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  1. No, this is not the way. Get serious about F1. Have F2 and F3 ready to go at release. Work out the bugs on multiplayer. Develop the AI such that they don't drive like robots half the time. I don't care much for the My Team but do enjoy Driver Career. But the multiplayer is atrocious and with their focus on Esports, why this is not getting more attention baffles me. All that said, I hope I am proven wrong because I love Codies and want this to go well for them.
  2. Having the iconic drivers is EA's decision and I just disagree with it. Games have to be developed. This took away precious development time from certain people who could be tuning / reworking the parts of the game that were obviously lacking / bugs last year. And maybe we will have it all and everyone will be happy happy. But here we are less than 2 months from release and we haven't seen one second of gameplay footage.
  3. Not to be a downer about this but it feels odd to me to have some of these drivers included as being able to drive for your team in a current F1 season. And if this is what they are touting as additions/improvements then it makes me feel question if they have improved anything else. I know it’s not flashy to say “updated damage model!” Or things like that but I was really hoping they would focus on developing multiplayer. Adding these drivers is just a typical EA marketing gimmick to me.
  4. Yeah, I understand the rule. The only reason I contributed is because I hit the Pace Car at full speed and it was like hitting a brick wall, and I thought it funny.
  5. I made it two stages and my car died on the starting line of stage 3. I'm on again / off again 2.0 player but I'm back into because this is a really cool deal.
  6. Man y'all neeed to chill out. We are getting a new F1 game. You are throwing out questions nobody can obviously answer right now along with bashing the game before you have even picked it up. It's going to be a good game. Just chill.
  7. In a career mode race last night I was allowed to pass the safety car without penalty since I was in last place (this was after I smashed into the back of the safety car because it was sitting in the middle of the track (yes I used flashback 🙂
  8. Must have an updated damage model. The most common damage F1 cars get is floor damage, and aint even an option in 2020.
  9. If we get Mugello, Imola and Portimao I'll be a happy camper.
  10. I like this track. Plenty of chances for overtaking down that back straight. I could also see some gnarly crashes happening here, which is not good.
  11. Looking for US based league that plays after 9 pm CST. Clean racer
  12. Couch this to say I love this game and I'm also not very good at it being pretty new to the F1 series, but seems like the damage model could be improved. I know this will likely happen on the next gen consoles, but say me and another driver go through a tight corner and we touch wheels or my wheel hits his side pod pretty good, no damage that I can tell other than maybe some tire issues. Also, you can't knock off your rear wing! I want to see carbon fiber spraying all over during my massive shunts! All joking aside, love the game, but I think this would add some realism and I'm sure it
  13. Nevermind. Should have Googled. Just found a ton.
  14. I'm on Xbox - anyway to access those files? Tried on the website but couldn't figure it out.
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