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  1. I asked this in another dedicated thread and got no traction, but did anyone find Singapore AI in MyTeam to be unreasonably fast. Development tasks also seem to be next to impossible to achieve while I have no problem with them elsewhere.
  2. A proper manual for this game would be really useful. It's annoying to not know how things work.
  3. It looks like facility has to be upgraded to the first level on all characteristics and to the second level on one at least. This does NOT include resource point generation as I had that upgraded to level 2 preciously and it did not make the facility spec 2.
  4. Thanks! There are two possible answers here though. One is that it's getting any upgrade to second level within a department to get a higher spec and the other is that 4 upgrades = spec increase.
  5. Question for those running a MyTeam career: how do you get a Spec 2 facility? Is it a certain amount of upgrades? I can see that mine are mostly Spec 1 and upgrade progress is something like 4/12.
  6. I am doing 25% races and I have not done any upgrades for durability (throwing everything into chassis and aero). I am on round 14 of season 1 now so I was able to replace my gearbox twice with no penalty, every six races, but it was only about 50% worn if I remember correctly. So there must be something going on that causes so much wear in your case. Perhaps it's the engine make? I am using a Ferrari power unit. Other than that, it might be the way you shift gears, perhaps downshifting too fast or hitting the rev limiter a lot. Do you use manual gear switching?
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