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  1. Yo dude chill I’m just voicing my opinion idoyt. You don’t need to write a thesis on it holy moly it’s not the end of the world I said something bad about a virtual racing league that won’t mean a thing once we all inevitably die. Anyway I hope you do well in life Qman. Not you Hkoo. (THATS A JOKE LEARN TO TAKE ONE IDOT)
  2. I don’t recommend joining this league. Raced it for the first season then left, races are boring, drivers are inactive and streamer is annoying.
  3. Doesn’t have to be around the time specified but would be preferred, any australian league would be fine 🙂
  4. discord link isn’t valid?
  5. hey i’ve sent you a friend request on discord with the name sirjoshie, hoping for a discord invite :)