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  1. Amen. That's exactly what I think as well. I also used the term "aggressive" but it is incorrect. I only do 1 or max. 2 league races per week. It's just frustrating to spend like 2 hours on training and qualifying and then Leclerc tries to overtake you in turn 4 in Hungary in the first lap and destroys your whole race. This kind of stuff happens way to often.
  2. Same here. I run a league with my cousin on AI 80. I love this game but the AI is just totally unrealistic. No Formula 1 driver would actually maneuver a F1 car THAT aggressively (well, maybe Mazepin or Vettel...). Sometimes the internet connection doesn't seem to be perfect and there's a little lagging and in this case it's even worse. The AI basically just smashes through you but they actually don't suffer any damage to the front wing. However, as soon as you switch to autopilot, they change their aggressiveness completely. We set the autopilot to 75 (so 5 slower than the AI) but it still ma
  3. 10: ERS 9: DRS 5: increase fuel mix 3: decrease fuel mix 4: pit stop menu 6: general menu (tire temperature, etc.) 12: ERS+ It's a pity that you can't put the fuel on 7/13/8.
  4. What's your button configuration for the open wheel? I'm not happy with mine yet.
  5. The funny thing is: I just got it yesterday and I'm more than happy. I only did a few laps but I could already spot the plus in precision. It's heavier and bigger than I thought which is not a bad thing. The quality feels really good.
  6. Have you tried both? What I don't like about the Ferrari wheel are the fake four dials in the middle. It looks a bit cheap to be honest.
  7. Thanks. Sorry, I didn't mean the setting for the wheel. I was talking about the setup for the car. But thanks for the video.
  8. Does anyone use it? Just bought the T300 a couple of months ago, but I'm thinking about buying it. Looks pretty damn good.
  9. @PJTierney I've a question regarding your setups: First of all, thanks for the great content on YT! I'm a subscriber and your setups have been a great help. I prefer an understeering car and I think this is why I like your setups. They are very drivable for me and the tyre wear is fantastic. However, I guess they are a bit on the safe side if you know what I mean. I'm ready to give up a bit of stability to go faster. Is there any trick? Any parameters I can adjust?
  10. I struggled a lot with manual starts in the beginning (and to some extend still do!). I always tried to accelerate slowly to get into that perfect range. However, I found the other way around is more effective: Accelerate up to the limiter and then slowly reduce the throttle input until it comes down again.
  11. Car looks fantastic. I love the contrast of the dark camouflage and neon yellow.
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