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  1. IIRC, I think there was a video by Aarava that confirms this. When the reporter asks which team you consider your rival, your answer will put your car performance close to that team.
  2. Interesting, I have also seen blue flags for other drivers early on where they definitely haven’t been lapped (like lap 2 of a five lap race). Once I had it where the game crashes with this error code, and when I restarted the game and ranked multiplayer, it eventually put my back in the same session, so I joined as a spectator. One of the drivers who didn’t have my livery during qualy (the game made me view him in spectator mode after my qualy lap), magically had my livery, exact colour-scheme and number in the race! Have also noticed if I get the error crash, when I restart the gam
  3. Am having the same issue (posted a bug report here: For me, it only occurs in Ranked multiplayer between one-lap qualy and the race (qualy completes, you see the timing screen, then the game crashes and the error code is shown). I checked out some of the fix links, but have always kept system and game software up to date, and never changed the HDD. I always shut the PS down so it’s not that. Further, the issue has only reared it’s head after patch 1.18. And since I don’t get the issue on any other games, I do not think I need to reset the PS to factory settings. Just adding m
  4. 100% agree. After seeing this post, and out of curiosity, I let the AI take over for me during a wet one-lap qualy in Ranked multiplayer. It beat half of the guys in the session 😂
  5. Did you give it a try @PJTierney?Keen to hear what you think if you did. If you have a spare usb cable (there was one included with my pedals or LC pedal - can’t remember which box it came in), you could take the pain now and dissemble your rig and leave this cable in for easy access in the future. Dawned on me just now that as my pedals are zip tied to my Playseat challenge, I needed to fiddle about a bit to put the extra cable in to check for updates.
  6. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here.: Using PS, always seem to get error CE-34878-0. Always happens in ranked Multiplayer (I usually am playing 5 lap), immediately after completing one-lap qualy and before the race. Does not happen in any other game-mode or any other game. When the error happens the whole game crashes and I have to reload it. Platform: PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen):1.18 Game-mode?: Ranked multiplayer We need to be able to make your prob
  7. Monzie83


    When the answer doesn’t effect acclaim or a department, I would guess it does nothing. Be careful with your responses, as it’s not always positive when calling out a department - if you had issues in the race (say you scraped the wall) and the reporter asks about it, if you pick an answer that overtly or covertly implies a particular department is at fault, it will be noticed by that department in a negative light and effect motivation, build time, failure rate etc e.g. something like “the aero package wasn’t good enough”. I find it’s better to “no comment” these loaded questions - i
  8. Good to know - explains a lot with my recent experiences. I managed to get up to an S rating, but after a few mishaps from me/ others hitting into me, track limit warning and game crashes at the wrong times I’m back down to a B. Amazing how quickly it lowers the rating but is so hard to build back up. Further compounded by the fact that as your rating lowers you’re more likely to have kamikaze drivers hit you causing your rating to go down further. Some further (perhaps strange - to me at least) things to report: - I cut a corner (wheels locked up in the wet) but hit nobod
  9. Cheers for the response mate. I was really surprised to be honest as I made an extra effort to avoid others - and to drop rating percentage points after that took the biscuit. To be fair, it hasn’t happened much, but left me throughly confused. Slowly managing to claw myself up the safety ratings now. Is it true that the lobby system matches you up based on this rating? My ultimate goal is to avoid those attempting first-corner “heroics”...
  10. Hi all, Have recently been playing a fair amount of ranked multiplayer and am wondering how the safety rating is calculated - I’ve noticed a drop in my rating even though I had no incidents, penalties or small knocks into other drivers (I leave plenty of room). How is this possible? Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. I think you’re right - I do recall there were some issues at that time. I did all the challenges on the XB1 and earned it the hard way, but now I’ve switched to PS4 I don’t fancy going through that again.
  12. Ah OK, at that time I was on XB1 but have recently switched to PS4. I thought they just unlocked it for everyone full stop.
  13. A detailed description of the issue: I believe the Chromed Livery was made available to all, although I don’t have the message in my inbox. Please advise Platform: PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen): 1.18 Game-mode?: My team, multiplayer We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?: Yes, it’s not available in the liveries section of customisation, nor did I receive a mail to claim How do you make the problem happe
  14. I don’t think so; Got my pedals in Dec 20, never updated, connected to PC the a week or so ago and firmware was the latest version.
  15. I second this. Will be a very useful feature
  16. Please add the sector markings to the map displayed on-screen when sat in the cockpit.
  17. Hey @PJTierney, I quite like it because it offers resistance through all of the pedal travel and eliminates that “step” of practically zero resistance the yellow foam brings. Overall it has helped me with trail braking as I subconsciously “know” to keep some pressure applied in the release phase - in my brain “resistance = brake engaged”. The issue I had with the yellow foam was I had to set deadzone so I could rest my foot on the brake, but at the level I set there was still some brake force being applied within the travel the yellow foam presents when pressed initially, and I
  18. @jamesjuve86, I use 100% BF in the game and have BRF set to 50% on the wheel. I also set the brake dead-zone to 15, so I can rest my foot on the pedal without it registering an input. @Lakrits is right, having it at 100% gives you more control. You’ll also want to consider the black dampers you use on the brake pedal itself; you want to find the right combination of resistance and travel. I removed the yellow sponge and use 4x85, 2x65 dampers. I find the whole configuration removes the “step” in initial braking (which made it difficult to consistently brake at certain levels), it giv
  19. Hi all, Ive recently started playing multiplayer and have come across something which annoys me greatly; so I go into the unranked lobby and select a session, but if I want to exit (maybe because it’s already started and I can only spectate), it’ll only let me go back to the main menu and not the lobby screen. The extra “click and wait” is really annoying. Anyone else have this happen? I want to check it’s expected behaviour before creating a suggestion. Any help greatly appreciated - thank you, Monzie
  20. Hi there, A couple of suggestions regarding the Qualifying Practice Pace Program (QPP) that I think would be useful; 1) Let us use the MAX fuel mix mode in the QPP - as it stands fuel mixes up to RICH is available, yet (as far as I can tell) the target times are based on using the MAX fuel mix. Often this means I will marginally miss out on the target time required in QPP, but make it comfortably in the actual qualy sessions. This means I have to be “faster” in QPP than in actual qualy (with all factors being the same - engine, setup, new tyres and racing line etc), which to me makes
  21. Hi there, A small (and incredibly useful) suggestion is to send/ transmit the Personal Best Telemetry when in time trial mode. I recently downloaded a Telemetry App (SRT), and have been advised by them they cannot map/ display the PBT as it isn’t sent by the game in TT mode. Would be really useful for; - those who start using a telemetry app after having set a number of PB lap times on various circuits (probably most people). - those who are trying out various set up configurations/ racing lines to see where they are gaining/ losing time against their PB setup. I’
  22. You’re welcome Nuv. So the wheel can be used with PS, you need to make sure it’s paired with a PS compatible base. From what I’ve been told by Fanatec, for PS compatibility, it’s the base that matters - you have to make sure the base is PS compatible (make sure it says “PS” instead of “PS Ready”), and then you can use any wheel that says “PS” or “PS Ready”. For Xbox use, you have to make sure the wheel is Xbox compatible (“Xbox”) and any base should then become compatible (that says “Xbox ready”). All equipment is PC compatible. Terribly confusing... This way, it’s possible
  23. Hi Nuv, I have the Clubsport Formula v2 connected up to a PS4. I assume we’re talking about using the wheel on F1 2020, so the below is in relation to that. All the marked buttons in the picture attached correspond to the standard inputs on the PS4 as labelled in the picture, and all of these are mappable inputs on F1 2020 on PS4. In addition, the 2 thumbwheels, 2 rocker switches and 2 rotary switches also work as mappable inputs. The right joystick also works (as up/down/left/right, so the “d-pad” - I have it mapped that way). The left joystick does not work at all. I imagine i
  24. I see what you mean - the GT rim does look good for sure. You’re absolutely right, it did elevate the experience massively.
  25. Hi all, Am interested to hear how you approach the Race Strategy program (RSP), particularly with a view on if you use DRS and OT. I’ve recently completed a full season using TC assist and have decided restart a new career with all assists turned off, as well as bumping up the difficulty by 5 points (to 85) to a make it a bit more challenging, as I’ve improved as a driver marginally. In my previous career season, when running RSP I generally did not use DRS or OT if possible, as I wanted to operate the program to mirror a realistic “race scenario”, in that I might not have acces
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