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  1. LetsGooo

    Can't reach high speed

    Hey, thanks for your help. I will definitely watch the video and use Time Trial first. But now I know what the problem is. I tried playing with my second controller and now I drive as fast as the others. So obviously my controller has a problem. Thanks
  2. LetsGooo

    Can't reach high speed

    Hey guys, Today I bought the game for Playstation. This is my first Formula 1 game and I'm trying to learn how to drive: The problem is that a lot of cars are passing me right at the beginning of the race. Also I can't reach the top speed so that I'm much slower than the other cars. My driving level is set to "amateur. I think that this is an easy problem to solve and everybody playing this game knows what the mistake is. So I hope somebody can help me. Thanks a lot!