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  1. Hi! You should have ffb to general 20, track 15 to 20, bumpers 5 to 10, off track 10, wheel angle from 180 to 220 maximum. Is from PC but should be the same. Turn off breaking assistance because it is braking for you!! Hope this helps

  2. BurnieBD

    G29 wheel settings question

    @maderr We have the same problem, every other game and the wheel works perfectly... but for F1, we dont use it anymore.... so it is a real bummer. I am still hoping to find a solution
  3. BurnieBD

    G29 wheel settings question

    @JimmFandango Thank you, we found the settings! we tried them. but unfortunately not the result we were looking for. But thank you very much for trying to help us out
  4. BurnieBD

    G29 wheel settings question

    Thanks very much for responding @JimmFandango can you show me where i should change those settings? i can't seem to find the wheel sensitivity. Or maybe show me a screenshot of your settings.
  5. BurnieBD

    G29 wheel settings question

    Hi everyone, I play on PS4, with a logitech G29 wheel. Making turns in F1 is impossible. I have tried a couple of settings i found online, but non of them seem to work for me. Can someone share their settings with me? or have any other tips. Thank you so much