel to the core production of the game. And given how word out there is they have at least two internal teams rotating in the development of the games, suggestions probably hardly get picked up as-is. What we see in a given year is the result of the work of two cycles prior. 

    I think I remember seeing this on the forums somewhere. If true, it’s fascinating for me because: continuation of user experience and consistency between titles surely must be a fundamental thing when it comes to any game series?

    If there are two teams alternating the making of yearly titles, that’s all fair and well, but in some situations we’re sat here thinking they’ve chosen to remove things (and feeling short-changed) when they weren’t in the “base” build in the first place - surely any changes they make to the current game need to be built into the title being “developed” in the background?


    2 hours ago, marioho said:

    @Monzie83 I'll be tagging you every post someone complains about how they deployed teamD_minorSoundBug2_fix_v1_OK in a patch instead of teamA_huge.AI.bug_fix_v4_WIP saying Codies don't care about the game so we can head slap in unison!


  11. On 9/2/2021 at 1:38 PM, RLLL said:

    Dark mode would be nice, just change the colour of the background it cant be too hard for a dev to change a colour code. That's been asked for since the BETA. The menus are blinding. 

    This is a perhaps an even better example of what I mean. A large number of people have complained/ requested this, and surely it’s an easy enough change (we assume) - a colour/ hex code change. I’d expect they’d address this kind of thing ASAP. 

    I came across a bug report the other day that literally had one reply and one like, regarding the Dazzle Camo helmet (only available with pitcoin) being invisible - that report is now with the devs. It was the only report I found regarding this.

    Obviously one is a suggestion and the other is a bug, but one will have a huge and immediate beneficial impact for the user base, and the other is clearly not a priority for most people.

    It’s things like this that make me want to understand the decision process for what gets actioned for development within the game life cycle.

  12. On 8/30/2021 at 7:45 AM, Paddor said:

    Hey guys, I'm using the Logitech G923 on my Xbox Series X. The steering wheel has additional buttons in the lower area. Unfortunately, these buttons cannot be assigned in the game. Is there a way to use the buttons or does F1 2021 just not support them? In Assetto Corsa, for example, it works perfectly.


    Unfortunately, I don’t think they are supported yet on the F1 games. Frustrating when, as you say, it works on ACC.

  13. 5 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Out off all the objectives In practice this on consistently fails even though you complete it... 

    Basically go through zone activating your drs.  Once past  hit Flashback rewind back to before drs zone and go through again:  double bubble As I’m not sure which drs zone fails in any given track it does mean you have to do it on all off them.  

    Its no great issue not passing it but I hate not completing all except one. Which I know I did... sort off thing I get ocd about

    I had this yesterday as well.  I run without flashbacks so had to re-do the program. No difference, and I was not happy lol!

    In the end I did quick practice and simulated it.

  14. 3 hours ago, jrod22145 said:

    failure settings set at normal and high

    Seems like normal behaviour, in my experience of it anyway.

    I too started with these settings and IMO the failure rate was too high in comparison to real life. I think I had about 5 issues over 10 races. I switched the frequency to low and it’s much better, although there was a point where I also thought it was too high because I got a few in quick succession, but that seems to have sorted itself out now.

    Also randomly get Jeff in my ear telling me they have an issue they’re investigating (doesn’t say what exactly), but it makes zero performance impact to the car. (as far as I can tell). Little hazard symbol comes up in the corner too, but when flicking through MFD pages, no obvious issue seems to be identified.

    I play in MyTeam, and would also say the frequency seems to have also been reduced the more I develop the cars durability.

  15. 2 hours ago, marioho said:

    Hard to say because we don't get to see how the devs are organized. If I'm not mistaken, their project management is based on Agile/Jira but that's just slightly related to your question.

    It's worth a Google though. Basically, instead of engaging to a fix or feature build from start to finish, its production is split into different sprints that iterate one on another and encompass all the pre production, development and trial phases. In theory it makes for a faster and more robust product deployment as you get to test the product after each sprint, so features and patches work better once they reach their 1.0 version.

    Cheers @marioho, I actually work in business systems as a PM/ technical resource so have managed implementations using agile, although we much more commonly use waterfall/ hybrid in our industry. Agile seems to be the preferred methodology in software development.

    I guess my question was more to do with how they decide what to develop next/ include in a sprint/ make it into “user story”/ backlog. I can’t image everything would make it into the backlog, but the example above seems to be good suggestion, easier to resolve, and also to have lingered.

    Given there are no obvious metrics on these forums (to us at least) for how impactful a suggestion/ issue is to the user base, they must have some internal way of assessing these, and I was curious to know what that could be - as I’ve seen some things addressed in patches that not many people have asked for or are very minor, and other things like the above that are more useful that people have asked for but not addressed.

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  16. Hi all,

    Like the title says - does anyone know? Do likes/ responses make a difference?

    Off the top of my head for example, I recall seeing a good suggestion in the 2020 suggestion forum for putting a white (or 2nd livery colour) outline on the car indicators shown on the track map, as darker coloured cars (like AT) were difficult to see at a glance. The issue still remains in 2021, and it has been suggested again in the 2021 suggestions forum.

    As I say, I think it’s generally a good suggestion, even if many people didn’t request it, and would be an “easier” fix - so would expect they’d “chalk it off the list”, as it were, but obviously they haven’t for whatever reason (as is their prerogative).

    So what does it actually take for an issue or suggestion to make it onto the CM “to do” list (game-breaking issues aside), given there are no “voting” options for suggestions, and no “I have this problem also” options for issues?

    Any thoughts?


    P.S. This is not a thread intended to bash the new game, there are plenty other posts for that 😎

  17. 16 minutes ago, BarcaMascot said:

    I'm on a Xbox One S so its even worse, the frame drop was just random and idk what causes it

    OK understood.

    Would you mind creating a bug report and also include a link to my bug report in it please (links to both below).

    You’re the only other person (I’ve found so far) who has had gameplay graphics issues and I doubt it’ll get sorted unless we get some more bug reports on it.




  18. 49 minutes ago, BarcaMascot said:

    I'm on Xbox 

    Ah, interesting. Are you on XB1, series X/S? Seems like there are issues across the board then - hopefully they get sorted soon. 

    I’d be keen to know more about the random frame rate drops you mention - is it laggy graphics during gameplay, or is there screen tearing also? Does it happen consistently when MFD is open, a number of cars are in the pits or bunched up? My gameplay graphics on PS4 Slim get funny in the above scenarios.

  19. 16 hours ago, marioho said:

    And don't put everything on your plate in one go.

    @rayloriga I couldn’t agree more with this. I use a wheel and pedals.

    I used to use ABS, TC and racing line. Everything else was manually controlled (gears, DRS, ERS etc).

    Like you I reached a place where I was maxed out - I read turning off assists would make me faster and so decided to race with everything off.

    I think ABS and TC made the most difference to my lap times in that order.

    My process (in F1 2020) to turn these off follows.

    I turned off racing line first, and found I needed to re-learn the tracks, as I was in “autopilot” mode with it on. Spent a lot of time in TT to rectify that - initially I drove around with racing line on looking for braking, turning and acceleration reference points, also watched a lot of hotlap videos. I then kept it on and tried using these reference points instead of the line. Once I got comfortable with that I turned it off and then fine tuned these braking/ turning points further. One thing that helped me a lot was looking much further ahead - spotting your braking/ turning/ mid corner/ exit points ahead of time, and then reacting to that with the car. With the line on you tend to only look in front of you, as it were. 

    Next was ABS - thankfully (because I was training myself to trail brake with it on), it wasn’t too much an adjustment for me, although I did increase the setting which makes the initial brake travel less sensitive (brake linearity I think, to 30), initially to avoid lockups. Over time I’ve managed to reduce this to a comfortable level (15).

    Last (and most difficult), was TC. I really struggled with this, but kept at it. Went to medium, then off. For me medium to off was much harder than full to medium. And even with medium TC I still had a heavy foot - I realised the only way I’d conquer it is by turning it off and going through the adjustment process. Once off, I increased the throttle linearity to make the initial travel less sensitive, and this really helped (had it set to 50 I think). Like brake linearity, I’ve managed to reduce throttle linearity down to a comfortable level (15) over time.

    The whole process did take a handful of months playing intensively (like 1-2 hrs a day), and I was doing nothing else other than trying to get on top of this during that time - no races, TT etc. I imagine it’ll be different experience for everyone, and will also depend largely on how you currently trail brake and feather the throttle out of corners before you remove these assists - those who use ABS and TC tend to either be fully “on or off” with the brake and throttle, whereas without assists you have to be much better at modulating these inputs through a corner. Smoothness of inputs is key.

    You could begin practicing modulating these inputs with ABS and TC on to get halfway there (as I initially did), and once a bit more comfortable modulating, turn them off one by one. From experience I’d say this is useful, but once you choose to turn something off, keep it off, and persevere - I switched TC between medium and off back and forth a few times but in hindsight, it just prolonged the process.

    It’s been really rewarding (and frustrating at times) to learn to drive without the aids, and thankfully it is faster for me and totally worth it. I found it to be about 0.5-1 sec faster a lap overall and the game is much more enjoyable and challenging. I also race online like this as well. Given it was now second nature, I had no real issues adapting to the new handling model in 2021. I don’t think I will ever go back to assists now and am glad I went through it.

    I still spin out at times and overshoot braking etc, but I know it’s when I’ve been too greedy or not smooth with those inputs.

    I agree with others on this - do what works for you and makes it fun. It is a game after all and you can change your settings anytime you feel like. 

    All the best,


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  20. On 8/31/2021 at 11:10 AM, Meza994 said:

    Potentially also an order to "hold up the pack" for MyTeam, also reducing teammates focus, which makes the 2nd driver go even slower through the corners but accelerating normally so he doesnt get overtaken but holds up the cars behind so you can catch up to them.

    Nice suggestion 👍🏽

  21. On 8/31/2021 at 4:22 AM, ScaredDuck said:

    However if your playing myteam as the team owner and his boss you should be able to order him to let you pass whenever you’ve want.😂

    Yep. Will Buxton even asks about team orders in interviews - why put that question in if we have no say in what our teammate does 🤷🏾‍♂️

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