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  1. Rizzla123

    Wanted: PS4 F1 2020 league

    Yo. Not sure what to say regarding AI level, as all I have done is time trials and online lobbies so far on this game. Can give some TT lap times if that gives you an idea of where I'm at? Or I might stick a couple hours in tonight and see where I'm at. In terms of assists I have racing line for corners and medium traction. Cheers for the reply, regardless
  2. Rizzla123

    Wanted: PS4 F1 2020 league

    Hi all. I was unsuccessful in finding a 2019 league. Well, I've got 2020 now! Would be able to commit to a weekday evening league. Hit me up if I can join please! Looking for some clean, fun racing 🙂
  3. Rizzla123

    Ragequit Racing League | Tuesday 20:00

    What platform is this on please mate?
  4. Rizzla123

    Wanted: F1 2019 league PS4

    I'm sure it does. However what doesn't transfer well is me doing the following: Download f1 2019 on ps now. Cancel ps now with the plan on buying f1 2019 upon month expiry of ps now for £15.99 Get to the end of the ps now month (with no league offers), and notice that f1 2019 has gone up to £54.99 Order f1 2020 from amazon. Delete f1 2019. Get offered a sweet looking league for f1 2019.
  5. Rizzla123

    Wanted: F1 2019 league PS4

    Ah man! I've just gone and got myself 2020!
  6. Rizzla123


    I've just got myself a copy of 2020 (having owned 2019) and could definitely be up for some evening racing. Struggling with the discord code though. Nothing happens when I search...
  7. I'm barely alive by 8am, let alone ready to drive! 🙂
  8. Rizzla123

    Wanted: F1 2019 league PS4

    Still looking and waiting patiently....
  9. Rizzla123


    Discord link has expired...?
  10. Rizzla123

    Wanted: F1 2019 league PS4

    Hi racers. I'm looking to join a sim league. I'm comfortable with no assists...apart from traction! Not quite ready for that one yet. Although I'm flexible about whats on or off asode from that. Happy to join a league late, or be a reserve too. Cheers