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  1. I’ve had him tell me “rain is expected in ten minutes” as I turned the last corner on the last lap of a race at Spain. 🤦🏽‍♂️ He’s not the sharpest tool in the box…
  2. No, not any particular track, seems to be there for all the ones I’ve done so far (Bahrain, Spain and Monaco), as well as at Azerbaijan in practice (not got to qualy or race yet) - it was more noticeable at Monaco. Its ever so slight but definitely noticeable (at least to me) - I might see if I can capture it on video.
  3. Just as the title says - anyone else experiencing this on PS4? Issue was there on 1.04 and now also on 1.05. You can definitely tell the difference - issue goes away when you close the MFD. Never noticed this happening on 2021 on PS.
  4. To confirm, this response here states helmet mix will not be available on PS4/XB1. If you have PC/ next-gen console it should be in the audio settings as “Helmet mix” or something like that. I turn broadcast mix off as I don’t want to hear crowd sounds (closer to “helmet audio” but no the exact setting).
  5. Hi, Despite having a super fast connection, I noticed yesterday night and today the “communicating with online services” has been constantly spinning for a long period of time. I just want to play time trial and cannot get past this stage, without restarting. The option to retry/cancel does appear sporadically. Am on PS and have testing network connection (with the game open in the background) and got normal results (100 dl, 40 up) and no issues. I understand sometimes there can be connection/ server issues, but please build in a permanent option to cancel when the game is “comm
  6. Throwing my 2 cents in - I have a Mac with Parallels (Windows VM), have no issues updating my Fanatec gear with it.
  7. Hi, When completing a practice program objective, a notification pops up on screen for each objective complete. This is fine for objectives completed at different times (clean sector 1 for example), but for those objectives completed at the same time (I.e. ones which only complete at the end of a lap - keep tyres temps below 113, clean lap etc), you get multiple pop ups. If multiple objectives are completed at the same time, please display these in one go instead of multiple, as it is distracting, particularly if you missed one and need to go again the following lap. 🖖🏽
  8. Hi, Please remove the flashing red delta in the practice programs as it is very distracting. Solid red (as it was in previous games) was good enough. 🖖🏽
  9. I agree with this. My main issue is clashing of colours - as you suggest, perhaps a good interim step would be if we can change the colours of the sponsors found on livery, helmets, suits and gloves independently.
  10. I think this is in audio settings. Set broadcast mix to off I think?
  11. Thanks @KNT2011, like you I’m trying to establish relatively stable and competitive setups as a base and then build from there. For some tracks I’ve found my 2020 setups to be relatively stable - Austria for example. But others they are just not driveable even with tweaking - Belgium and Singapore spring to mind. Will give the defaults a try - that’s how I built my setups in 2020, but was looking for any time saving tips. Interestingly, I find 60% BB with 100% brake pressure is good for me on most tracks.
  12. Hi all, Am looking for some pointers on setups in F1 2021. In 2020, for example I found with most setups I would normally have a much lower front wing than rear, softer front suspension than rear, looser anti-roll bar in the front, BB as far back as possible (usually around 50%), and a fairly low front ride height (2/3), with high camber and low toe on fronts and rear. This year it’s seems those with the fastest lap times have higher front wings, stiffer front suspension and front anti roll bars and BB around 60%, and much higher ride heights. Are there any trends in setup
  13. I second this. It was definitely there in 2020.
  14. @BarryBL The new forum layout is nice, but one of the things that’s been removed is the ability to switch pages from within a post from the bottom. It’s seems you can only do it from the top now. Is is possible to bring that back? Using this attached post as an example, you can see it’s possible to switch/ move between pages at the top, but not from the bottom (see screenshots). This doesn’t affect the forum topic pages, only within a post. Hope that’s clear, let me know if not. Im on a mobile device (iPhone), not sure if this effects pc/ tablets.
  15. Monzie83


    Sounds about right to prevent front lock ups in 2021. Brake bias (BB) is important as it effects the balance of the braking force applied to the front and rears - theoretically, the better this is distributed over the wheels, the quicker you can slow the car down. In 2020, most default setups had BB around 60%, but you could have BB at 50% without locking up (50% of brake force applied at the front and 50% force applied at the back wheels) - this was a better distribution in that game. This is probably why you found you locked up the fronts a lot without adjusting Brake Linearity (BL
  16. I understand where you’re coming from, but I also feel some of your thoughts are likely governed by the existing deficient system, rather than what it could/ should be, and in some cases, actually prove my point. Allow me to explain; - I don’t think it’s too much to expect safe 5 lap races if you are a safe racer and you have confidence you’ll be matched up with similarly safe racers. If the safety rating doesn’t assess your proficiency properly, then you are certain to matched up incorrectly - even if you both have S safety ratings for example. This is where the current system falls down
  17. Must admit, I was in two minds about this myself. Which is why I included a small % drop for doing so and a limit of 3 before the % starts amping up - fully take your point though. Also just realised one thing I missed was “rejoining the track in a unsafe manner”. What do you think about the rest of it?
  18. For those interested my proposed safety rating improvement post is up:
  19. The Safety rating system - It’s OK but not great. I probably have way too much time on my hands, and I’ve no doubt missed the 2021 boat with my timing for CM to incorporate any of this, but I definitely think there’s scope for improvement in future releases, and so am getting this on the record. I would love to hear your views on the below before making a proper suggestion post. As a generally “safe” racer (with a S or A safety rating), my view is the higher safety grades should be much harder to achieve, and you should be offered more protection when you get there. Too many times yo
  20. Worth creating a separate suggestion for this - I would back it.
  21. I tend to find the 5 lap drivers are much more aggressive tbh. But I really struggle to find a 25% race 😔
  22. It should never work like this, but in the lower safety grades (B and below), this is my strategy, and it works. I will gladly sacrifice my skill rating to get out of the B grade because it’s a real gamble there. In Grade A and S, you can have a go at qualy and race as best you can and be OK. When I am a B grade my only goal is to get back up to S, since the racers are usually fairer, leave space and have better control of the car. Even A grade can be a bit of a gamble sometimes. My main issue is, it’s way too easy to drop from a S back to A and B grade, particularly if someone hits you a
  23. They do, but it is always best to submit a bug report (template below). What you report - mid race crash (although resulting in the same PS error), is happening at a different time than reported by multiple users before, so the cause may be slightly different. Worth stating the report code (looks like DKHA-CVKH-HVBA-HBEG) once starting the game up again in your bug report as the devs can look at the issue in more detail.
  24. Seems like inconsistent behaviour is normal - wanted to make sure it wasn’t only me. As you say, hopefully it will be sorted in 2021.
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