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  1. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, since Windows doesn't acknowledge the game being launched, there is no method of getting any bug report as stated below. Steam v1.07 I assume. (Can't verify through the game since it doesn't launch at all.) Every. At least 5 times per every version since v1.05. Total clean install, verifying the files, trying both DX12 and DX11, disabling Vanguard, allowing Windows Defender to have F1 2020 full access. Xbox One game pad. Attached screenshots of each phase.
  2. Ever since patch v1.05 came out, my F1 2020 won't launch from Steam. After pressing "play" button, nothing happens and it won't even show up on the task manager at all. Does this have anything to do with my system running on Japanese Windows 10? I've wanted to play My Career mode ever since it was announced, and haven't been able to see the title screen yet... Thank you for your support. DxDiag.txt