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  1. Hi! thanks for your reply, yes...i have custom template that i get in "racedepartament"..but just it and only ONE. **But is there any update to fix this problem coming up?? **For now, does "check file integrity" on steam solve it?
  2. I can't create session "No ranked" for play with friends....??????? banned? why???
  3. Time Trial not counting I've tired of some many laps i've got done.. but, even everything is being okay, my laps haves not be couting in "friends rank" and "world rank" I just take this image because in TT leaderboards my laps is "old" ...my last valid lap was in october! (sorry for my english)
  4. Oh, my bad tha game now HAVE two options about it "radio" and "commentary" just set both like I wanted and worked!
  5. The same for PC Narration(jeff on radio commentary) only english is working.... (following..)
  6. yeah! works fine here. Finally thanks! I did not anything, just waited.
  7. Just steam users is being affected? there is another way to play f1 2020 in PC beyond steam?
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