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    Free play access

    Cheers! Yeah I have internet access just not all the time so downloading DLC is no problem. Im just concerned will I be able to access it in freeplay without being connected?
  2. HAMW05WC2014

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Can anyone confirm for certain that internet connection isn’t required for freeplay? If this is the case I may keep hold if it as I do love the game itself, Its such a dissapointment that this has overshadowed the release. I think it was ignorant decision making and almost shady of Codies not to have made this well known before release.
  3. HAMW05WC2014

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I think it is such a shame that Codies have made this decision to make career online only. (I believe freeplay can be played offline is that correct??) I lost a lot of faith in them today and its even more frustrating because the game itself is amazing and yet they instantly ruin the longevity of it by making online requirements. What about in a few years time, Will the game become unplayable after the servers are no longer supported? What about people that dont always have a reliable internet connection or internet fullstop? Are all future Codies racing titles going to require an internet connection for singleplayer use? Unless this decision is reversed down the line. Im afraid to say it will be my last Codies title and I have been a long time fan. Bought every CM/Dirt game, Toca, Grid and all the F1 games since 2010. Tired of games developers making online connectivity essential for singleplayer content. Genuinely never expected Codemasters to follow suit.