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  1. I cna log in and everything, but when I try to go into the MT it just says LOADING... and won't load. plus, I have lost all of my points, had over 19,000 now have 250. Uninstalled and reinstalled.
  2. today at 12 noon CST, a video will be leased by the maker of 1.4, so today may be the launch day for that update.
  3. RomanBrady

    Adding Real F1 trophies

    I was wondering if this will happen? none of the trophies look like the authentic trophies.
  4. so it's only for MT and Career mode.
  5. do you need Frosty Manager for this? and will it work with 2020?
  6. thank you so much. have you tried it? does it work?
  7. now where can I find it? and do you know how much it will cost to get?
  8. RomanBrady

    Hello All!

    just wanted to say hi. pre-ordered F1 2020 and have not only became a HUGE fan, but now watch F1 racing because of the game. LOL you all have a great day.