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  1. Seriously ??? You don't want to play anymore because not enough drivers transferred. ludicrous It is a random feature in the game. Different for everyone. Try FROGGER there is a lot of transferring in that game.
  2. "Had the exact same issue on Xbox. Seems like the 1.08 patch messed up saving and seems to have broken everyone’s games on console." At least 100,000 playing the game and 10 failures is a .01% failure rate.( hardly everyone ) How can you blame the patch when 99.99% of users did not have this problem This is a complicated software issue and random anomaly (possibly caused by process). "Uninstall and reinstall? Hours and Days of gameplay for nothing? Is a Joke!!!" Big deal > you had fun playing but the file got corrupted. Restart a new MyTeam. If you change gameplay use confirm changes
  3. HotLZ

    Corner Exit

    Usually a 150 to 180 degree corner. I turn into the corner fine, I am turning at the apex - brakes off - I hit the gas but it doesn't accelerate > crickets! If I release the steering turn a bit then I get the gas on and it accelerates slowly. Brake High Gearbox Automatic AntiLock ON ERS ON Traction Control Medium DRS
  4. I think this is a great idea. Sure there are ways to adapt to the current setup, but this is the suggestion section for improvements. It may not be realistic for Lewis and Max, but they are paid millions and their doorbell never rings during a race. If we are in a long race this would give us a break and easy re-entry into the race. Also I would like to have our driver triangle on the full map stand out more > like a larger bright color so you could more easily see your location on the track with a quick glance.
  5. Hit options and go back to garage right away. The AI are not speed limited under yellow and will come flying by you. If AI hit you you will get a penalty applied to your qualifying time.
  6. Game Options > settings > controller > calibration steer Deadzone 25 steer linearity 25 steer saturation 4
  7. It is an in game realistic representation of capitalism. Pay us more and we make it not fail!!
  8. I am not saying running with a worn part causes other parts to wear faster. Regardless of the condition of any component, when you run laps you are putting more wear on all the components. So you change to a bad part to run more laps-the bad part gets more wear which doesn't matter. However, the unchanged parts will continue to wear while you run laps. Not because the bad part is causing it but because the engine is running.
  9. That's funny. The 18 cars behind Mercedes have been saying the same thing for the last 3 years IRL.
  10. Good advice, but until you change all components in the power unit you are still wearing the parts that haven't been changed. Those engines start smoking after three races @ 20 laps per track. By the time I hit the 10th race I have to use the + mod and get a grid penalty. Can we run laps in Time Trial with our setup and not effect the engine wear in the career?
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