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  1. Hey @PJTierney, I quite like it because it offers resistance through all of the pedal travel and eliminates that “step” of practically zero resistance the yellow foam brings. Overall it has helped me with trail braking as I subconsciously “know” to keep some pressure applied in the release phase - in my brain “resistance = brake engaged”. The issue I had with the yellow foam was I had to set deadzone so I could rest my foot on the brake, but at the level I set there was still some brake force being applied within the travel the yellow foam presents when pressed initially, and I
  2. @jamesjuve86, I use 100% BF in the game and have BRF set to 50% on the wheel. I also set the brake dead-zone to 15, so I can rest my foot on the pedal without it registering an input. @Lakrits is right, having it at 100% gives you more control. You’ll also want to consider the black dampers you use on the brake pedal itself; you want to find the right combination of resistance and travel. I removed the yellow sponge and use 4x85, 2x65 dampers. I find the whole configuration removes the “step” in initial braking (which made it difficult to consistently brake at certain levels), it giv
  3. Hi all, Ive recently started playing multiplayer and have come across something which annoys me greatly; so I go into the unranked lobby and select a session, but if I want to exit (maybe because it’s already started and I can only spectate), it’ll only let me go back to the main menu and not the lobby screen. The extra “click and wait” is really annoying. Anyone else have this happen? I want to check it’s expected behaviour before creating a suggestion. Any help greatly appreciated - thank you, Monzie
  4. Hi there, A couple of suggestions regarding the Qualifying Practice Pace Program (QPP) that I think would be useful; 1) Let us use the MAX fuel mix mode in the QPP - as it stands fuel mixes up to RICH is available, yet (as far as I can tell) the target times are based on using the MAX fuel mix. Often this means I will marginally miss out on the target time required in QPP, but make it comfortably in the actual qualy sessions. This means I have to be “faster” in QPP than in actual qualy (with all factors being the same - engine, setup, new tyres and racing line etc), which to me makes
  5. Hi there, A small (and incredibly useful) suggestion is to send/ transmit the Personal Best Telemetry when in time trial mode. I recently downloaded a Telemetry App (SRT), and have been advised by them they cannot map/ display the PBT as it isn’t sent by the game in TT mode. Would be really useful for; - those who start using a telemetry app after having set a number of PB lap times on various circuits (probably most people). - those who are trying out various set up configurations/ racing lines to see where they are gaining/ losing time against their PB setup. I’
  6. You’re welcome Nuv. So the wheel can be used with PS, you need to make sure it’s paired with a PS compatible base. From what I’ve been told by Fanatec, for PS compatibility, it’s the base that matters - you have to make sure the base is PS compatible (make sure it says “PS” instead of “PS Ready”), and then you can use any wheel that says “PS” or “PS Ready”. For Xbox use, you have to make sure the wheel is Xbox compatible (“Xbox”) and any base should then become compatible (that says “Xbox ready”). All equipment is PC compatible. Terribly confusing... This way, it’s possible
  7. Hi Nuv, I have the Clubsport Formula v2 connected up to a PS4. I assume we’re talking about using the wheel on F1 2020, so the below is in relation to that. All the marked buttons in the picture attached correspond to the standard inputs on the PS4 as labelled in the picture, and all of these are mappable inputs on F1 2020 on PS4. In addition, the 2 thumbwheels, 2 rocker switches and 2 rotary switches also work as mappable inputs. The right joystick also works (as up/down/left/right, so the “d-pad” - I have it mapped that way). The left joystick does not work at all. I imagine i
  8. I see what you mean - the GT rim does look good for sure. You’re absolutely right, it did elevate the experience massively.
  9. Hi all, Am interested to hear how you approach the Race Strategy program (RSP), particularly with a view on if you use DRS and OT. I’ve recently completed a full season using TC assist and have decided restart a new career with all assists turned off, as well as bumping up the difficulty by 5 points (to 85) to a make it a bit more challenging, as I’ve improved as a driver marginally. In my previous career season, when running RSP I generally did not use DRS or OT if possible, as I wanted to operate the program to mirror a realistic “race scenario”, in that I might not have acces
  10. OK, seems like this is expected behaviour. Hopefully this is something that can be looked into for future patches/releases @BarryBL? Do let me know if I need to submit some kind or form please.
  11. I guess my point was more around how the QPP wants me to do a (albeit) realistic Qualy time using a sub-standard fuel mix and was wondering if anyone else had this issue. If QPP is to be realistic it should let me use Max fuel mix and keep the realistic target time OR adjust the target time to be lower to compensate for only being able to use Rich fuel mix (as my time will definitely be slower on this)?
  12. Hi all, wondering if any of you have this issue. I play as Mercedes in my career mode, 85% difficulty, 50% races and with no assists. I struggle with the Qualy pace program (QPP) particularly with exceededing the target time. My setup is exactly the same and use brand new softs used for QPP and Qualy (Q). for example, Australia; In P3, QPP wants 1:22.5 to meet my target of 3rd. Q1 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.9. Q2 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.6. Q3 - Fastest AI sets a 1:22.2. So on the face of it the time required in QPP (1:22.5) is about right for 3rd. However
  13. @Rango, when you say MVH F1 wheel, do you mean the new quick release wheels they’re planning to announce soon, or do you mean their F1 rims/mods? In either case, it might be better to wait and see to what level the RS30 and new MVH wheels are supported in F1 - should be able to get confirmation from Codemasters fairly easily once they are released. If neither are supported (or supported at the minimum level - same as the G920), then getting an MVH rim might be the way to go. Would also add, it looks as though the RS30 has a standard button set. The only inputs that may not be support
  14. Which wheel? If it is one that’s supported in the game, it would surely have a button mapped for this. Otherwise, as Exasperated has said you can use your controller alongside your wheel in the car setup areas. Having said that, I would recommend turning off the controller before you get on track - I’ve had the game switch to the controller on me in the middle of the session which has caused me issues with my inputs of my wheel.
  15. That was probably me. When I owned the wheel, it was recognised in the game as Fanatec Universal Hub on first connection. Worked fine like that, although later I changed it to Logitech G920 (just in case it worked better). That also worked fine, and the same as the Fanatec Universal Hub (I couldn’t feel any difference between the two). Either make no difference when it comes to extra buttons/dial/rev light support. If you’re playing on Xbox, you should be aware that Logitech have created the software to support the wheel fully, Codemasters have not utilised this in the F1 202
  16. I have the opposite problem with my Fanatec ClubSport v2 rotaries on PS4 - they are initially slow to respond, then suddenly too responsive. So I have mine mapped to Brake Balance - you have to turn it a a few times to “activate it”, then is super responsive so have to be very careful!
  17. One thing I’m not too keen on, is the fake switches that exist on the old Ferrari rim. I wonder if this wheel will have those as it’s not too clear from the picture. Although from that last picture posted above, it looks like a proper switch.
  18. Good point, I forgot about needing to add the podium paddle module for clutch functionality on Fanatec. I guess my thinking was it is more directly comparable (because of the amount of inputs/ build quality/ aesthetics etc) to Fanatec gear than the Logitech. So in the context of limited inputs on Fanatec gear, if this wheel is supported, it may push Fanatec into sorting the issue out.
  19. Thank you. The main thing I’d be interested in is all the extra buttons/ dials/ switches above that of a standard Xbox controller. I should have said - I’ve heard there is no Fanatec SDK to support additional features on their wheels, which is why the input limitations exist on their wheels on Xbox. So as an effected user, it will be interesting to see if this Thrustmaster one does have the additional features supported on Xbox (game depending of course). I know Logitech G923 has features such as additional buttons, a dial, and rev lights already working on certain Xbox games (becaus
  20. It will be interesting to see to what level the functionality of this wheel is supported on consoles, as clearly there is a market for this type of thing on consoles (as fanatec proves). Other than that, at first glance it certainly looks like a good piece of kit. Unfortunately, I’ve recently bought Fanatec gear so will be on that for a while. I will watch that with keen interest as there are known issues with Fanatec gear being supported on Xbox - things like buttons/ dials/ switches and rev lights not being supported.
  21. Thanks for the input @PJTierney, the more examples of this type of thing we can gather, the better 👍🏽
  22. @XrodneyX I see you’re on Thrustmaster gear. I’ve heard some of their wheels support additional buttons (over a standard Xbox controller) - is this true? For example, I’ve heard on the Ferrari rim, all the buttons, dials etc are supported on Xbox. Can only speak for the CSL Elite + wheelbase, and Clubsport Formula v2 wheel. I had a Logitech G920/G923. Using all these on Xbox. The immersion of the Fanatec is worlds apart. The “drive” I found is much more smooth, realistic and responsive, not to mention stronger and more detailed FFB. CSL LC pedals also much much better than the Logitech
  23. Super - thank you for confirming that it does work on ACC for Xbox and for the video also! It all worked when I had the wheel (from release) but didn’t realise how much of an issue this was until I switched to Fanatec gear and sold my G923 wheel in December. Would have made a video of it all working if I knew what I do now then. I searched far and wide for video evidence and in the end got in touch with the buyer to make one!
  24. @TKN42 @HamishOK Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox - please see the linked post: Proof of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working on Xbox.
  25. @BadFlounder Additional inputs are possible but Fanatec need to create some software to make it work - please see the linked post: Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working on Xbox.
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