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  1. PC3 is dope. Nice clean menus, good graphics, more accessable physics. Pit stops and tire wear is boring, I just want to ram idiots out the way and come first with no damage to worry about while blasting around in my bugatti
  2. I tried Group A with the Evo, and an Impreza for the up to 2000s class. Neither were competitive. I think people only beat it by picking the most powerful car in each class, turning sim damage off, getting all the upgrades and doing the same stage over and over in time trials to practice. To me that is not very fun so im switching to WRC 8
  3. Masters in DR1 was the perfect balance of very high difficulty but ultimately achievable. Masters on DR2 is much, much harder than Elite and even harder than Masters on DR1. As a result I place mid to low table on every really, never getting a podium, so career is basically over for me now since if it isn't competitive it isn't fun. Worse yet there is no option to drop back down to pro or elite
  4. Well I don't know what's changed but in DR1 I won the masters after a lot of hard work. I jumped straight into DR2 and worked my way to Masters but the gap between elite and masters is next level. Masters on 2 is like Pro on DR1. I'm not even competitive at this level meaning career is now pretty boring to play.
  5. Are there any plans to adjust it? because this is ridiculous. Number 1 AI sets the same time as 12th fastest player in the world.
  6. Has AI difficulty in Masters rally career been adjusted since the update?
  7. Completed masters, a good driver easily adapts to slightly bumpier terrain (Y)
  8. Such a dumb initial argument doesn't deserve a debate
  9. 'Photographic look' Lol wut? You must be blind if those washed out, bland, **** graphics look 'photographic'. At best its simcade, car doesn't handle naturally at all
  10. Yea its easy to get top times if you keep repeating the same stage using one car and tweaking the setup and doing it over and over until you know it by memory and perfect every corner. Doing that for 12 stages x 6 locations in 5 restarts or less per event is not possible.
  11. Have these issues been fixed in an update yet? I played the hell out of DR1 until I came first in the Masters championship. After that I moved straight to DR2 and am playing that now. I have worked up to Masters in that too. But holy hell Masters in DR2 is significantly harder than Masters in DR1. Even in a new car with no upgrades I was hitting top 15 in DR1. In DR2 I'm consistently in the last 10, usually between 23-27th. I like a challenge but even in a quick stage with no mistakes I'm not remotely competitive. On checking the number 1 AI his times were within 4 seconds of th
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