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  1. I bought a second BMW M1 for today´s competition because the first one is in use in career. When finishing the competition, the motor didn´t upgrade as usual but stayed flat at level 1. Is this because: a) it is the second car b) the first car already is fully upgraded c) this is a bug d) the first car is currently in use e) a secondary car will never upgrade. Thank you!
  2. Issue: German Co-Driver Too Loud on Spanish All Centenera Stages Method of Reproduction: ______Choose Ribadelles ______Options Profile German ______ ______ Platform: _____PC PC Build: _____ VR Headset used: ______No Wheel/Pedals used: ______G920 Logitech Message added by PJTierney
  3. LeoZieger

    Driver Statistics

    Or maybe the instructions I saw an reddit was for Dirt Rally 1 and such a page doesn´t exist for Dirt Rally 2?
  4. LeoZieger

    Driver Statistics

    I´d like to see my driver statistics, but when I log in to dirtgame and click on my Username nothing happens. Is it down at the moment?