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  1. Recently (after patch 1.18 was released I think), I noticed my character having my car sponsors appearing on my race suit, helmet, gloves etc. when customising the character, and I don’t think they appeared before that. I play a lot of ranked MP - sometimes when on the podium, these sponsors on my suit are shown, other times not. Have I got a bug? If you’re on PS4 what are your experiences of this?
  2. Luckily for me, I haven’t had the issue since the new patch. It’s a frustrating issue for sure.
  3. Monzie83


    Indeed, and she has no-one to blame - asking such loaded questions and all… 😎 Yep - I doubt acclaim only goes one way.
  4. I looked into doing a change.org petition a while ago (before I got my PS) - the process of creating one is simple. At that time, without really knowing who to target it didn’t make sense to do it - I felt it was better to continue to push for more understanding of the SDK process and get that out there. Rather than a petition Fanatec and Microsoft separately, it is possible on change.org to do a joint petition to them both - “enable additional inputs and rev light functionality of Fanatec wheels on Xbox” or something like that. I know these petitions have an end date, but it w
  5. @Kpi10Baras - thank you for sharing, interesting stuff. This is progress in itself - before they used to tell us Microsoft limits inputs, i.e. it couldn’t be achieved… Logitech G923 changed all that… but also the knowledge in the community that Logitech developed the software to do it has changed the game, and means Fanatec can’t hide behind crappy reasoning. In my mind, that’s pretty much conclusive proof Fanatec didn’t want to do anything before - hard to believe it wasn’t possible and now all of a sudden there’s 2 options including a MS recommended method? It’s quite likely the “n
  6. Thank you for getting getting it sorted 👍🏽
  7. Hi there, I play a lot of multiplayer - it would be great if the spectator menu settings can be saved and automatically when a session ends and loaded the next time when spectating. Currently you have to adjust them every time. Hopefully this can be addressed in the 2021 game. All the best.
  8. I agree, although I will say sometimes I’ve stuck it in N and shifting back up into 1 (with a bit of gas) does give extra rotation, which is helpful. But if not realistic, it should be removed.
  9. I agree also - it’s a very good suggestion and should be easy enough to fix.
  10. @TrippulG I understand your frustration. Believe me when I say I’ve fought for a solid 6 months with all those potentially at fault (no doubt you’ll seen my numerous posts on the Fanatec, Microsoft and CodeMaster forums, as well as direct communications with Fanatec and Microsoft). I spent money to buy ACC for the guy I sold my G923 to so I could provide video proof to Fanatec extra inputs could be achieved because they didn’t believe me. Others have been fighting this for years. I’m not sure how long the issue has effected you and what avenues you’ve tried - what I’ve quickly found
  11. @LogiUK Interesting - thank you. I think I understand now - the standard Xbox SDK (“Legacy Force Feedback”) covers all the standard inputs, and the additional input mapping only exists between the game and the device as it were - the additional inputs do not need to exist (and therefore do not need to be mapped or created) between the device and console as they’re not required there and core functionality (d-pad, enter, back, options buttons etc) are already covered by the standard SDK. The additional inputs are simply “passed through” the console to the game. I guess then Microsoft
  12. Seems to have done the trick for me, which is good. I also noticed my FFB was much lighter, seems to have resolved itself after restarting the PS and game, but will monitor. I’m using fanatec gear, not sure if any other wheel brands are effected.
  13. https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-patch-notes I usually just Google “f1 2020 patch” when I realise there’s a new one out - the above is usually the top hit 👍🏽
  14. @LogiUK - Thank you for your comment. Sorry to be a pain - please bear with me as I’m trying to understand and I have some more questions. If I understand your comment correctly, it is up the the peripheral maker to define (and make the software for) the additional inputs they want on the Xbox side, as Microsoft do not have additional inputs pre-defined in the Xbox code. Fair enough - do Microsoft provide guidelines/ instructions about how a peripheral maker should go about doing that (depending on the types of inputs required) and leave them to it, or is it some kind of collabo
  15. @LogiUK - thank you for that. Are you able to elaborate on these Microsoft limitations a 3rd party peripheral maker faces? You spoke on another post about the standard SDK (“Legacy Force Feedback”) being adhered to control the standard inputs and anything above that needing to be developed by the peripheral maker (I assume this is the “limitation”); do Microsoft provide guidance on how to acheive additional inputs this within a set construct that they define or is it a collaborative process between the peripheral maker and Microsoft? I.e. are the inputs above that of a standard contr
  16. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 It just feels like the lack of general understanding about this in the consumer base has played into Fanatec and a Microsoft’s hands, and means we can’t ask the right questions - it’s probably where they want us while they figure things out, but is certainly bad from a customer relations point of view. While the information we have found and presented has moved the conversation on a bit, it appears it has moved it into a bit of a no-mans land; - If Microsoft are hesitant to open up their limitations, then we could direct our issues to them. Fine. If this was
  17. For anyone else effected, I have managed to find a consistent workaround as detailed below. Pre-requisites to the process; Do not use the standard PS4 controller at any point throughout the process, only the wheel Make sure suspend game option is enabled in PS4 settings before running the process Process; Start the PS4 using the PS4 power button, not auto-turn on with the controller Turn the wheel on Using the wheel, log into the PS (if applicable), navigate to and start F1 2020 game Once the game loads, go into the F1 2020 game menu (press an
  18. Hi all, I must admit, I do not think things are so clear-cut anymore. I started the topic originally to combat the Fanatec reasoning I was given that “Microsoft limits inputs on 3rd party peripherals to that of a standard Xbox controller”, and also to inform other Fanatec Xbox users of this as most have a long-held belief that the Microsoft were to blame because of this Fanatec reasoning, because well, Logitech did it. Since I’ve posted this on various forums (including Fanatec’s), the discussion has been interesting and at times, difficult (particularly on the Fanatec forum, w
  19. The images are not altered/ touched up at all (apart from where I put the circles in). Obviously photos are a tad different to how your eyes see it (if anything the environmental lighting is darker to my eyes than in the pictures), but the main thrust of the point I’m making is there a marked difference in lighting of the boards/ environment and their reflections in the water - you can see what I meant by the reflections look “backlit”. As I’ve mentioned it is much more noticeable in the lowest environmental light conditions like sunset and sunrise, rather than a midday session (the last
  20. Have just added some more photos. Have a look and see if you still fee the same.
  21. Hi there, I have issue which is a very low priority suggestion and I know there are bigger fish to fry, but thought I’d get it on the record… The reflections of the advertising boards and barriers in wet conditions on track have a very bright colour tone when compared to boards/barriers they are reflections of - this is especially true when the session is held at a “low-light” time of day (sunrise/sunset). The reflection representation themselves in puddles and wet patches are excellent, it’s just the colour and brightness which is off. Please see the provided screen shots.
  22. I’m not sure about the longer term effects, as it’s true that’s where the other variables start coming in. Having said that, my suggestion would probably get to the bottom of the “baseline” of the car being affected by the interview answer i.e. you do it for the qualy session of the first race of season 1 only. Then start a new myteam and pick a different answer for the team rival, keeping all other choices the same; AI level, engine supplier, team “differentiator” (I think there’s a question about “what makes your team different” or something like that). Assuming you can fix the wea
  23. I agree. If they are taking away the option to change fuel mix at will, the fact that fuel mix is still in the menu (but greyed out), might mean in 2021 we have the option to change the mode if an issue occurs and we are then advised by Jeff to do so - it’s possible and could/ should be a precursor to proper STRAT modes. On the wider discussion about STRAT modes that has various impacts on ers deployment, engine modes, fuel etc - it would be great if we could have them in the game in some simplistic way and having a few modes (depending on simplified version of the variables), for
  24. It’s interesting and possible I guess - even though the r&d tree might not change, perhaps the base level of the car could be better to start with somehow? I guess the only way to find that out is to start multiple MyTeam season at the same AI, pick the same engine supplier, answer the question differently in terms of team rivals, run qualy and see if the car starts further up the grid?
  25. Apologies if not true - am not trying to spread misinformation.
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