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  1. @BarryBL Thank you to you and your team for handling the pressure of such a high profile game with pure professionalism. Grazie!
  2. I was just playing the game and on the Home Screen it says see what updates are available with new patch or some such
  3. I'll just say I'd rather have more oversteer than understeer.
  4. I honestly forgot about the helicopter until you mentioned it. This is the last thing I would worry about regarding this game..
  5. Schumi becomes very aggressive and will drive into your ass. Mazepin is just dumb.
  6. I totally get what your saying. Thank you for the insightful feedback. We will see how it goes...
  7. So this is the last assist I am still using. I think I know all of the tracks well enough to turn it off, honestly during races I don't even look at it. That said, would like to hear anyone's experience after they turned it off completely. In a weird way I think it could make me faster in TT as I'm not beholden to the magic line... appreciate the thoughts.
  8. Well the premise of career mode is that you are a start up team. Now you they give you a car that has little to no upgrades other than whatever engine you put in. I think more failures early in career mode is realistic. Look back in history at new F1 teams and compare.
  9. I’ve only had one in my first season of Career mode. I invested in Durability department right from the beginning so that may be way to combat failures.
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