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  1. 31 minutes ago, Lewis44TheWin said:

    Lol. It looks like one of those fake bullet hole stickers.


    It really does! Its going to drive my ocd nuts until its fixed. 😅 the livery does look amazing though. 

  2. Just installed mine on xbox, dissapointed to notice a glitch with the merc livery almost immediately. In cockpit view there is a giant bolt under the windscreen on the chassis to the right of the steering wheel. 😕

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  3. 2 hours ago, torque99uk said:

    You aren't in a championship are you i.e race 2 or 3?


    The first race the car is gleaming the next races in the mini championship carry over the damage you done on your first. Check to see if you have clean car on the first race 👍

    Hi Torque, No im afraid not, Progressive damage through rounds would be cool, I like it in Dirt 2.0. But in both career and free play in the first race the cars always look really roughed up all over and it really looks silly I think and takes away from the aesthetics of the car itself. I do hope it is a glitch.

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  4. As the title asks, I noticed every pre race cut scene the cars look trashed. Just the paint work and livery though. Is this intentional or a glitch? I personally really don't like it as it ruins the aesthetic appeal for me, Its the whole car covered in big scratches etc. I knows it an arcade racer but I still like to race cleanly and admire the cars, The already trashed look is really off putting. Anyone else bothered by this or just lil old me? 🙂

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  5. 32 minutes ago, ebarbs27 said:

    There's a bug on Greece when playing during daytime (clear) where the brightness of every car's lights (headlights, brake lights and in-car gear counter) are very dim. On some cars, it is impossible to see the gear counter!?page=2

    Noticed the same issue in Greece on daytime clear, Can't see the led gear counter in cockpit view with certain cars. Notably the Polo R5, Fabia R5, 2007 Impreza, Citroen C4 and 1995 Impreza. Fairly certain more cars are affected as well. Just tried Greece on sunset cloudy and can see the gear display so I am assuming it is limited to daytime setting. On Xbox 1 X.

  6. 3 minutes ago, ebarbs27 said:

    Hi @PJTierney

    There's a bug on Greece when playing during daytime where the brightness of every car's lights (headlights, brake lights and in-car gear counter) are very dim. On some cars, it is impossible to see the gear counter!

    The brake lights in Greece


    The brake lights in Germany


    Noticed this as well, any car with an led gear display in cockpit view is too dark or can't be seen at all. 

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  7. Love this game and really glad Greece is back, It looks great. However I noticed almost immediately that the gears in cockpit view are not displaying in the Polo R5 or seem really dark and have noticed it with the Fabia R5 and 2007 Impreza also. Has anyone else noticed this? I should say I have tried other cars with no issues so it seems to be limited to certain cars.

  8. This game is addictive! More satisfying than ever before when your in the groove flying along stages. I was supposed to come off it hours ago after being on it most of the day as well and 1 last rally has been... well many more. So good! Free play is awesome and the difficulty slider is a great addition. 👍

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  9. 6 minutes ago, bogani said:

    Full means you will be experiencing the worst possible degradation. 

    Authentic will give you whatever your road position allows. Far back will be degraded, far in front will be better. First few loose though. 

    Optimal gives you perfect conditions. 

    Cheers 👍 So if I want the most realistic sim experience I assume authentic is best option then? I have just left it at default on full so far but was beggining to wonder more the more familiar I become with the game.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Voidhawk said:

    At the start of your stage it tells you the running order. Check out how many (in your class) are running before you. The split time for sectors during the stage only take account of those who ran before you. This is why you saw a discrepancy. If you were last in running order you’d see everyone’s times during the stage. If you were first you’d only see your own time and all sectors would be green even if the majority beat you.

    Cheers! Much appreciated! 👍 

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  11. If someone could please enlighten me here it would be much appreciated.... I love rallying but am not very clued up on the technical side, so I am confused by the rally stage/split times, so I have noticed a few times now but for example I just finished a rally and as I cross the finish it says 20 secs highlighted in green. Then it says I win so I assume that was the gap, but then the result board says I won by 10 secs, so a bit confused 😕 

  12. Sorry in advance if slightly off topic but was wondering if anyone could please enlighten me on the GT4 rally cars. I remember seeing the first gameplay of the rally mustang and had a raised eyebrow, having now driven it in game its a lot of fun as well as the other cars but I cant find any info on these GT4 rally cars. Are they legit rally cars? 

  13. Can anyone confirm for certain that internet connection isn’t required for freeplay? If this is the case I may keep hold if it as I do love the game itself, Its such a dissapointment that this has overshadowed the release. I think it was ignorant decision making and almost shady of Codies not to have made this well known before release. 

  14. I think it is such a shame that Codies have made this decision to make career online only. (I believe freeplay can be played offline is that correct??) I lost a lot of faith in them today and its even more frustrating because the game itself is amazing and yet they instantly ruin the longevity of it by making online requirements. What about in a few years time, Will the game become unplayable after the servers are no longer supported? What about people that dont always have a reliable internet connection or internet fullstop? Are all future Codies racing titles going to require an internet connection for singleplayer use? Unless this decision is reversed down the line. Im afraid to say it will be my last Codies title and I have been a long time fan. Bought every CM/Dirt game, Toca, Grid and all the F1 games since 2010. Tired of games developers making online connectivity essential for singleplayer content. Genuinely never expected Codemasters to follow suit.

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