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  1. Ohhhhh! I’m so excited! 🙂 Thank you so much guys. Always keep you faiths on Developers. Amen. Keep us on touch.
  2. Thanks a lot @BarryBL ... and thanks also to all Developers. ❤️ Yeah... its was sad to do not get a livery after soooooo many hours of gaming to get it. 😞 I’m sure they will find a solution. 💪🏻
  3. @UnderclassGDfan: In french that clearly said "Grand-Prix", so its normal its not working in GP mode. I dont speach German... 😢 If I understand that before, I do not go to sleep at 4am to try everthing I can to get the delivery bonus. Im sad... it was looking so nice. 😞 @BarryBL: Can you help me too? or I need to open a Bug Ticket too? I assure you I triyed everything to complete those challenge: my wife scream at me at 4am to go sleeping. 😞 This is the post I submit at 3:35am this morning below. 😴
  4. Same for me on Stadia... not counting : tryied mostly all day/night today to finish the Series Challenged... and it’s 3:35 am here... this one still stuck at 3/10. 😢 I finally surrender after sooo many try/combinaison/level/length (even on 100% GP length) ... not event finished the "Clean Championship" one: too sad/upset 😞
  5. MykKendogi

    Stadia: Blocked Message in Message Box?

    Ok. I think I found it. It was in the Stadia App on my iPhone: Codemasters switch was disabled. Unfortunatly, too late for me to know what was in the message... it disapeared. 😞 Will see if this happen again. Thanks for you help.
  6. MykKendogi

    Stadia: Blocked Message in Message Box?

    Ok... but, which config? I search and modify my Codemasters and Google Profile and I saw nothing compromizing? I darely accept everything. 😞 Thanks.
  7. MykKendogi

    Stadia: Blocked Message in Message Box?

    Any Clues? Thanks
  8. 1. Not able to read a message in the Message Box: they said it’s blocked due to a profile configuration? 2. Google Stadia 3. 1.07 4. Game-mode? 5. Just trying to open it, and saying it’s blocked 6. I checked my Stadia account and my Google Account. I don’t know which parameter is weong 7. Logitech G27 8. Check attachement for screen capture