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  1. Agreed. I also have raised this:
  2. Have had all of these, what platform are you on? I am on PS4
  3. Having access to a fuel burn mode would be great, but if it’s not a thing IRL then fair enough. Since they removed the results screen from the race strategy program I have no idea how much fuel I need in the car for a race - as such I go with the recommendation, because I do not want to risk under-fueling the car. But, as I do use off-throttle/ coasting a fair amount, I often find I am way over-fueled (usually 1-2 laps, circuit dependent, on 25% races) - how much I can cut back on this I do not know, and that’s valuable time I’m missing out on. The recommended fuel calculation is see
  4. Have done a few practice sessions and races now, and I’m not seeing it. There’s definitely something going on - you would expect the game to behave the same across consoles. For example, I have an issue where my in game graphics get laggy when the mfd is open, but others have not reported the same.
  5. Hi @BarryBL, please do let me know what I can do to assist in getting this resolved.
  6. @qn999 is right. In 1.06 they changed the way damage popped up - users were complaining that minor damage of body work was not shown. So they addressed this but somehow it’s worked its way into the tyre wear popping up… It’s super annoying for me as the gameplay graphics on my PS4 slim get very laggy (frame rate, screen tearing etc) with the MFD open.
  7. So for me, I tend to have unlocked (lower %) on-throttle diffs for most tracks as it is more forgiving for someone like me who has a heavy throttle foot. I think I hover between the 50-75 range. In order to balance this though, you have to make sure front end grip is good as @PJTierney points out - so slightly stiffer front sus, higher front ARB. If the front is too soft the car just oversteers under its own power. Lower OT diff is better for exit out of slow corners (allows you to put power down easier), higher OT diff is better for fast corners (more locked so more understeer, more pred
  8. @Jamborinio I agree with @Dunky1980, Lower on throttle diff will help. You could stiffen front suspension/ increase front ARB a bit, if you don’t want to lower diff. Tbh, I don’t have more than 5 clicks diff between my front and rear suspension/ ARB. Try 2-7. Just for clarity, I do lift a bit in the high speeds but only a fraction and it’s not visible in the throttle indicator/level in MFD. Am able to carry plenty of speed through these corners.
  9. Am on PS4 also. Has this issue only arisen since 1.07, or was it there before for you?
  10. Can’t say I have tbh. Will monitor and report back here if I see it. What platform are you on?
  11. It’s happening again… three times in succession now with no option to cancel. I have waiting about 5 mins each time to see if the option to cancel appears. This time I have had network issues, but still - I just want to play offline. And cannot get past this stage. While it is nice to sit and listen to the great music, please consider building in an option to cancel and use the game offline. @BarryBL
  12. Do you mean PS error codes? I don’t get these, other that the two times the game has crashed between qualy and race (both CE-34878-0). I can certainly get more in-game report codes for you if you need them. Do let me know many you need roughly - I can gather a few over the next few days if required.
  13. @BarryBL, unfortunately the issue still persists and I am on the latest versions of software on everything (1.07, PS software, wheel firmware etc). I am prepared to uninstall the game and see if a reinstall will resolve the issue. If I do this, will I lose MyTeam saves, settings, wheel inputs etc? What can I do to prevent losing this? Also, do let me know what you will need to troubleshoot it if this doesn’t work.
  14. Agree with this. Will often use no comment when unreasonable rivals are suggested.
  15. Hi there, Would it be possible to build in a worn parts notification when at the workstation before starting qualy please? The notification could be displayed if any engine part is above 50% wear. I imagine most people end up using their already worn parts during practice sessions, and like me (🤦🏽‍♂️), may sometimes forget to switch to a less worn part before starting qualy and the. Risk running out to time to make component changes and set a time in the session. IRL I’m pretty certain your team would notify you if worn parts were fitted and needed to be changed before star
  16. Hi, Simple one from me - can you please add sector and speed trap markings to the track map on the session info screen when you are in the garage. 🖖🏽
  17. I think something has changed - I restarted MyTeam at the same AI level (90), yet this time I managed to qualify 16th at Spain using exactly the same setup as last time. Lap time slightly improved, maybe a tenth.🤔 Anyone else noticed differences in the AI since the new patch?
  18. DRS - top left button ERS - top right button I am right handed
  19. I think some people we complaining the MFD wasn’t showing minor damage and not popping up automatically in this case. So when they patched it somehow tyre wear is now “damage”. The MFD seems to pop up when tyre wear (for any tyre) reaches above 20%. It will close itself after a bit, but it will keep popping up again as tyre wear gets worse. TBH, that doesn’t even bother me so much. The main issue is my graphics get slow with the MFD open, so then everything else becomes difficult - my inputs are hard to judge, the screen tears etc, can’t track competitors movements/ braking on track etc.
  20. This. Literally just commented on another thread saying the same. How MyTeam car is 2nd to last in the development list but can make it to 6th in qualy at spa, but 22nd at Spain is a mystery to me. Am running 90 difficulty. There must be some way they can use the Time Trial data to process the times people are getting to update the AI ability. Thinking about it, the Race Pace program available on practice sessions every weekend. They could farm the results of that data and produce a bell curve, then use this to set the AI ability. Yes, it will take a while to gather the dat
  21. I had exactly the same issue. I didn’t run the program over multiple laps, I did only one, got purple and didn’t get the development bonus. Bizarre
  22. Could not agree more - it should be so that no more than 5 clicks up/down to adjust are needed. I’ve had to go 10-15 in some cases. I’ve been playing on MyTeam and the AI is so up and down it’s shocking - I set my difficulty to 90 and have kept it there since Bahrain - since then I’ve qualified 22nd in Spain but 6th at Spa (with the then 2nd worst car) 🤔. I’ve finished on average 9th in all my races so far - but my results have actually yo-yo’d from 22nd to 4th. Obv some of this is driving style being suited to some tracks and new car parts developed etc but really?!? There must be
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