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  1. Thanks bro! I guess it’s not a bad thing just abit weird they didn’t think of what to do in this situation 🙂
  2. How do u spend money once all your facilities are upgraded in my team? Is there a way of restarting the facilities or spending the money on something else? I’m in season 5 and have 200m in the bank with nothing to spend it on. Can I spend it on anything?
  3. Thank you! So you mean braking abit earlier? How can I downshift and lower revs?
  4. What about for manual gear users that experience the same issue with braking and downshift different. I am getting 2/3% wear a lap on my gearbox. PS4. Wheel.
  5. Litterally same. It’s so annoying and it isn’t my driving becuase last year I was getting through 5 races before hitting 50/60%.
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