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  1. For anyone else effected, I have managed to find a consistent workaround as detailed below.

    Pre-requisites to the process;

    • Do not use the standard PS4 controller at any point throughout the process, only the wheel
    • Make sure suspend game option is enabled in PS4 settings before running the process


    • Start the PS4 using the PS4 power button, not auto-turn on with the controller
    • Turn the wheel on
    • Using the wheel, log into the PS (if applicable), navigate to and start F1 2020 game
    • Once the game loads, go into the F1 2020 game menu (press any button on the wheel and wait until all connections to CodeMaster servers are made)
    • Long press the PS button on the wheel, navigate to power and put the PS4 into rest mode
    • Turn the wheel off
    • Wait until the PS4 is resting, at least 1 min
    • Turn the wheel back on
    • Turn PS4 back on using the power button on the console
    • You should now be in the game (bypassing the turning off of BLI the game does at the start), with BLI vibrations enabled
    • Enjoy 😎

    The whole process takes around 3 minutes. I find my setup disconnects randomly at times, if this happens you have to repeat the process.

  2. Hi all,

    I must admit, I do not think things are so clear-cut anymore. 

    I started the topic originally to combat the Fanatec reasoning I was given that “Microsoft limits inputs on 3rd party peripherals to that of a standard Xbox controller”, and also to inform other Fanatec Xbox users of this as most have a long-held belief that the Microsoft were to blame because of this Fanatec reasoning, because well, Logitech did it.

    Since I’ve posted this on various forums (including Fanatec’s), the discussion has been interesting and at times, difficult (particularly on the Fanatec forum, where some users are particularly aggressive), stupid (and funny - ah the excuses I’ve heard, again on the Fanatec forum…).

    Through some of these discussions, it’s not clear anymore what’s actually going on, and that Logitech being able to achieve extra inputs isn’t the “silver bullet” I thought it was going to be.

    - It is true Logitech were able to get extra buttons, a rotary and rev lights working on the G923 for Xbox. That is a fact.
    - We think they did this via creating a SDK (as explained above), and it appeared, at that time, to be Fanatec’s responsibility to get this working.
    - Simple enough. However, this then comment appeared on the Fanatec forum recently, which if true, might explain some Microsoft culpability in the situation; “I dealt with a customer complaints specialist from Microsoft for 4 days before they closed my case without a solution. Not being happy about this I wrote back to Microsofts CEO citing my disappointment and was passed to an Executive from Customer Escalation. This person informed me that Microsoft were aware of the limitations in their product in working with Fanatec's SDK and that they hoped to be able to provide a solution soon.” (https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/comment/67151#Comment_67151). 
    - On the same Fanatec Forum thread above I also hear (which kind of backs up the above point), that ‘Microsoft need to open up Xbox limitations so that the Fanatec SDK can be implemented’. If this is true did Microsoft do this for Logitech and are leaving Fanatec in the dark? It doesn’t make sense commercially. And how did Logitech get around this if not given a “pass” by Microsoft? 

    So many questions, and so many versions of the “truth”… I genuinely do not know who or what to believe anymore. All I know is it can be done.

    What we really need is someone to fill us in on the roles and responsibilities of the entities involved and general flow of activities in getting this working.

     @PJTierney or anyone else reading - do you know anyone who might be able to fill in the blanks/ make sense of all the above?

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  3. On 6/14/2021 at 12:01 AM, Exasperated said:

    Is that what you're actually seeing while playing the game or have you forced that solarization  effect to emphasise the problem areas

    The images are not altered/ touched up at all (apart from where I put the circles in). Obviously photos are a tad different to how your eyes see it (if anything the environmental lighting is darker to my eyes than in the pictures), but the main thrust of the point I’m making is there a marked difference in lighting of the boards/ environment and their reflections in the water - you can see what I meant by the reflections look “backlit”.

    As I’ve mentioned it is much more noticeable in the lowest environmental light conditions like sunset and sunrise, rather than a midday session (the last 3 photos I posted).

    If you mainly play career mode or My Team, probably won’t be as much of an issue as the sessions will all have official start times (which are usually at times where light is bright) - it is much more likely in Ranked multiplayer where start times and track conditions are random.

    Have a go in Grand Prix mode in Canada for example. Set the weather to be very wet, and the session start time to sunset - you might get a shock…

    Should have added I’m on PS, not sure if this is an issue on Xbox/ PC.

  4. Hi there,

    I have issue which is a very low priority suggestion and I know there are bigger fish to fry, but thought I’d get it on the record…

    The reflections of the advertising boards and barriers in wet conditions on track have a very bright colour tone when compared to boards/barriers they are reflections of - this is especially true when the session is held at a “low-light” time of day (sunrise/sunset).

    The reflection representation themselves in puddles and wet patches are excellent, it’s just the colour and brightness which is off.

    Please see the provided screen shots.

    From what I’ve seen, it seems the reflection colour palette and brightness is fixed to that of a fairly bright level, and doesn’t seem to flex with the environmental lighting conditions that much - when the environmental light is particularly low (as in the first set of screenshots), it looks as though the reflections are “backlit”and really bright, which just looks off. It’s less noticeable in higher light conditions (very wet, midday - last 3 photos) as the environmental light drowns it out a bit more, but it looks as though the colour and brightness of the reflections is roughly the same, and is still noticeable on red and yellow boards.

    The reflection of an actual object that is emitting light however (black flag boxes) is nicely represented.

    Hopefully this can be fixed in the 2021 game, if not already.

    Should also add I’m on PS, not sure if this is an issue on Xbox/PC.

    All the best.













  5. On 6/9/2021 at 1:19 PM, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I'm sure there's more variables but it'd be impossible to test whether your interview answers make any difference just by comparing your lap time against the AI in quali

    I’m not sure about the longer term effects, as it’s true that’s where the other variables start coming in.

    Having said that, my suggestion would probably get to the bottom of the “baseline” of the car being affected by the interview answer i.e. you do it for the qualy session of the first race of season 1 only. Then start a new myteam and pick a different answer for the team rival, keeping all other choices the same; AI level, engine supplier, team “differentiator” (I think there’s a question about “what makes your team different” or something like that).

    Assuming you can fix the weather to be the same (which I think is an option) and you run the same racing lines and braking points, you should be able roughly see if the car finishes up higher up the grid as a result of your “team rival” answer or am I thinking to simply about this?

  6. On 6/7/2021 at 6:35 PM, petro1319 said:

    I don't like the change if that's the case.   I was OK with the ERS change last year because it responds more to how things really work.  I don't like the idea of removing the fuel mix settings though.  We know the engineers on the pit wall and drivers can change settings to increase engine power and technically therefore fuel usage as well.  I mean, we see/hear the calls all race long from the teams telling the drivers to adjust settings, or from the driver's requesting for more power when chasing down the leader.   So because they can't find a way for it to work logically in the game we're just going to remove it?  Not a fan of that decision at all.

    I agree.

    If they are taking away the option to change fuel mix at will, the fact that fuel mix is still in the menu (but greyed out), might mean in 2021 we have the option to change the mode if an issue occurs and we are then advised by Jeff to do so - it’s possible and could/ should be a precursor to proper STRAT modes.

    On 6/8/2021 at 6:01 AM, Krisperfectline said:

    I think strat modes are different to engine modes, which I think we are not seeing things in black and white. 

    On the wider discussion about STRAT modes that has various impacts on ers deployment, engine modes, fuel etc - it would be great if we could have them in the game in some simplistic way and having a few modes (depending on simplified version of the variables), for example;

    Mode 1: normal engine, normal ERS

    Mode 2: reduced engine, normal ERS

    Mode 3. normal engine, reduced ERS

    Mode 4: reduced engine and ERS

    And only having the option to change them when instructed i.e. we have a engine problem, Jeff says “change to STRAT 2”, menu allow us to make the change.

    If we don’t change it in good time, then the problem worsens, the parts are damaged quicker, eventually leading to a breakdown in due time.

    That should be possible surely and perhaps they’ll figure out a way for this in a future patch?

    Fully take on the point about ERS being deployed at certain levels in a pre-set way for certain corners/straights - that would be fairly complex to achieve.

  7. 9 hours ago, DRTApophis said:

    But you know what? Who knows if CM actually hided some extra stuff in there or not, it's just that I don't think they would go that far

    It’s interesting and possible I guess - even though the r&d tree might not change, perhaps the base level of the car could be better to start with somehow?

    I guess the only way to find that out is to start multiple MyTeam season at the same AI, pick the same engine supplier, answer the question differently in terms of team rivals, run qualy and see if the car starts further up the grid? 

  8. 33 minutes ago, DRTApophis said:

    I strongly believe that that was misunderstood, because I couldn't find any evidence in the game files that suggests that, not to mention the R&D progress comparison table in the game shows nothing different when you answer that specific question differently. 

    Apologies if not true - am not trying to spread misinformation. 

  9. 4 hours ago, CS21 said:

    I have the feeling that the answers you give in the interview before the first season do not only affect your position in the field and how far your sections are pre developed. It also effects the behaviour of the car in a way not seen on the screen.

    IIRC, I think there was a video by Aarava that confirms this. When the reporter asks which team you consider your rival, your answer will put your car performance close to that team.

  10. 2 hours ago, mikakatzi said:

    In addition I’m getting additions problems:

    - blue flags issue at the start of a race

    - at a certain point my name was changed to the one of another player (it was shown twice) and I was racing with my car without sponsors, with a different driver. 

    Interesting, I have also seen blue flags for other drivers early on where they definitely haven’t been lapped (like lap 2 of a five lap race).

    Once I had it where the game crashes with this error code, and when I restarted the game and ranked multiplayer, it eventually put my back in the same session, so I joined as a spectator. One of the drivers who didn’t have my livery during qualy (the game made me view him in spectator mode after my qualy lap), magically had my livery, exact colour-scheme and number in the race!

    Have also noticed if I get the error crash, when I restart the game and ranked multiplayer it always put me in a lobby by myself a few times 🤔

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  11. Am having the same issue (posted a bug report here:

    For me, it only occurs in Ranked multiplayer between one-lap qualy and the race (qualy completes, you see the timing screen, then the game crashes and the error code is shown). 

    I checked out some of the fix links, but have always kept system and game software up to date, and never changed the HDD. I always shut the PS down so it’s not that. Further, the issue has only reared it’s head after patch 1.18. And since I don’t get the issue on any other games, I do not think I need to reset the PS to factory settings. 

    Just adding my 2 cents and will keep an eye out as can see this is with the devs 👍🏽




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  12. On 6/1/2021 at 10:41 AM, steviejay69 said:

    Great suggestion. We should adopt 0%AI for players pausing the game in MP sessions.


    100% agree. After seeing this post, and out of curiosity, I let the AI take over for me during a wet one-lap qualy in Ranked multiplayer. It beat half of the guys in the session 😂

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  13. On 5/15/2021 at 5:57 PM, PJTierney said:

    I've just bought some new hardware and am doing firmware updates, so seems like a good time to try this too 🙂 

    Did you give it a try @PJTierney?Keen to hear what you think if you did.

    On 5/15/2021 at 5:57 PM, PJTierney said:

    but accessing the USB port of my pedals requires me to disassemble half my rig

    If you have a spare usb cable (there was one included with my pedals or LC pedal - can’t remember which box it came in), you could take the pain now and dissemble your rig and leave this cable in for easy access in the future. Dawned on me just now that as my pedals are zip tied to my Playseat challenge, I needed to fiddle about a bit to put the extra cable in to check for updates.

    • A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here.Using PS, always seem to get error CE-34878-0. Always happens in ranked Multiplayer (I usually am playing 5 lap), immediately after completing one-lap qualy and before the race. Does not happen in any other game-mode or any other game. When the error happens the whole game crashes and I have to reload it.
    • Platform: PS4
    • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen):1.18 
    • Game-mode?: Ranked multiplayer
    • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?: I can’t make the issue happen at will, it sporadically happens, more so recently and much more frequently. The issue always happens in Ranked multiplayer and after immediately completing one-lap qualy and before the race. Issue does not happen in any other game mode (as far as I can tell), nor any other game.
    • How do you make the problem happen?: N/A - it just does (always after one-lap qualy)
    • What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue: Checked PS4 help (https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/error-codes/ps4/ce-34878-0/), and have made sure all system and game software is the the latest version. Have also deleted and reinstalled the game. Have not upgraded HDD so it’s not that.
    • What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc): Fanatec CSL elite wheelbase, Fanatec Fromula v2 rim, Fanatec CSL elite LC pedals.
    • Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: Can take a screenshot if needed but is a standard PS4 error message.  
    • Any assistance greatly appreciated as it happens now about 4-5 times in a 2-3 hour window of playing. I Also notice I lose skill level, and in some cases safety rating as a result! I would also add that on PS4 notifications area, I am seeing more upload errors for F1 2020 - maybe this has something to do with this? I have super fast and very stable broadband, so not sure if it’s a bug in my Codemaster account somewhere?
  14. 5 hours ago, morpheus47 said:

    Instead of making a new topic ill ask another question here. Well because it's about interviews when a department shows in your answer is it positive Like durability for example? When your answer don't effect acclaim or department what does it do? I know when she asks about rivals that's just picking your rival.

    When the answer doesn’t effect acclaim or a department, I would guess it does nothing.

    Be careful with your responses, as it’s not always positive when calling out a department - if you had issues in the race (say you scraped the wall) and the reporter asks about it, if you pick an answer that overtly or covertly implies a particular department is at fault, it will be noticed by that department in a negative light and effect motivation, build time, failure rate etc e.g. something like “the aero package wasn’t good enough”.

    I find it’s better to “no comment” these loaded questions - it would be good if there was an option for “it’s my fault” but hey ho... I’m not sure what the effect of this is, but imo better to say nothing then call out a department.

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    14 hours ago, Fionnlagh said:


    You also get dinged for multiple warnings even if you aren't given a penalty

    Good to know - explains a lot with my recent experiences.

    I managed to get up to an S rating, but after a few mishaps from me/ others hitting into me, track limit warning and game crashes at the wrong times I’m back down to a B.

    Amazing how quickly it lowers the rating but is so hard to build back up. Further compounded by the fact that as your rating lowers you’re more likely to have kamikaze drivers hit you causing your rating to go down further. 

    Some further (perhaps strange - to me at least) things to report:

    - I cut a corner (wheels locked up in the wet) but hit nobody in the race or any other track limit warnings. Got a 2 second penalty and safety rating percentage went down a whopping 60%. (Makes sense if rating is lowered for track limits)

    - game crashes in between qualifying and race, safety rating goes down 10% after a perfect next race (no collisions or track limit warnings)

    - overtaking someone in the middle of the straight and well before braking zone, they’re on the racing line, I’m not, I hold my line but leave plenty of room, they ram me off and I crash, my safety rating goes down 15%

    I can understand why the track limit warnings might lower safety rating but it shouldn’t be so much. And it’s bonkers that it lowers my rating if the game crashes through no fault of my own.

    I want to get my rating back up to an A - the drivers in those lobbies raced much safer and it was much more enjoyable even though I was always in the middle of the pack.

  16. 1 hour ago, KNT2011 said:

    It's knackered mate it's an absolute joke. 

    Get penged off the track at a chicane you'll lose 8+ points. run a clean race finish where you started you'll gain 1. 

    Unless you can run way out front and qualify pole, you'll be c/d safety like 90% of the player base. There is no way out. 

    Cheers for the response mate.

    I was really surprised to be honest as I made an extra effort to avoid others - and to drop rating percentage points after that took the biscuit. To be fair, it hasn’t happened much, but left me throughly confused.

    Slowly managing to claw myself up the safety ratings now.

    Is it true that the lobby system matches you up based on this rating? My ultimate goal is to avoid those attempting first-corner “heroics”...

  17. Hi all,

    Have recently been playing a fair amount of ranked multiplayer and am wondering how the safety rating is calculated - I’ve noticed a drop in my rating even though I had no incidents, penalties or small knocks into other drivers (I leave plenty of room).

    How is this possible?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  18. 15 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    It was only given because of a bug that preventing people who were working towards it from earning it. If I remember correctly it was sent via a message at the time but I think all in-game messages have an expiry date after which they are deleted. I think I remember having to claim it in this way.

    I think you’re right - I do recall there were some issues at that time. I did all the challenges on the XB1 and earned it the hard way, but now I’ve switched to PS4 I don’t fancy going through that again.

    • A detailed description of the issue: I believe the Chromed Livery was made available to all, although I don’t have the message in my inbox. Please advise
    • Platform: PS4
    • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen): 1.18
    • Game-mode?: My team, multiplayer
    • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?: Yes, it’s not available in the liveries section of customisation, nor did I receive a mail to claim
    • How do you make the problem happen?: Just exists
    • What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue: Have deleted and re-installed the game
    • What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc): N/A
    • Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.: N/A
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