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  1. Tornado1v1

    Bad drivers

    I wonder if the reporting system actually works at all...
  2. Tornado1v1

    Well this looks promising!

    I just had a duel a moment ago, and it seems with the ghosting system, the other unfair driver still tries to take me out even with such a system to prevent that. And the ghosting works only a few times before they actually get what they want, and that is to take me out and take away the points that were not well deserved... especially in the Esports leagues.
  3. Tornado1v1

    Well this looks promising!

    I actually enjoy the wheel to wheel racing against another driver, it just really rare at this point in time.
  4. Tornado1v1

    Esports challenge impossible?

    yep... they just stop at turns 4 and 5 at Austin stacking up the cars behind them... I get a good start from the back of the pack going wide on turn 1 to carry some speed into the high-speed corners, I manage to dodge under full acceleration going into turns 2 and 3... then cars are stacked up on 4 and 5 and sometimes even 6 because of the Ferrari's...
  5. Tornado1v1

    Well this looks promising!

    Some players are using this ghosting to their own advantage by triggering the ghosting and driving through me... this defeats the purpose of defending a position really... Codemasters need to penalise the player who triggered the ghosting and actually drives inside the other car or within the car's hitbox.
  6. Tornado1v1

    Well this looks promising!

    Ok.. this is the first steps to fair gameplay... I understand that. But I had a grid start at Suzuka, and when the lights went out the other driver instantly tried to take me out, so I was like "huh, let's see if this ghosting works...", then going into First Turn, they decided to break check me which I had partially anticipated but my R&D setup was not set for high braking setup resulting in a ram into his back and triggering the ghost mode, however, it was a little bit too late for the ghost mode as I had already accidentally rammed into his back. Next going into turns 3 and 4 of the S curves, I had an opening to overtake them going wide on turn 4 but they decided to turn into me while I was half a cars length beside them, then thank goodness the ghosting was triggered but half a second later the ghosting disappeared and I was inside of their car and it sends me flying...
  7. Tornado1v1

    AI ferraris

    Is it just me or are AI Ferrari drivers both Leclerc and Vettel whenever they are in front of me in duels they always break early or speed through entry and break hard mid of a corner... I always now try to anticipate these weird logics but they always find a way to get into my way..
  8. Is it me, or is it just the Ferrari's always gets in the way when racing Duel or Sprints...?

  9. Tornado1v1

    Bad drivers

    I don't get it how I sometimes get penalised for contact when braking for a corner and the other driver just uses me as their brakes and ram into my back at speed, this causes the game to penalise me for contact slowing my engines down and also if there was a wall on the corner I'd get rammed into it and sometimes even forcing me to retire from damage. I seem to see more chaotic drivers in elite 4 than the leagues prior. Hope Codemasters does something in the future to filter out drivers.