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  1. I can confirm the bugs mentioned by @Bicarda are in-game and I have been witness to all of them. I don't know what development model Codemasters are using, I would highly suggest they move to sprint based development, a 2-4 week sprint would be great for the game and the developers themselves. This would give the developers clear tasks to be done and for when, streamlining deployment and updates. The sprint would incorporate pm, planning, development, testing and in the end deployment. We as the community will have something to be based off knowing when every sprint will be deplo
  2. I made a similiar post today: But now i found this post. It is very straightforward to implement new flags into the game the code is there everything is there all they need to do is add a couple of images which should be a few minutes of work for a good developer. I can't have Albania Bosnia or Macedonia which I consider all my countries and it is frustrating because other people used flags as memes and I can't represent any of my countries
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