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  1. No I kind of fell out of love with the game as I was on Vietnam and just wasn’t fun.
  2. Yeah I understand you mate. I just did Australia in my second season, and really enjoyed it because fast turns track, and the last turn isn't too hard. But other tracks on the calendar just aren't enjoyable due to the turns that the tracks have. Don't know whether I need to improve or it's not a perfect wheel for F1.
  3. In what way mate? That it’s a lot of work to get round the hairpin?
  4. I had a feeling the feel of the wheel was changing but couldn’t be certain. In my opinion, G920 feels so much more hard work than other wheels for F1 that it’s just not built for it.
  5. Thanks for the settings. Feels better than what I had before. For Abu Dhabi hairpin at the bottom, is that a tough turn for you on the wheel? Like gets a bit uncomfortable the position you do to get the wheel to turn to make the hairpin?
  6. I'm using a Logitech G920 and last few races I have done on the calendar, I feel that it is incredibly difficult to do hairpin turns and the slow corners, and when looking at other players using a wheel on YouTube and Twitch, they are barely turning the wheel they are using and making turns easily. In Logitech G Hub I have following settings: Operating Range: 360 Sensitivity: 50 Centering Spring Strength: 0 In game settings I have not changed as can't find any other forum posts about this. *I tried to bring the operating range down, but then the car would hard t
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