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  1. Yes that’s it! Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Maybe this is stupid, but I've been avoiding using the app with the DLC courses. Would it work for just recording telemetry or do I need to wait for an update? (Not a complaint, perfectly willing to wait, just wondering)
  3. This app has become indispensable for me to play the game. Do you think you will be updating it to support F1 2021 when it comes out?
  4. I want to start by saying that I absolutely love the app, and it has tremendously increased my enjoyment of playing the game. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to include all lap times when I export the JSON of a stint? For me, so far, it seems to only export the time of the in-lap. I've got a wacky idea for an app that could do neat things with the JSON data, but I'd need to get all the lap times of a stint to do what I want to do. I mean, if it's not possible, that's totally fine -- everything else works great!
  5. I tried to download the macOS version and it crashes on launch? Previous versions worked perfectly. Also I can't help but notice that the filesize has shrunk in half. UPDATE: downgrading back to 2.1 makes it work again, so there is something specific to the 2.2 release.
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