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  1. I'm at about 91% I think. Playing in my team and approaching about 6-7 races in of the first season.
  2. It just doesn't make for a very exciting game experience to trundle around every race the same.
  3. Would longer races give me more variation or am I just going to spend longer in my train?
  4. No my pace is generally the same, I can just gain a couple of places off the start so I am slightly out of position.
  5. It generally just means my train starts in a different position. I still qualify correct position for car, jump a couple and have a tedious race holding my place.
  6. I am literally the Trulli train every race! How can I stop being Jarno?
  7. I love the handling model and am enjoying myself, but I am finding the game just makes for very humdrum races. I am doing full rpactice sessions, full quali and 25% race. I usually end up qualifying about where the pace of my car is, varies by track but usually mid pack, then I can usually jump a couple of positions at the race start and then because of my natural apce I spend the entire race trying to hold off a couple of quicker cars and never have the option of doing much else. Every race is starting to feel the same, how is best to add more variation to
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