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  1. killergarden1

    New XBOX Consoles

    Great, thank you!
  2. killergarden1

    New XBOX Consoles

    Hi, I have F1 2020 on my XBOX one s. I'm planning to buy the new series s and I wanted to know if: 1. Do I get a free update to the new console? 2. Does the game get any updates for the new consoles? maybe like better graphics... Thx
  3. killergarden1

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    Ok, thanks for the advice. Do u think that the fact that my gear up and clutch are the same button, affects my gearbox?
  4. killergarden1

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    1. getting about 3 events with one gearbox instead of 5-6. 2. Xbox 3. 1.07 4. full qualifying and 50% race on my team career mode (22 race season). 5. NA 6. tried to search for a solution and didn't find any and tried to change shifting "style". 7. Logitech G920 I also run manual shifting.
  5. killergarden1

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    Hi, @BarryBL I also have the same gearbox issue but my braking and shifting down buttons aren’t the same, the problem is not that u can’t finish a race because of the gearbox. But that the gearbox for some reason takes about 25% of my gearbox wear per race which gives me about 3 races with the same gearbox. I have the exact same setup as f1 2019 and I didn’t have that problem. I believe that the problem is with u (codemasters) other then me, otherwise I would have had the same problem in 2019. And also it can’t be gearbox upgrade because they don’t have that impact and u can get even with 0 gearbox upgrades around 5 events.
  6. killergarden1

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    I have a major gearbox wear issues. I have Xbox one and I use the Logitech g920 wheel. In my team I’m in monza (season one) and I already used 5 gearboxes, every gearbox lasts around 2-3 events (manual gears) which is ridiculous, in f1 2019 I didn’t have this problem so the problem is not my driving style or flashbacks. This issue really effects the gameplay experience and i will probably have either to start over my team and hopefully this should fix it (to remind u I’m more then half way through the season so it really sucks) or i will have to retire from a lot of races just to complete the season because I don’t have enough gearboxes available. This needs to be fixed ASAP and if there is any info i can provide to help i will gladly deliver it.