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  1. Same here. Now strangely the tyre wear screen keeps popping up all the time, and a double whammy of having laggy graphics when MFD is open. Not ideal to have to cycle through the MFD to put it away when trying to put in fast lap times 🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. Same here on PS4. Super annoying as I also have an issue where the game graphics get laggy when the MFD is open. Not ideal to be cycling through the MFD to put it away when trying to concentrate on racing…
  3. Really really good idea. After the update to 1.06 today my MFD keeps popping up showing tyre wear when I go over kerbs for some reason 🤔. This is super annoying because I also have an issue on PS4 where the game graphics get really laggy with the MFD open - having to cycle through the MFD to put it away when trying to concentrate on racing is not ideal…
  4. Also experienced a similar thing after updating to 1.06 today: in addition to my race starts changing from manual to assisted, it also changed my recovery mode from none to flashbacks with unlimited flashbacks, and damage level and frequency to both standard ( I think I had it on high and reduced respectively). All other settings remained the same, and will see if the setting are still the same when I go back on tomorrow.
  5. It’s a good suggestion and something needs to be done as it is difficult to see the difference between no damage and light damage at a glance (“green” vs “lime green”). However, I also feel a percentage number might be difficult to see at a glance, as it will probably get very congested in the MFD with all the various bits that can be damaged. Because they use the spectrum from green to red (and I also think the range is skewed toward the front percentages, i.e. all that first 40% of damage is crammed into the green-orange spectrum and anything above 40% damage is red) it narrows the
  6. Hi all, Please see the attached image - it’s from the one of my recent practice sessions where I ran the tyre management program. One of the development boost objectives is to incur lower than average tyre wear in one lap - I ran this program on one lap and obviously achieved this as I got purple, but I did not get that development boost. 🤨 What gives? Has anyone else had an error like this? Surely a bug? Or is there something I’m missing?
  7. Agree - please bring back all practice programs, and the results data. Would be useful to add a practice start program as well. 🖖🏽
  8. I agree with this - they should add it to the roster of practice programs AND let us complete as many programs as we want in practice, instead of limiting us to 3 randomly chosen ones.
  9. It would be nice if we could order our teammate to move out the way in MyTeam - this could be achieved via a pre-defined “voice command” type input that you can say via the microphone (“Team Mate Move”), or select via the MFD. Have had a number of situations in a 25% race where we both started on softs. Teammate pitted before me (as I’m good on my tyre wear and can go longer), he went on hards, when I pit I go onto the mediums. I catch up to my teammate later on fairly quickly, but he wouldn’t let me go, despite being on the faster strategy and having more pace, nearly taking us both
  10. Interestingly, I had the game crash in between Qualy and race (CE-34878-0 error), and since restarting the game the graphics have generally been much better and smooth. The issue with the graphics getting laggy still does exist with MFD open, but is much more bearable. Will report back if the issue worsens or persists after the next patch.
  11. Will check this next time I run practice 👍🏽
  12. Update on my issue: I notice there is a setting to keep objectives displayed, so I have turned this on and it resolves the multiple notifications issue in the OP. It would still be nice if that can be sorted as I can free up some screen real-estate. 🖖🏽
  13. A detailed description of the issue: Since patch 1.05 I’ve noticed there is a lot more of laggy graphics (jagged, not smooth, screen tearing etc) when racing and in cut-scenes etc. I first noticed the laggy graphics in 1.04 in time trial with MFD open, but now am also seeing it in races when MFD is closed. Edit 05/09: I’ve noticed the screen tearing is mainly visible/ easily noticeable in the environmental graphics (trees, stands, barriers, other cars etc) and graphics being a bit more jagged/ laggy during gameplay, it probably is also happening on track but is harder to see as the texture
  14. Has anyone been able to confirm this setting does anything? I can’t tell any difference from before or after. I have it turned off, but Jeff still talks about being able to make car changes via MFD, talks about running practice programs etc…
  15. Agree - this has been suggested before.
  16. No dice. Jeff still talks about monitoring tyre pressures in open practice (when not running a program). Jeff gotta keep Jeff’ing I guess 😂 Interesting then to consider what constitutes a “engineer tutorial”…
  17. I second the OP’s request. Is definitely useful information to see.
  18. I was nowhere near the points, let alone the podium 😂
  19. @mariohoand @ShelbyUSA, fully agree with you. In 2020 I was running really low ride heights and in 2021 I read they need to be higher - by how much I did not know. So I increased them a click or two and I was bottoming out a lot and crashing out - but silly me was thinking it was my camber or suspension stiffness. Would have been great if Jeff could advise of such; “you’re bottoming out and need to increase your ride height”. Ditto with tyre temps; “hey your setup is running too low on temps over our race strategy program, why not increase them” for example. Would also be great if they ha
  20. Legend. Hopefully this stops Jeff rambling on about monitoring tyre pressures while I’m trying to use every mg of my concentration to avoid putting it into a wall around Monaco 😂
  21. The workaround also works on 2021 game, and on PS5 🎉🎉🎉
  22. Thank you for the input all. Have tried a few setup resources you’ve listed but couldn’t find a consistent “go-to” without a fair amount of trial and error. I came across TRL Limitless’ 2021 hotlap video on YouTube, and have been using his setups as my base. Have found them to be quite good for my driving style as they are quite stable for me in race scenarios with a few minor tweaks.
  23. Would be nice if we could order them to move out the way in MyTeam, could be a “voice command” type input via the mfd/ microphone. For example: I did a 25% race and we both started on softs in Spain. Teammate pitted before me, went on hards, and I pitted after (as I’m good on my tyre wear and went on mediums). I was clearly on the faster strategy, but when I caught up to him later on he wouldn’t let me pass, nearly taking us both out in the process 🤦🏽‍♂️. Luckily got past him and then overtook some others. Would have just been easier to order him to move aside. If it was the other way aro
  24. I’ve had him tell me “rain is expected in ten minutes” as I turned the last corner on the last lap of a race at Spain. 🤦🏽‍♂️ He’s not the sharpest tool in the box…
  25. No, not any particular track, seems to be there for all the ones I’ve done so far (Bahrain, Spain and Monaco), as well as at Azerbaijan in practice (not got to qualy or race yet) - it was more noticeable at Monaco. Its ever so slight but definitely noticeable (at least to me) - I might see if I can capture it on video.
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