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  1. GregStarz

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    Hi all, I need your expertise if possible, I'm looking at getting some Fanatec elite LC pedals to use with my Logitech wheel/base, now I understand that this is only possible if I get something called a drivehub (£90) is that right? I will eventually get the full Fanatec setup, but at the moment I need to probably save a little more before I do, as the F1 wheels for Xbox are either a fortune or not compatible. That then made me think, if I have a drivehub so I can use the fanatec pedals with my Logitech wheel (as mentioned above) can I also then use this drivehub to get any wheel/base I want as well? I really want this wheel, as it's nice and affordable, but seems to be ps4 or pc only?! However I thought, if I have the drivehub does this then mean I can get this wheel/base for my xbox one? https://fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheels/clubsport-steering-wheel-f1-esports
  2. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    Thank you mate, only thing is that wheel is decent value (and looks nice) the only ones available for xbox are either out of stock or silly amounts of money. It's just silly they advertise it as an xbox ready bundle when it isn't.
  3. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    but it's naughty to advertise the bundle as xbox one ready when it isn't, yes the base will work but the wheel, which is part of the bundle isn't xbox one ready even though they say it is 🤷‍♂️
  4. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    it's pretty **** to say "xbox ready" when it actually isn't then, I could have spent a lot of money for nothing. Yeah I think it was there the other day, it's just that wheel is cheaper and nice looking, annoying as the next and only jump now is rather big (and not in stock)
  5. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    Apparently their communication is woeful, you're lucky if you get a reply after weeks if not at all
  6. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    I'm on their website now, if I select that bundle it says it's xbox ready but if I do the xbox bundle on my own from scratch (manually) the base is fine but the wheel doesn't exist, so assume it won't work on xbox. So annoying as I love the look of that wheel.
  7. GregStarz

    Will this work with Xbox One?

    I'm so confused, can anyone confirm if this will work with an Xbox one? parts of it say not compatible and it wont then others say it's xbox one ready!? Does anyone know, if I was to buy this (which consists of a base and f1 wheel) if it'll work and if it's plug and play on my xbox? https://fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels-wheel-bases/racing-wheels/csl-elite-racing-wheel-f1-esports Cheers
  8. GregStarz

    Fanatec Loadcell Pedals - Logitech Wheel

    So you 100% need a drive hub right? Are these on eBay or anywhere a bit cheaper than the £90 brand new do you know?
  9. Hi Does anyone know if it's possible to use Fanatec loadcell pedals on my xBox One with a Logitech G920 wheel/base? Or do I literally have to buy the full setup to use the pedals?